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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on March 20, 2005
This movie is much of the same story line of the first one, except is is 10x as good. It starts off with the family running around packing for there vacation to a tropical place. At the family's Christmas concert Buzz (Kevin's brother) pisses Kevin off during his solo. They both create a scene and end up explaining the family many apologies. Kevin talks back and is sent ot his brothers room (the one who pisses the bed) to sleep.
The next morning the family gets up late and are rushing to the airport. Keving trails behind and gets on another plane. Kevin arrives in New York and reliazes that he had took the wrong plane. he is thrilled, however his family is not.
The first thing that Kevin does is all the stuff that his parents won't let him do. He checks into a hotel, using his dads Visa. He then goes shopping at a toy store, with his dad's money. Kevin soon finds out that the wet bandants are in new York and that they are after him. This sends him on a chase.
This movie is a great movie and a fun movie which you can watch time and time again. It displays a perfect image of the Christmas craze we go through each year. I'd 100% recommend this movie.
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on December 18, 2003
OK, after this one, I would have stopped. There are another two sequels after this one, and at this one the story is already getting tired. You know Kevin's going to get lost, you know he's going to enjoy the excitement of being alone, but then misses his mum (big awwwwwwww everyone!), and you know the mum's going to find him in the end.
What I didn't expect was Harry & Marv (Joe Pesci and the other guy) to not appear as much as the previous film. They appeared very rarely, and only came properly into the film later on. But they were as great as ever. Although's there's only so many times you can watch a guy get hit in the crotch, and still find it funny - but I cross my legs everytime, and I'm female! There were some funny bits when Kevin was throwing everything he could lay his hands on at them - the funniest I found was Marv getting covered in dust and then sneezing!
The fabulous Brenda Fricker plays a great role in this as the Bird Lady, who originally scares Kevin, but then they become friends. It's a small role, but she's suited to it - and she scared me too! :(
And of course, who could forget the brilliant Tim Curry? He pops up a lot in films, and I never seem to tire of him - except when he's in the bad guy role. He was brilliant in this, and so overly camp - can I please have a tape measure to see how high that hair is? The bit where Kevin's mum slapped him was classic - especially when he looked like he was going to cry.
You've got all the old characters from the previous film, who thankfully, don't get too much focus in the film - they really annoy me. But I suppose that's the point really.
Another great Christmas movie, with a sad ending, but the directors really should have known when to end - stop while they were ahead, and the formula doesn't become old and tired. Although Macaulay Culkin isn't in the next two, so that may make a difference - but the storyline is tired and overdone.
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on December 4, 2003
Too many sequels suffer from Deja vu. And hardly any of those carbon copies improve upon the original. Home Alone 2 is a carbon copy, but it's also much better and more complex a movie than the first.
In another mad rush to the airport the MacCallisters make a point of remembering Kevin this time. But he gets lost in a crowd at the airport and follows a man who looks like his dad onto the wrong plane. 13 of the MacCallisters are going to Miami for Xmas (do they never stay home?) but Kevin is headed for the Big Apple. And he's going to have that once-in-a-lifetime vacation he's been wishing for.
There's much more for Kevin to see and do in New York. He scams his way into the Plaza hotel where a suspicious Concierge (Tim Curry) gives him mighty evil looks at every encounter. He goes to Duncan's Toy Chest, the biggest toy store in town and takes many scenic photographs. Though it is a little worrying now seeing Kevin on the roof of the World Trade Centre.
But the Wet Bandits have escaped. And they have just arrived in New York with loftier ambitions and bigger heists to pull off. They even brush by Kevin a few times not knowing he's there. Typically though, once they get a hold of him the give away far too much info. Once Kevin escapes he takes matters into his own hands once more. His Aunt Georgette from the first movie is still in Paris so he uses her half-renovated home as a huge mousetrap for the bungling burglars.
The booby traps this time are much more painful and nasty, so it's all the more amusing for us then huh? Who can possibly fail to laugh at Marv getting the shock of his life when he tries to turn on the taps? If the movie were to be released now I doubt if it would be let away with a PG rating. Still, it's nothing for any parents to worry about. Unless you fear your child is going to set your head on fire with a blowtorch.
Home Alone 2 has a more satisfying climax than the first. The film doesn't simply end once Harry and Marv are back in the slammer as there is more plot to it than that. Brenda Fricker has a (rather questionable) role as 'The Pigeon Lady' a woman who lives in Central Park and talks to anyone-until Kevin reaches out. Plus Eddie Bracken shows up as Mr. Duncan and gives Kevin the best Xmas morning ever as a token of his appreciation.
