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on January 14, 2011
I installed the WD Livewire PowerlineAV Network Kit in my condo so I could stream Netflix movies from a Sony Playstation 3 to my plasma tv, via a high speed broadband internet connection I had in another room. Initially I relied on a wifi n router but could not get sustained throughput. The PS3 estimated a download speed of 5Mbps over wifi but I suspect that it was not steady and found that after 2 min to 60 min of Standard Definition movie viewing, playback would start to stutter or pause temporarily to cache and then continue. Playback would resume for a minute or two then pause again until I stopped the movie or it ended. High Definition movies would takes up to 4 min to start playing and would continue playing for less than a minute before pausing again for several minutes. - That was Wifi but the WD Livewire Powerline kit was far better!!

The WD Livewire PowerlineAV Network Kit took about 5 minutes to install and involved just plugging it all together. I was surprised at how simple it was and expected to be fiddling with settings but there were none to adjust. - no configuration needed and really just as simple as plugging in a lamp as the WD marketing claims.

I have a Mac and Windows 7 computers along with the router (connected to the internet service) on one WD adapter in one room and in my living room I have my PS3 and Xbox plugged into the other WD adapter. The PS3 estimated internet download speed at 14.1Mbps on the WD Livewire Powerline, which is very close to my maximum download speed for my internet service (16Mbps) and 3x the estimate for wifi. Upload speed was estimated by the PS3 at 1.3Mbps which is also at the maximum for my internet service (1.5Mbps upstream). Also streaming of Netflix movies through the WD Livewire Powerline adapter had no interruptions (either SD or HD) and movies started quickly (within seconds vs minutes on wifi) after selection.

The utility included with the WD Livewire Powerline runs only on a Windows computer but it is not required if you don't plan to do firmware upgrades on the adapters (as of the date of this review there are no firmware updates to install) and there is nothing to configure. It does provide stats on the speed of the connection between the devices. Here is what I noted in a 1000sqft condo:
- 171Mbps connection between adaptors plugged directly into the wall sockets in two different rooms. I was surprised it was so close to the rated maximum of 200Mbps and I assume this will vary based on the design of the electrical wiring in your dwelling.
- 84 Mbps connection between adapters where one adapter was plugged into a powerbar and the other connected directly to a wall socket in another room.
- in my condo there was no variation in connection speed from one socket to another (no difference in the speed whether the adapters were connected to sockets in the same room or in separate rooms). The estimated speed of course will vary with your electrical wiring.
- the documentation recommends not using power bars or surge suppressors and I found that for simple powerbars, the adapters can still create a connection although the speed is reduced as noted above.

The only downside I could note is that the explanations about security in the manual were vague and although the product forms a 128bit encrypted connection between adapters if you push a button on the side (button is very stiff) of each device within a 2 min period, I wish the utility would show encryption status more clearly. Not a big deal for anyone in a house but would be more useful for those in apt buildings.

A great product, that requires no technical expertise to setup and so far it just works.
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on April 17, 2012
I've been using the Livewire for 1 month now and the product has performed well once I found the right combination of outlets.

My first Livewire unit sits on the second floor and the other sits in the basement where I use to use wireless. I initially had problems with low speeds and disconnections. The Livewire would connect but would lose its connection after 2-3 days. This became a problem since I had several devices connected such as the PS3 and a desktop computer. I eventually tried changing the electrical outlet of the Livewire unit upstairs and plugged it into a different one which improved the connection instantly.

I am now able to stream 1080p HD content on my PC downstairs and also perform internet updates on my home theater receiver that I wasn't able to perform before.
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on May 2, 2012
Plug it into the power points, connect via the software and you're done! That easy.

Originally wasted my money on a range extender for wifi which worked but gave crappy speeds for streaming media. So did some research and found you can use your power line to transmit data. Chose the WD Livewire as it has 4 Ethernet ports. This allows me to connect my WDTV Live to stream video stored on my pc to my TV in the bedroom and plugged in a router to extend the wifi across the whole house (2 stories).

In use for 1 month and no connectivity issues, it just works.
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on September 16, 2011
I purchased this WD Livewire Kit to add to one I had been using previously. I was not sure if it would do what I wanted but am happy to say it really does the job. The kit is easy to use and makes it simple to add wired networking throughout my home. Wireless networking is OK but has some glitches especially if you are streaming media so being able to easily set up a wired network is awesome. Especially not having to run wires all over a already constructed house. This thing was really just plug and play. :)
I now have 4 modules one hooked up to the router and the other three located at remote locations elsewhere in my home. Each one gives me four wired connections to the Home Network and fast internet connectivity. The provided instructions and software made this easy to do and I have experienced no issues with connectivity even after power outages. I use Internet Radio and stream video to my tvs using a Western Digital Media Hub and a "WD Box". My Bell Satellite receivers and televisions are also hooked up to the networks and have access to media files located on my Mybook Network Drive. Western Digital My Book Live 2 TB Personal Cloud Storage Drive (WDBACG0020HCH-NESN) Because this is all hooked together with my wireless router I also have wireless access to the media located on my Mybbook from anywhere I can access the internet. Makes it great to share photos, video etc. with friends. I am in Media heaven. :)
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on February 13, 2013
I'm using 2 Bell Fibe HD receivers and one Bell Fibe HD PVR.

I've connected my PVR on coax cable and one of the HD receiver to a D-Link PowerLine adapter, the other one is connected to Bell router for internet and IP TV transmission over power line.

Works perfectly, even in combination with Western Digital PowerLine adapter kit.

Both kits (D-Link and Western Digital) are synchronized altogether hence sharing the same network access.

