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on July 7, 2011
I run 3 other indoor IP cameras on my network already.
Purchased a Foscam FI8905W Outdoor Wireless/Wired IP Camera (Silver) to replace my old analogue wireless outdoor camera.
Because it is a lower end outdoor IR & network camera (wireless as well) the colour isn't as good as the higher end cameras, but they are also at least 4x the price.
The camera came with the latest firmware, and wasn't having some of the issues with brightness & gain that others mentioned on other websites.

The only thing I wish it came with were different lens options, the 8mm lens mine came with only gives a 30 degree field of view is pretty tight for common household security., although I did know this in advance, it might help others to mention it. This camera is really intended for more of a distance setup, farther back, or up high looking down. does sell a 6mm lens officially for this camera that would increase it to about a 44 degree field of view. I'm going to be buying a generic "IR CS Mount" lens at about 3.2 to 3.6mm so I can get a much wider view to overlook the parking area behind my fence.
The 60 IR LEDs put out more than enough at night to illuminate objects at 50+ feet for the IR camera to see.
I may end up buying the FI8904 for my close up camera, and mount this one up at the corner of the house looking out over the back yard since this one has such powerful IR

It took longer to install the camera physically than it took to do the software setup.
It is about 40-50 feet from my wireless router on the main floor.
The mounting base it comes with is pretty handy, allowing it to be positioned almost any way needed (2 ball joints).

I'm including my setup instructions since some people have trouble setting up these cameras. (No comments here, but on the US Amazon, and on various forums if you do a google search there are many)

(Note, I am running a Mac Pro tower 10.6.8, and have already purchased Security Spy software to do my motion detection - recording & notifications rather than using the motion alarm features of the camera itself)

Plugged it for power, and network (Ethernet)
Logged into my router, and checked the DHCP list and saw a new "unknown" with an IP. (There is also an IP tool included on the CD to help identify the camera if you can't find the option on your router)
put IP into web browser (Google Chrome) and used the default username & password to login. (Which actually requires the info to be entered twice) was able to check the status, and view the live video with no problems.

Changed the default password,
set the device to a static IP (incase my router gets reset, this way my Security Spy software will reconnect to the camera more easily)
On the wireless setup the "scan" didn't work, so I just manually typed in the name of my network (The SSID), set the security options to match my network (WPA) and put in the password for the network.
(The router had to restart a couple of times while changing these various things)
Because Security Spy will be doing all of the other work, I did not change any other settings (I just checked to make sure they were off, UPnP etc...)

Finally in Security Spy -> Settings Menu -> Video Device Setup
I added a new network device,
for Device Type: after trying a couple of things set it to "Manual configuration"
put in the IP address I had assigned earlier
Port Number: 80 (probably could have left blank since 80 is the default)
Username: admin
password: (the one I set earlier)
HTTP request: videostream.cgi

there may have been an option at some point to select the FPS (frames per second) I set it to 15 to reduce bandwidth

I then unplugged the camera, and took it outside and set it up.
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on May 31, 2016
I now have two foscam cameras not working. Called number from invoice and get recording how foscam double crossed them. Absolutely stay away from foscam. Will keep working on trying to get replacements. All areas of sales in North America need to stopped for consumer protection
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on December 4, 2011
The camera itself is solid but it is very large. The area that you view is pretty tight as well given the lens. We have a big walkway so I thought that wouldn't be an issue but it is.

Setting up the IP Camera definitely requires some tech know how. The web interface is clunky at least when using Chrome or Safari. Setting it up on the iPhone requires you to put in your WLAN along with the port that you are using with the camera. You need to set that up with whatever router you are using. Once you know that you can look at the camera on the iPhone or actually through any browser using the WLAN:Port as the webpage address.

Setting up the email forwarding is a big pain and I still haven't managed it. I've tried it with my GMail account, with my ISP account, looked up all the forums and help stuff and still nothing. One thing for sure, you have to hit SUBMIT before you test whether the email will work. Still haven't got it up and running.

This is an outside camera and the one thing I really don't like is that the power cable inserts into a cable that is split - one side has the ethernet connection and the other is for the power. So it hangs outside with the ethernet section open...I taped it up but it seems odd to me that it is like that.

The live video section works okay and it's easy to set up the camera parameters, take a snapshot or access the admin functions which is why I gave it a 3.
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on December 23, 2011
This camera is advertised for outdoor use. However, the wiring for both the power supply and for a wired network connection are NOT suitable for outdoor use. Using it to view the outdoors from inside, through a window, works okay during the day time but at night the light from the LEDs reflects back from the glass so you just get a white glow filling the image.

The wireless network connection is extremely unstable. Even inside, in the same room as the router, a connection can not always be established.

I bought a house in the country in mid-2010. I bought this camera to have a look at what animal activity goes on overnight. This purchase has turned out to be a complete waste of money.
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on August 16, 2015
I ordered two of these cameras and both are now sitting in my garage collecting dust. The power adapter goes dead after few months and I order a replacement one. After 3 weeks my other cameras power supply goes dead and I order another one. Then the first camera is completely dead along with the power supply, and then the other one also goes dead after few weeks (and I used it indoors, so no weather concerns) There is obviously some circuit issues with these cameras. Sent emails to customer service but after numerous back and forth the reply is to contact the seller and by this time I am already out of warranty for both the cameras. will never buy Foscam again.
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Nice camera, solidly built and night vision is excellent which is what it was bought for to keep an eye on my car since we've had a few problems with people in the area lately. Issue was I kept loosing wifi signal. I have a feeling it was because of our new wifi hydro meter that has caused nothing but trouble since the hydro company doesn't care it's causing issues with routers in the house too.

Anyhow, I can't say for sure if it was the hydro meter causing problems or the camera but I sent it back for refund.
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on November 7, 2015
still testing it - but it is a solid camera. not managed to connect wirelessly yet - other people have had similar problems with wireless connection - just need to figure out the correct settings with my make of router. when I do I will post instructions online
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on May 7, 2014
Dont expect to get a lot in your field of vision (up close)
Best for distance, and if u can mount it from afar on your chosen area.
Works great in all weather, and day or night
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on February 9, 2014
The service was great Iam thankful for him walking me through this. The camera shows a great picture and it shows what I need to see.
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on March 1, 2016
elle na pas durer 1 an je doit me racheter une autre camera aujourd’hui je ne vous la suggere pas
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