With a bigger story (okay some of it re-used) and more characters and a better playground for Kevin, Home Alone 2 manages to be a superior sequel. While not excessively so. There's loads of fun to be had in Kevin's antics and Tim Curry is downright brilliant as the mischievous Concierge. Though try to turn a blind eye to Rob Schneider in his pre-Animal days if you don't dig him.
It's a great movie on it's own but sadly it will always be called a copycat. Watch it now from a fresh perspective and you might like it more.
Much like the first movie Home Alone 2 is presented 'matted' widescreen. Meaning that if you have seen this a dozen times on video then this version chops off the top and bottom of the frame. Though it was meant to be this way, so worry not. This time round the 1.85:1 anamorphic picture (tho only Region 1 is not anamorphic, sorry) is much better. There are hardly any traces of dirt or scratches and it looks like a proper DVD picture. Unlike the first movie. There is some light grain here and there but that is where the trouble stops.
Too bad the Dolby Surround soundtrack is ultra-tame. You'll have to turn your speakers up way past reference level to get a decent sound out of this one. And only then does it sound rather basic. The scenes of Harry and Marv being tortured almost to death could have sounded awesome if there were a rather more sophisticated soundtrack. This almost sounds like a TV movie. Well, no DVD is perfect I guess.
Once more the only extras are trailers for all three movies. The effort Fox must have put into this DVD (one of the highest grossing movies ever) must have been backbreaking work.
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on October 26, 2003
What kind of idiots do you have working here?
"The finest in New York."
- This is just an idea of the great writing & acting in Home Alone 2:Lost In New York. This is the second of 4 movies by Chris Columbus. Lil' Kevin McCallister gets caught up in more trouble again in this sequel to Home Alone.
Home Alone 2:Lost in New York starts with the Christmas Pageant where young Kevin manages to get himself in a bit of bother with Buzz who manages to make Kevin look like a laughing stock in front of many parents. Buzz then makes a very phony,but convincing apology to the family who accept it (as idiots).As he brings this apology to an end,he calls Kevin a "troutsniffer". The acting in this film is pure brilliance,especially the parts of the two "Wet Bandits" played by Joe Pesci & Daniel Stern.This film is such a hilarious film especially with great actors such as Joe Pesci,Daniel Stern,Catherine O'Hara,Tim Curry,Rob Schneider & not forgetting the fine young actor Macaulay Culkin. If you like Home Alone 2:Lost in New York then you are bound to love Home Alone.Although Home Alone 3 & 4 are not worth seeing as they are not the originals with Macaulay Culkin & the original Bandits
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on December 9, 2001
Since the early 80s, writer/producer (and sometime director) John Hughes has had his finger on the pulse of contemporary America. Responsible for such films as "The Breakfast Club," the wildly successful National Lampoon "Vacation" series (including "Christmas Vacation," which to many has become a holiday staple, right up there with "A Christmas Carol" and "It's A Wonderful Life") and another favorite around Thanksgiving time, "Planes, Trains and Automobiles," he nevertheless achieved his greatest commercial success when he came up with the idea of having a little boy getting inadvertently left behind when his family goes off for a Christmas vacation to Paris. That, of course, was "Home Alone." But he didn't stop there. Some two years later that same little boy boards the wrong plane and ends up in New York City while his parents and the rest of his family go to Florida, in "Home Alone 2-- Lost In New York," directed by Chris Columbus.
Once again the extended McCallister family is off for the Christmas holidays, and this time Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) winds up alone in New York. Luckily for him, however, he somehow manages to end up with his father's carry-on, which just happens to contain a credit card. And by using the kind of ingenuity that would escape most adults, he successfully checks himself into the Plaza Hotel under his dad's name, whereupon he soon discovers room service. He also discovers Duncan's Toy Store (to which he is transported in style via the Plaza's limo, complete with cheese pizza just for him), a pigeon lady (Brenda Fricker) in Central Park, and some old acquaintances from back home, Marv (Daniel Stern) and Harry (Joe Pesci), the "Wet Bandits" themselves, though now known (since breaking out of prison) as the "Sticky Bandits." Meanwhile, mom and dad (Catherine O'Hara and John Heard) are frantic in Florida when they arrive and realize that Kevin is once again gone missing. And with that, the search is on. Meanwhile, back in New York--
Opting to ride the "Home Alone" series out as writer/producer, Hughes placed the project in capable hands with director Columbus (who also directed the original "Home Alone," and more recently the hugely successful "Harry Potter). This one may not have been a stretch for him artistically, especially since the characters had been previously established in the first one, but comedy of any kind can be touchy, as it is such a purely subjective arena, and Columbus does a good job of keeping the story on track (for the most part) and moving it right along. Wisely, the filmmakers chose to proceed on the assumption that everyone had seen "Home Alone," and therefore waste little time setting things up. Instead, they contrive to get Kevin posthaste to New York -- where the story really begins-- and even if you haven't seen the first one this will work for you, because this, as they say, isn't brain surgery.
