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on July 23, 2017
- Great grinder for filter coffee and french-press, for espresso (my main focus), I have to delve into more detail.
- Has a good (metal) burr grinder. (ceramic is better, in my opinion, but this grinder is definitely good enough)
- It's a little on the loud side, but I've never seen a silent coffee grinder.
- It's messier than other grinders I've used. The main problem being the accumulation of ground coffee in the ejection shoot, which falls out when you remove the grind container, thus falling around the machine.

ESPRESSO - lets talk
I'm a fan of coffee, especially espresso and lattes. This machine is disappointing in this area, though not for obvious reasons:
- It makes a sufficiently fine grind for a dual-wall (pressurized) basket.
- It cannot make a good espresso grind when using a single-wall (non-pressurized) basket.

This machine is capable of making grind nearly fine enough for Turkish coffee!
There is no physical limitation on grind size in regards to the finest "default" grind size on this machine. The problem is that Bodum engineered it in a way to limit the grind capacity and to be abhorrently painful to "improve".

After spending a painful 2 hours trying to open this machine (you wont be able to completely, it's glued) and studying the grind size control mechanism. I realized that a small plastic stopper was built in to the grinder mold. Removing it was also a painful experience. Once that was done, I closed everything up and VOILA! Great espresso grind. I suddenly had 4-5 more 'dots' of grind control on my machine.

- Great machine for people who aren't too fussy about their espresso.
- Terrible machine for coffee enthusiasts.
- Bodum engineered this machine to be less than it could be for no apparent reason. And they've willingly made it extremely painful to maintain / improve / fix.
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on May 25, 2017
Edit #2 Oct 12, 2017: 10 months after purchase.

Finally got in touch with Bodum.
After a few email exchanges, the 2nd guy I talked to was actually nice and helpful and Bodum sent over a brand new grinder which arrived yesterday. Hope this one doesn't break as quick as the previous one did, but I am thankful that they looked at my situation and sent over a new one over the replacement blade I requested for.

Editied **SEP 12 2017:
Wish I never bought this... and won't be buying more Bodum in the future.
Contacted Bodum Jun 13th regarding faulty machine. They told me to send mailing address for replacement part.
3 months (and ongoing), 7 unanswered emails, 6 unanswered calls during "operation hours" = STILL NOT ARRIVED/ NO UPDATE/ NO REPLY.

Not to mention the product only worked 5 times before it stopped...

Used this about 5 times, as I'm not used to being an avid coffee drinker at home. It was good during those 5 times; even grind, sound not too loud.

HOWEVER, I don't know if it's crappy build quality or just a faulty machine I got, but yesterday when I tried to grind some beans, it wasn't working, and upon closer inspection it seems the removable blade has gone out of alignment with it's plastic part (see pic). I don't know if this is the exact reason why the grinder stopped working, but when I remove the blade and press the power button, the machine seems to run.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Do I get this covered under some warranty?
The grinder sits on my kitchen counter top, and it doesn't get much attention so I highly doubt its a storage issue.
review image
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on January 6, 2018
Best grinder I’ve ever owned, and I’ve owned a lot of them. Very solid build, powerful and torquey motor grinds through beans and doesn’t burn out (as has happened with my last 3 burr grinders). Highly recommend. BUT I’ve no idea why, this thing is MESSY. They claim the glass is “low static”. I’d never even thought that would be an issue before this grinder. Only way to describe this is as total bullish!t. The glass is ridiculous, coffee clings to it and then scatters everywhere when trying to empty the grinds into your coffee maker. Literally every day I’m like, wtf is up with this?
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on November 9, 2017
It looks good, but build quality is lacking. The tactile materials are nice, and the hopper and catcher work well, however the grind selection mechanism feels weak. The main problem though is that the motor appears to be under powered, at least on the finest grind setting. The grinder worked well for about a month and then started jamming regularly, requiring disassembly and cleaning. Full stars to Amazon though who quickly prepared a free return shipping label 45 days after purchase.
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on November 2, 2016
After all the research I had done, and the reviews I had read, I was really hoping to love this product. After a few weeks, I like it, but don't love it. I also bought a good coffee machine that heats the water to the proper temperature (BonaVita - 195-200 F). We had used a blade grinder for years and years and when it stopped working, I couldn't find the same one for sale anywhere. So started down the path of "upgrading" to a stainless steel burr grinder. It took about 15 experimental pots before we found the grind and the grinding time that suited us. But even then, I feel something is missing in the taste. But we have adjusted pretty well, and perhaps we were just used to unsophisticated coffee. And I will continue to try different beans.
As for the static free claim, which I was really looking forward to, it is not the case. I've tried different types of roasts and there is always static cling. Oily dark beans are the worst, but it happens with any kind of bean. This was a disappointment. I bought the off white grinder to go with my kitchen, but wish I had purchased the black one as the mess left by grounds sticking everywhere shows up SOOO much on the white grinder.
We do like the convenience of keeping the hopper filled so that it's just the press of a button in the morning to get our coffee going.
So, although satisfied with the product, I will most certainly try something different when it comes time to purchase a grinder again.
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on September 14, 2017
For espresso geeks, I would not recommend it... It is overall well made but the thinnest setting does not allow you to get a proper extraction for espresso.I can't get a proper crema and it drips too quickly, even if I am generous with the tempering process....
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on November 18, 2015
I have to do a lot more steps with this grinder than with my previous one. There is a On/Off switch on the side that seems to be useless, as you still need to press another button on top to get it started. I was attracted to this product for its "Borosilicate glass catcher that reduces static", well is does NOT reduce static at all, when you do an espresso grind it really sticks to the jar. Another problem with the jar is that it has a plastic cover with a hole in the middle that needs to be on to prevent the grinds from flying when doing the actual grinding and it needs to be off to pour the grinds out. Because of the static and the shape of the jar it has been impossible to transfer the grinds to my portafilter without making a mess. That alone makes me regret my purchase every morning. Another let down it the color; I bought it in red the match all my other red appliances but the coloring of this machine is a "faded" red which does not match with anything, get the black one. The only saving grace of this grinder is that it can do a proper grind for my little espresso machine, I'm using a pressurized portafilter. The whole bean container can be easily taken off to access the metal burr. I would have sent it back but the box had been destroyed already.
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on May 30, 2017
With the price, the product is ok.. but very uneven particles when it comes to coarse setting.
I also need to constantly shake the grinder so the grounds can come down. However, it is fairly easy to use
If you are not so picky on the precision and wish to get a moderate quality grinder, then this is the one to go.
Or else, you gotta pay more to get a premium one.
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on December 4, 2017
Main thing is it makes a nice grind, plus it's fast.

Downsides are it's tall, so I have to take the top hopper off to fit in in the cupboard. It also has a maximum 20 second run cycle, then you are supposed to wait 5 minutes before using it again. I need to let it grind for about 25 seconds to get enough ground coffee. I just grind twice and I don't wait. So far so good.
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on May 29, 2017
works alright, however I'd hoped I could get a fine grind out of it. For a perfect espresso grind this unit will not do it, should have returned it but I was hopeful I could get it working with the right combination of grind setting and bean - nope
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