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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on March 4, 2012
What do you want out of your juicer?

First the aesthetics; this combo juicer/blender duo looks absolutely fantastic on my counter. The clean lines and stainless steel finish make it easy to keep in on my counter and not be embarrassed by it sitting there.

How does it function? It is simple to use, simple to clean and to interchange from juicer to blender which is great for making smoothies and soups. I haven't owned a lot of juicers. I used my magic bullet for juicing prior which was really a joke by comparison. This machine is so powerful and I love the fact I can use old shopping bags on the back container that gathers the pulp and have less mess to clean up!

Speaking of clean up; this machine is very easy to take apart and clean. The brush that is included makes cleaning the screening cup a breeze. Rinse right after you finish juicing and you will never have an issue with clogs or clumps.

It is also a very powerful machine, able to juice everything from root veggies like beets and carrots to greens and berries. I also liked the fact that I can juice one item after another without having to worry. The instructions are clear, concise and simple to understand. It explains the built in safe guards to watch out for and clear guide in case of troubleshooting. So far I have been delighted! I am sure you will be too. Take a look at the reviews for the stand alone Breville juicer and you will see for yourself.

Sometimes it is as simple as getting what you paid for and this machine is worth every penny.

Happy Juicing/Blending!
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on August 1, 2013
As I type this review out, I am drinking a "Mean and Green" juice made with this bad boy! It's a great juicer and a great blender, what else can I say? It's VERY easy to clean and looks great, although it's a MONSTER sitting up on the counter.

Sleek, industrial-look
Has dual functions, but is excellent at both.
LOVE the smoothie function on the blender!!

You better put a bag in the pulp catcher...
Can be loud for some people.
Not the cheapest appliance out there, even given its usability

Amazon.CA had this on sale when I bought it. It was a no-brainer. I wanted a juicer and my father-in-law destroyed my Cuisinart blender. I also needed to get a new blender so I could start pureeing baby food again - for my newborn son.

This appliance fit the bill perfectly, and the price was right on Amazon.CA.

Listing at almost $500.00 everywhere else, it was pretty much a done deal once I saw it here for $335!!! Don't believe me? Try buying it at The Bay.
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on June 16, 2013
This Breville has a lot of counter appeal and comes with a blender which saves counter and storage space.

The amazon shipment arrived within 3 days of ordering which is amazing for Canadian shipping. This truly is the start of the demise of the storefront retail business in Canada.

Here are my comments about the Breville Juicer and Blender

- Stainless juice bowl/funnel is very easy to clean and does not stain from red beets.
- The dial knob speed control and on off button are easy to use. It is a lot better than trying to figure out what button to press on those other (my kitchenaid) blenders. (like, what is the difference between liquefy and puree?)
- The motor senses resistance and adjusts speed automatically.
- The locking handle is spring loaded and flips up into position with ease. It is also the master on/off switch. The others like my Power juicer relied on the flex in the handle that takes a lot more effort to lock in place.
- The mesh filter comes off very easily for cleaning
- clear top lets you see if pulp is jamming the escape chute
- froth separator in the juice holder works well
- The glass blender jar and components are commercial grade and quality. May be a little heavy for some though
- the inside bottom interior edge of the juice holder is rounded for easy cleaning
- comes with a hard bristle brush for cleaning the juicer mesh filter
- centre drop for fruits and vegetables does work better. Fruits and vegetables do not fly out as much.
- the pulp is dryer than that from the power juicer express
- the power plug has a formed hole for easy disconnect

- It is not as quiet as the less expensive Power Juicer Express.
- The spout on mine came dented. Not enough to warrant returning the juicer though.

Tips on juicing:
- when cutting up fruits and vegetables, leave them as long and large as they will fit through the chute. Small portions do not get ground as fine and bounce around instead, resulting in small wet bits thrown into the pulp bin
- rinse and clean immediately. The sugars in the juice and pulp become sticky and harder to clean when it dries
- if you have dogs, feed them the pulp. It is good for them and mine love it
- People in the (US) reviews use plastic bags to line the pulp bin. Please people, it doesn't take that much effort to clean the bin. Most cities in Canada take the pulp for composting and we could use and throw less plastic bags in the land fills.


PS. My previous juicer was a Jack L's Power Juicer Express. It was great when first introduced and I am sure their Power Juicer Pro has improved. The little tab on the pulp bin that turns on the safety switch broke on mine so I looked for a new juicer instead of replacing the part.
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on November 14, 2012
Before purchasing this model, I have purchased 3 other brands, all below $150, and none of them did the job properly, so I have returned them back to stores. Main issue I had with cheaper models was either pulp was not dry enough - wasted juce, or when doing heavy duty juicing, the spinning part would go off centre and touch the internal parts of the need to explain more.

This juscer does not have any of the above problems I struggled with cheper brands. Does the job well, the motor has plenty of power, and the spinning blade does the job under heavy load.
In one session I juice about 2 full jugs of juice. Usually need to empty pulp containers 2x, not because it is full, but just to remove the buildups on top.

I juice carrots, culliflowers, ruttabga, all greens, broccoli, beets, ets, juicer works least I was unable to find a better one on the market.

Not to mention the blender is of high quality and perfect for my needs.
And we have been blending a lot for the entire family.