Even so, it's a fairly uneven film. There's a few laughs in the rush and flurry of getting Kevin to the Big Apple, but at that point Culkin is expected to carry the film, and quite frankly, left alone (no pun intended) it's a task for which he is simply not qualified. He was veritably propelled to stardom when he played Kevin the first time around, but now-- two years later and two years older-- whatever "cuteness" or magic he may have had then is already noticeably starting to fade. All that aside, however, the truth of the matter is he's just not that capable as an actor, paling in comparison to Haley Joel Osment or "Potter's" Daniel Radcliffe. Culkin's timing is poor and his reactions lack the spontaneity that would have made Kevin a bit more believable. His whole presentation of the character just seems too forced; and the attitude he conveys is more caustic than cute, which certainly detracts from his credibility, as well.
Oscar winner (for "My Left Foot") Brenda Fricker has a dismally thankless role as the "Pigeon Lady" who connects with Kevin in the park. With her character, Hughes and Columbus are obviously attempting to recapture the poignancy of the Culkin/Roberts Blossom "church" scene in the original (which worked very well); but Fricker's heavy-handed dramatics, combined with Culkin's aloof response to her, is almost too embarrassing to watch. And the sight of Fricker standing statue-like in the park while pigeons come to roost on her head and shoulders is neither comical nor touching, but ridiculous. In Fricker's defense, it wasn't entirely her fault; she was simply given material that didn't work and a part that was a no-win situation from the beginning.
The only thing that really saves this picture at all is, without question, the slapstick antics of Marv and Harry. When they at last engage in battle with Kevin (and you know it's coming), it's more violent than the Road Runner cartoons it emulates, but manages to produce some out-and-out, over-the-top, bona fide belly laughs. Because-- forget everything else-- these two guys are dumber than a sackful of hammers, and Columbus successfully milks it for all it's worth and then some. A warning to kids, though: These buffoons are professionals; do not try this stuff at home.
The supporting cast includes Tim Curry (Concierge), Dana Ivey (Mrs. Stone), Rob Schneider (Cedrick), Devin Ratray (Buzz), Ralph Foody (Gangster Johnny), Kieran Culkin (Fuller), Eddie Bracken (Mr. Duncan) and Gerry Bamman (Uncle Frank). Culkin may be the "star" of this show, but without the talent they surround him with, "Home Alone 2-- Lost In New York" would've had to be retitled "Lost at the Video Store," with a shelf life of about two minutes before disappearing altogether. As it is, thanks to some cunning maneuvers by the filmmakers, this one at least provides some passable entertainment and a few good laughs. For a satisfying evening at the movies you could certainly do worse than this; but you could do much better, too.
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on April 20, 2003
This movie captures the same Christmas feeling as the first film. It captures the mischievousness of Culken's character Kevin, the pathetic dynamic between Pesci's and Stern's harmless villains, and the plot of the first movie. In fact, the plots are almost parallel.
Compare Kevin's old neighbor (rumored to have used a shovel to commit homicide) in the first movie with the pigeon lady in the second. In both of them, Kevin helps them to solve their life/self-esteem problems. By using the fictional sequel of the fictional "Angles with Filthy Souls", HA2 is almost parodying itself.
It is actually quite comedic; you certainly don't have to be a child to enjoy it. In fact, there is humor aimed toward all different age groups.
This is highly recommended and is already a quasi-classic with the first at least for my generation, the one currently in college.
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on November 23, 2003
Home Alone 2: Lost In New York is the sequal to Home Alone and is another great film.
This time 10 year-old Kevin McCallister(Macaulay Culkin) does not get left at home, he manages to come with his family but the trouble starts at the airport. His family, including John Heard and Catherine O' Hara, who are played as his parents, are trying again to take a trip to France but Kevin boards the wrong plane and he gets sent to New York City. While at New York City, Kevin checks into the Plaza Hotel. Kevin thinks this is the greatest time of his life, but when he bumps into the same burglars who tried to break into his house from the previous Christmas, Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern, his vacation turns out to be a nightmare. Now the two burglars are aftrer Kevin again and Kevin must escape from the burglars and get them caught just like he had before.
The Home Alone 2 soundtrack is a great christmas CD and I would recommend it to everyone who loved the movie!Home Alone 2 was in my opinion not as good as the first but it is still one everybody should see!!!
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on November 13, 2003
Kevin McCallister is back again. This time he's not at home by himself. This time he's in New York City! This Christmas sequel is as just as good as the first one. Kevin is back in action against The Wet Bandits: Marv (Stern) and Harry (Pesci). Let's see what tricks and schemes Kevin has up his sleeve this time.