Main restriction use, wether for D-Link or Western Digital kit: DO NOT connect adapter to an extension, neither on a long cord powerbar with surge protector.

Connecting adapters away from the outlet will result in very low speed transmission, and in my case, was causing many signal loss on my HD receivers.

My advice: if necessary, buy a very short 3-plug extension (about 4 inches long cord) without braker, that you can buy in a dollar store. Works well without any significant speed loss.
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on April 12, 2012
I picked the Western Digital Livewire Powerline kit, over the D-Link one, because it had 4 ports, instead of 1, and I thought I could make use of the extra ports. I also liked, that they were little "units" that could sit on a desk, like a router.

However... they really need to include longer AC power cords with the units. The ones that come with it, are probably 3ft, at the most. Not long enough to reach my AC outlets, from my desk, or if you have this sitting on a short little table. Might be long enough, if you sit the unit on the floor, right under an AC outlet? Who wants to do that though?

I picked up two 6ft AC power cords, to replace the ones that came with the units, and it worked out, and this is working great for my needs now.
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on February 18, 2011
We have four PCs and a DNS (with Network Printer Server) on a SOHO network with Shaw Internet Extreme as the service provider. Cisco Network Magic Pro is the monitor program. A Cisco Linksys BEFSX41 Broadband Firewall Router serves one floor through Cat.5e cables and a Linksys EFAH05W Hub. The lower floor Home Theatre PC connects to the router via the two WD Livewire Powerline Adapters - one at each end. [These replaced earlier generation single port adapters from another manufacturer - one of which had failed after three years]. Amazon's price of under $100 U.S. for the kit was a real clincher along with the good name of Western Digital and CNET Editors recommendation.

Installation was simplicity itself. Remembering that each adapter must be connected directly to an ac wall outlet and NOT through a UPS or extension strip was the most important item.
Testing browser perfomance on the HTPC between January 18, 2011 and February 18, 2011 gives download ranging from 13,000 to 15,187 kbps and upload ranging from 1,136 to 1,327 kbps. Sirius is rock solid via IE8(x-64). We plan to add NetFlix service later this year when its Canadian hardware compatibility is more widespread. The WD Livewire adapters are so flexible with 4port design providing hub capability for future needs.
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on January 17, 2013
I was having trouble with signal dropping when using Netflix with my Apple TV. My wireless modem (Internet Service Provider Supplied) was located at my basement and my television is on the main floor living room. My Netflix video stream would alternate from clear to pixelated. It was driving me nuts because I really have a nice high-definition flat-screen TV and it was ruining my enjoyment of viewing HD movies from Netflix.

After reading up on all the reviews about the WD Livewire Powerline AV Network Kit, I decided on it and placed my order via Amazon Prime. The product was delivered two days later via UPS as per Amazon Prime's unlimited free two-day shipping.

The packaging is really nice, with very minimal but informative instruction sheets. The products themselves look really sleek and elegant in its simplicity. Out-of-the box, you get two of the adapters, two very short Ethernet cables, two equally short power cables and the install guides. Set up was incredibly easy: plug one of the adapter to a free electrical outlet near your modem and the other adapter to an equally free electrical outlet near your television. Next, plug one of the Ethernet cable into the modem and the first adapter, then do the same with the second one to your internet capable television (in my case, I plugged it to my Apple TV). You will know if it is working properly by looking at the blinking LED lights on each adapter.

My Apple TV recognized the Ethernet signal right away and automatically switched to that rather than connect to the internet feed wirelessly; I made sure to check this part in the Apple TV Settings Menu. I instantly played a movie on Netflix to test the streaming and it worked perfectly for me. I ended up watching the movie in its entire length just to make sure that all that HD goodness was maintained, and it did.

I am very happy with this purchase. The only cons are the short Ethernet cables and power cables that came with it. I had some spare Ethernet cables at my home office so this was not such a biggie for me. Also, make sure not to plug it to a power brick or surge protector; it say so on the sticker that is attached to the power plug of each adapter. I believe it is safe to plug it in to an extension cable should you find the supplied power cables to be too short to reach an electrical outlet.

Western Digital came up with a really nice product with this one. Highly recommended!
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on March 19, 2012
I wanted to reduce the wireless signals in my home. Although there are probably about 6 other signals from neighbors still going through my place, at least it's 1 less signal.

Anyways, a friend of mine told me about using the power outlets as an alternative to getting a second cable modem. Ordered it online, got it the next day and won't go back to wireless!

This thing is the best. I'm ordering another one actually to have 4 adapters in my home.

I noticed another review where the person said that the signal keeps dropping. I found the same thing when using the cable filters on my power bar. If you read other reviews, they say to forget using the cable filter, particularly the one from APC surge arrest, which I had. The power bar is good, it's just the cable filter appears to be of no use and actually makes your cable modem worse by dropping your signal every once in a while.

After I connected my internet cable directly into my modem, intermittent signal loss stopped.

Also note that the instructions for the powerline adapters say not to plug the power into a power bar.
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on October 29, 2012
I bought this because my home theatre is in the basement and the computer I use for media streaming is in my computer room upstairs and on opposite ends of the house. Using WiFi my ps3 was barely able to stream sd content due to weak signal but now with the WD Livewire I get a consistent 130mbps and have no problem streaming HD videos over media server and can still fast forward decently!

Only thing to look out for is use the included utility to ensure you're getting a good speed.Depending on what room you plug into can drastically change the results. From my upstairs bedroom to my home theater I only got 80mbps during testing which is alot less than 130mbps from my computer room so test a few possible locations if you can be flexible with your internet routers location.
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