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3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 25, 2013
This item is not a thorough-bred , it is a workhorse. If you are like me you have a number of old vinyl records you haven't
played for years. I have at least one album where I have purchased it as a record , then as a cassette , then as a CD. Good thing
it was never on eight track! This unit has great AM reception. I was not able to locate the unit by an outside wall , so I will have to
add a twist of wire to the length of FM antenna supplied , but that's my fault not theirs , and I didn't buy it for it's FM anyway.
The cassette deck works fine , one little tip ; the cassette loads with a slight tilt going up into the cabinet. If you try to load it flat
it won't load. After you see how it loads it works fine. The phonograph has a transit screw to hold it during shipping.
It is located at the back of the turntable on the tone arm side. It is not easy to access unless you have a childs hand , but
it can be turned using a dime 10 cent piece once you get your hand in there. The supporting arm on the turntable lid could be
longer , but there is enough room if you take care. Turntable works fine , but directions for turntable do not say how to
make it start. To start it lift up the tone arm lever which will support the tone arm in the up position , then gently push the
arm towards the record , positioning it over the start grooves of the record , and gently lower the tone arm support lever.
Always follow the needle down as if you do this enough you will eventually fall short of the start position and the arm will fall off
the edge of the record , simply be ready to raise the tone arm lever and start again. I assume the CD works , haven't used it
yet. Unit can also use MP3 s , and has various recording functions. Fm mode receives in stereo , phono , cassette I'm not sure, manual doesn't say if is stereo or not.
Now to the sound. First let me point out something an audiophile told me when we were going from hi-fi's to stereos ;
in a mono reproduction all of the music/sound is present , it just isn't separated like it is in stereo. The speakers are too close together for stereophonic sound anyway ,
but the speakers are fine. Not too bassy , not too tinny . Like all turntables you should put some effort into making sure
whatever the unit is sitting on is more or less level . If you don't have a level , use a round pen or whatever to see which way it rolls side to side and front to back. Supports such as 25 cent pieces can be slipped under the feet of the player to level the unit even if
the desk/stand or floor aren't level.
This is not a unit that can do what systems worth thousands of dollars do , but it does everything it says it does , and
at an affordable price . Now I need a record cleaner!
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on December 2, 2011
I purchased this item, and received it promptly. I was very pleased with the styling. When I plugged it in, the tuner was on, so I chose a frequency that I normally listen to and I was pleasantly surprised. I bought this for my mom as a Christmas gift so that she could play some old 78 rpm records , and again was pleasantly surprised with the sound.
However when I went to close the lid, there was a problem. One of the hinges was installed improperly, and the screws were loose. The assembler, did not pay attention to the predrilled holes, placing one hinge lower on the casing, thereby not allowing him to place the screws into the predrilled holes centered on the lid. The screws were forced in so close to the edge, that they cracked the cover. So I was disappointed to have to return the item.
On the negative side, the unit seems to be made of pressboard covered with a thin veneer or similar imitation, which I believe would easily be scratched or damaged.The lid does not open much, so is inconvenient for accessing the records and rpm selector.
On the positive side, the sound of reproducing the old 78's was quite agreeable, although I did not try playing the music at maximum volume.

Customer service at Pyle, were very accommodating and professional.They prepared all the paper work required, including customs papers and I received my refund in a few days.I would really have liked to have my mom enjoy this nicely styled nostalgic turntable.
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on May 28, 2013
This shipped exactly when it was estimate. Got this for my dad for Christmas. It's able to play our old vinyl records as well as our new CDs + iPods. It feels great, the sound quality is superb, and the vintage look is awesome. Love the fact that the AM/FM dial is old-school and requires you to turn the knob. This is the complete all in one music playing package!
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on July 5, 2011
It's great because it plays everything, turntable, am/fm, cd, cassette, usb and ipod. It's nice to put the records on cd's and on the computer.
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on January 15, 2014
I purchased this product after reviewing people from Youtube which had bought it and seemed like it was a good choice, I was very wrong!! I pride myself on tring to purchase better quality products and from what it seemed this was the best of it's kind around. When I connected the unit and played records it just skipped on several attemted albums, the ipod connector had a trendous amount of feedback on several differant phones and the radio was difficult to aquire a radio station fully without static. I'm not a very crittical guy but don't waist your time on this unit. If had I found one for double the money and had quality I would have purchased it. I ended up purchasing a regular turntable which in the end is where I should've begun. (It was for my teen daughter.)
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on February 4, 2013
A pretty fantastic product at this price range. It plays everything you can throw at it, from Ipods to USB's to CD's to records to cassetts to radio. The speakers are quite decent for 300$, crisp and clear. Records sound very good. Some other people had problems at purchase, but I did not, the entire unit worked out of the box with a minimum of hassle.
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on November 8, 2011
Well I have no complain about as of yet. I gave this as a Birthday present for my boyfriend and he loved it! He raved about it for weeks, showing a picture of the gift to everyone we saw. I was afraid that all that gold and wood would turn out cheap, but I took a risk and I have to say it was gorgeous! He was really impressed with the Ipod jack too, so I'm glad I chose this model. He's been listening to the records for about a month now almost every evening and has reported no problems so far. Obviously, the speakers are not your surround sound ones we have gotten used to, but he says they totally serve the purpose. Overall, I am SO glad I got it - it's a real treat!
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on December 29, 2014
This is a great little record player and more. It was a Christmas present for the boyfriend. He absolutely loves music and I absolutely loved the idea of him having something that played all his music in all formats. The ipod dock is simply an aux cord that he can connect to his phone and play any music from there. The cd player works wonderfully, I haven't tried the cassette player yet.... The turntable on ours has the dreaded dip in it though. While spinning it should spin around evenly and level. But we noticed ours did not. After just a few days it also started making a static noise with every record. It did not originally. We assume that was due to the dip. Everyone was telling us we should call amazon and return it. I always dread calling to return items online. I don't do it often. and whenever i do it turns into a big headache. I called amazon, I had less than a minute waiting time, the lady on the phone was polite and I understood her easily. I explained the problem and asked what she recommended would be the easiest route to take for everyone. She set me up with a new player already in the process of being shipped, emailed a label so that I could return the old one for no charge once the new one arrives. She said I just have to pack up the old one nicely so that it won't get damaged and take it to the post office and pick up the new one. Those are my only obligations. It was painless, easy, she took care of everything over the phone within minutes, I received the email promptly, and everything just went PERFECTLY. I am so glade they were able to do this for me. And really it is more important to me to have a painless return policy. It is understandable that things may come defective or damaged. Especially when being mailed. The main thing here is that it is a nice player, it worked great, the dip is a common defective issue with record players, If you want this record player i suggest getting it because it is gorgeous and great quality. If by chance yours have a problem I assure you Amazon is great to work with when doing a return.
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on May 15, 2012
item received in box sealed properly with scratch on top lid, approx., 3" long. CD skips, quality of speakers is very poor. Radio reception is lacking. Overall, disappointed with purchase.
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on May 10, 2014
CD and Tape players don't work out of the box.....
LP cover lifts just barely enough to get your vinyl in there, but if you have big hands you will have a hard time getting the needle on it.
Speaker quality is ok at best.
Didn't bother with the other features as this unit is going back or being used as an anchor for my boat.
Save your money, very disappointed with this unit.
Hope I can get my money back :(
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