Once again, the movie starts out at the McCallister home and his family is running around back and forth getting ready for their Christmas trip to Florida. Kevin's father Peter (Heard) accidently unplugs the alarm clock and forgets to reset it! The next morning they sleep in AGAIN! So now the family, including Kevin is running through the airport trying to make the plane. Kevin stops in the airport to change his batteries for his talkboy and starts following another man wearing the same jacket as his father. Uh oh! Kevin gets on the wrong plane! He arrives at the airport and realizes he's in New York! "YIKES! I DID IT AGAIN!"
At first Kevin thinks of this as a good thing. He tours the city including the Twin Towers. Then he schemingly checks into the Plaza Hotel. He eats whatever he wants and watches whatever he wants. Here's the problem: THE WET BANDITS ESCAPED FROM JAIL! They fled to New York where Kevin is. When Kevin is walking the streets, Harry and Marv see him and they seek revenge. Also while Kevin is temporarily abducetd by them, Marv reveals their plans to rob Dunkin's Toy Chest at midnight on Christmas Eve becuase of the idiot he is. Now that Kevin's escapes from them he realizes he has to go back into action against them and stop the robbery. Luckily Kevin's Uncle Rob has a apartment in New York that their renovating. Since no one is home, he uses the apartment as the battle grounds. He rigs the entire house full of gadgets. It's midnight! Kevin sees Marv and Harry inside the store robbing the place. Kevin throws a brick through the window to make the alarm go off. Marv and Harry is furious. "LET'S GET HIM!"
Back to the apartment. Kevin is taking out the Wet Bandits with his gadgets. Marv gets electricuted, a concrete bag falls on his head, falls through a floor. Harry has a bag of tools fall on his head, and his head is on fire again. See what Harry does to put out the fire. Finally the cops arrest them once again.
Kevin's family has now arrived in New York and his mother Kate (O'Hara) goes out to look for him. Luckily she finds him at Rockefeller Center. Kevin is once again reunited with his family for Christmas. This movie is THE PERFECT SEQUEL! It picks up right where the first one left off. This is the perfect fmaily movie to watch with your kids around the holidays. Merry Christmas! Ho, Ho, Ho!
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on November 27, 2002
"Home Alone 2: Lost in New York" is basically a carbon copy of the original movie except set in NYC: Kevin's family loses Kevin, Kevin has a blast being on his own but this time in the big city, Kevin befriends a nice, but misunderstood elderly person, and Kevin must once again ensare the bumbling "Wet Bandits" in a house full of booby traps. Young children will probably enjoy this movie because it reuses most of the same elements that made the original so immensely popular among kids- a kid outsmarting numerous, nasty adults and a slapstick comedy finale.
However, this sequel lacks much of the genuine warmth that made the original "Home Alone" so universally appealing. Although the sequel has essentially the same plot, its attempts to recreate the most touching scenes from the original (the parts with Roberts Blossom's "Old Man") by having Kevin befriend Brenda Fricker's baglady and the recently deceased Eddie Bracken's toystore owner come across as forced and not believeable. Those scenes are just the most glaring examples of the entire movie's "written, directed, and acted by the numbers" mentality. Also, the pratfalls and booby-traps which befall the "Wet Bandits" at film's end are much more vicious and over-the-top than those used in the orignal- being electrocuted and throwing bricks at someone's head can kill a person.
I would recommend this movie to people whose kids can't get enough of Kevin McAllister's adventures, but I would caution them about its cartoonish violence. For everyone else, I would recommend sticking with the original because the sequel is essentially the same movie except not as fun, warm, or well made.
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on November 3, 2002
Essentially a big-budgeted remake of the first "Home Alone," "Home Alone 2" is an even better sequel that far surpasses the likes of "Home Alone" and the bland "Home Alone 3."
Kevin McAllister (Macaulay Culkin) ends up getting stranded in New York, while his parents and family ends up in Paris. All alone in the Big Apple, Kevin uses a borrowed credit card and tricks the suspicious conoisseur (Tim Curry) into giving him the best suite they have, while avoiding the same crooks that he nabbed in the first film (Daniel Stern, Joe Pesci) who want revenge. On his way to meet back with his family, Kevin befriends a toy shop owner and a stoic old woman dubbed the 'Bird Lady', who eventually help him reach his family safely.
"Home Alone 2" hits home with it's clever physical and sight gags, which some is disturbingly violent, but it compensates for it almost immediately with downright hilarious reactions and a big heart of gold.
This is essentially, a cozy, warmhearted holiday film with plenty of hilarity and heart to spare. Its freshness is an added bonus, for it can be enjoyed on days other besides the Christmas holiday. Highly recommended--a family classic.
Rated PG for cartoonish violence, crude/comic humor and mild language.
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