Overall excellent product for the money, considering Amazon price was ~$170 below Brelille's web price.
Would buy it again anytime.
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on April 16, 2013
I have had other juicers, and they simply do not compare to the Breville BREBJB840XL Juicer and Blender. Firstly, it has a small footprint on the counter and is quite attractive to simply leave out all the time. It's also incredibly powerful, has a very fine mesh strainer so that you get a lovely thin juice, it's a dream to clean *tough to clean juicers discourage me from juicing since I hate the hefty cleanup*, and lastly the juice pitcher everything dumps into has a lid that holds the froth back when you serve into a glass. All in all, a very well thought out, well designed, juicer. Ever better that I got it on sale!
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on February 17, 2015
BEWARE... GREAT JUICER WHEN NEW, BUT THE BLADES DULL AFTER A FEW MONTHS OF USE... They are expensive and Breville customer support tell me they are an "accessory" and therefore NOT covered under warranty... Unbelievable!!! It seems only the motor is covered under warranty, nothing else! VERY disappointed.. This could have been a great machine... And still is if you are prepared to pay $130 a year (incl tax and shipping) for blade/mesh basket replacements. If you only use it once a week or so it will last you a couple of years but daily use.. 4-6 months max!
MY FIRST REVIEW::: I have now been using this juicer for a few weeks... every day as a juice cleanse and I haven't felt better or enjoyed any purchase as much as I have enjoyed this juicer. It s easy to use, easy to clean and the juice has been fabulous... The blender is astonishingly efficient and effective... If you are thinking of getting a juicer I wouldn't hesitate in recommending this one!

MY FOLLOW UP AFTER 6-7 MONTHS of use: Okay... so 7 months later.... Engine is great, all parts are fine EXCEPT ... the mesh basket with the small blades... the blades have become dull... the result is that there are large chunks of unprocessed veggies/fruits in the pulp hopper and the juice yield is far reduced from when it was new. I couldn't even come close to the blades with my fingers when I first got it without cutting my finger... now I can swipe my fingers across the blades with impunity. I have looked into getting a new basket and discover that it will cost me $65 cdn (incl tax and shipping) which, if the next one is of the same quality will need replacing every six months. (the part is not available on Amazon Canada)
So I can say that my ecstatic review when I first got the machine is not so ecstatic now. I loved the machine when it was working well but it is an expensive piece of equipment that should work at full capacity for longer than 6 months. (I have been away for one month out the the 7 months I have owned it) I use it most days just for myself, so it has not been over used and I clean and care for it according to all the instructions and juicing methods. I don't want to discourage anyone from juicing and this machine may still be one of the best out there... I just thought I should be fair and warn people of the issue that I have experienced. I still find it easy to use and easy to clean.
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on May 6, 2013
I had tried the Juice Fountain model and wasn't really happy with it. I thought it was too much work to wash as the pulp ended up everywhere as opposed to a plastic bag-lined receptacle. So, I bought this model here and am happy with it. I won't lie: juicing is a process and cleaning the juicer is a lot of work. BUT, this model compared favourably with others I've tried. It takes me 10 minutes to take the fruits and the machine out, run wash-up water, juice the fruits, do my dishes and put everything back. Is 10 minutes too long for you? If it is: don't start juicing.

I'm happy with the juicer and very impressed with the blender. I had a $20 SuperStore blender and this one here is so much better. The Smoothie mode works well and I blended up a velouté soup to perfection.
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on October 26, 2013
I have only been using this juicer solid for a few weeks(3-4 times daily at minimum). Very easy to use nice to have a blender makes doing fruits more enjoyable. The design is very simple to assemble and de-assemble to clean. Cleaning when done right after juicing is very easy. I recommend this to everyone who can afford it.
Oct 26 2013 I bought this bad boy and its been running like a champ well into August 2015 same blades same everything very little maintenance to keep it running like new besides the chore to clean it after every use. We make an average of 4 litres of juice a week mostly doing kale and cabbage based drinks. Blender works great for fruit drinks quickly juice a pineapple then throw some frozen blueberries and a banana in the blender pour it in a cup then run the parts under hot water scrub the screen and your done in 10-15 minutes. Will update again in a few years.
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on June 25, 2013
We purchased this juicer after extensive research. Breville is known for it's good quality so we decided early on this was the brand for us. However there are so many models we weren't quite sure which model would suit us. I am very happy with my choice in the combo. It looks great on my counter and is versatile. The blender is second to none. My family loves it. Just put your fruit, milk, yogurt etc and push a button. The blender knows exactly when the smoothie is done. Don't worry about the higher price tag (got it for $385 on it's absolutely worth every penny.
It's much quieter than I expected.
We are still experimenting with the juicer. Yes it does take a bit longer to clean in the morning but the product is so worth the time.
Great investment!
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on September 26, 2013
Meets our families needs extremely well. Easy to use, to clean and the main unit looks awesome on the counter-top with its beautiful design (we keep the two side items underneath the counter). We have been using the unit everyday for the past 30 days and the unit has enough power for every, everything we've thrown at it.

If you are new to juicing and smoothies, this is an excellent buy. Get yourself a few good recipe books on juicing and smoothies (Craze Sexy Kitchen, Hungry for Change, ...)

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