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4.1 out of 5 stars
And Justice for All [Import]
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on March 1, 2017
veyr good
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on January 22, 2004
i really do like Al Pacino, and this film has great satire on our country's leagal system, but i found the movie to be rather slow. the script almost seemed incohesive at times: at one moment, he is telling a woman of his frustration with the legal system, then he is taking a dangerous helicopter ride with a judge and then he is defending a drag queen who had last been seen at the very beginning of the movie. i also enjoy watching Jack Warden act, but his character in this movie did not seem real or natural at all.
the DVD doesn't have too many whistles or bells, but there is a director commentary, so that scores some points.
i did not enjoy this movie, but if you are a diehard Pacino fanatic and want to see everything he has done, go ahead and watch it.
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on July 14, 2004
The movie over all was good. Nothing I would want to see again. But Al Pacino's part is amazing. His character is strong and crazy. (Something that is perfect for Pacino.) I would recamend this movie, just for Al pacino's preformance. NOt really for the story line.
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on November 15, 2006
This is a fun movie to watch - especially if you like Al Pacino. I loved it as a kid. It's a bit dated now, but that actually adds to the experience.

I was just a bit disappointed, however, because of the fact that it's a "full screen" not a "wide screen" DVD. This is a lawyer drama so the fact that it's not full screen is really not the end of the world. In this day and age, though, I wonder why "they" (whoever they are) are still releasing wide screen format movies on DVD. If I wanted full screen, I'd have saved a bundle and bought the VHS.

In any case, the movie itself is well worth watching. The fact that it is on a DVD and is in full screen format is only mildly disappointing. Fortunately I got bought this DVD at the supermarket for about $[...] or something.
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on May 9, 2002
Norman Jewison's 1979 ...AND JUSTICE FOR ALL is a satirical drama that looks at our judicial system. Lawyer Arthur Kirkland (Al Pacino)is put under considerable pressure to defend a well liked judge (John Forsythe), against charges of beating and raping a young girl. The only problem is that Arthur knows he's guilty and doesn't want to defend him. The final courtroom scene in the film will leave you with quite an impression. There is also a wonderful performance from the legendary Lee Strasberg as Arthur's Grandfather. Character actor Jack Warden plays an eccentric judge, who thinks suicide is the only answer. The script is filled with a lot of good moments. It was written by Valerie Curtain and future RAINMAN director, Barry Levinson. Jewison gets Oscar an nominated performance from Pacino that is tops and is among his most notable.
The DVD has an o.k. audio commentary from the director and a few trailers as extras. This film is a must have for fans of Pacino. This is not your typical courtroom movie and will leave you with lots to think about. Viewers have the choice to see the film in either the widescreen or pan and scan formats. Recommended
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on June 10, 2003
A farce? A comedy? No! Heck no?! I thought this was a great movie and I am connected to the legal world, and in the worst way too! Okay, I'm going to have to watch this one again, it's been a while, but I've always loved it and have no recollection of thinking it was dumb or "out there". The over-worked and underpaid criminal defense attorney always gets me. Yup, that is reality. Clients fall through the cracks, judges can be control freaks with their own agendas, who often times have horrible "I am God" issues, under those respectable looking robes. Plus I love the eighties feel (wow, or should I make that seventies?) of the movie. I liked the attorney going nuts, and the Chinese food date, and the men's bathroom laughing. I'm not a very big Al Pacino fan, I like this and Author! Author!, I guess I have terrible taste! I do think this perhaps simplistic and romantic and oft times over-dramatic view of the legal system is a good watch for a Saturday afternoon, when the weather's kinda rotten or you're still recovering from Friday's docket of indigent and yet still demanding clients, and a bit too much happy at happy hour.
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on October 13, 2001
No, this movie isn't a comedy, it's more of a drama. However, this movie can be viewed as a satire of the judicial system, and how lawyers really think and act. This is a clever film that doesn't fail to disappoint.
Al Pacino plays, Arthur, a loyal and honest lawyer who starts to question the values and morals of the judicial system. Along the way, an ill-tempered judge who hates everything about Arthur is charged with sexually assaulting a young woman. Although Arthur knows the man is guilty, he knows that if he does not represent the judge, he'll be debarred. This movie is not about the complete trial; it's about events and situations which lead up to the first day of court, and the outcome is explosive.
This is a great movie with unbelievable talent. Jack Warden does a tremendous job as playing an alcoholic and suicidal judge who fires his gun in the courtroom to get everyone's attention. Pacino does not disappoint at all, and fills the movie with passion in his acting. Although this movie isn't really a comedy, I view it as a satire of the judicial system. Since the movie is old, there aren't too many extras on the DVD, but the movie alone is worth the price!
I was pleasantly surprised by this great classic. The movie is filled with unforgettable characters and moments which lead to the explosive ending. If you love Pacino, then you should see this movie as soon as you can. All in all, I felt that this was a great movie, and is worth watching over and over again.
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on March 11, 2002
Pacino is "Arthur Kirkland"a principled young attorney and the somewhat rambling and unfocussed narrative tells of his trials and tribulations as he makes his way through the system in Baltimore.These include a judge with a death wish,(Jack Warden--proficient as ever)who sees Pacino as a protege and whose penchent for dicing with death on helicopter flights produces one of the best scenes in the picture,a partner (Jeffrey Tambor)who is plagued by guilt at having gotten a murderer off on a technicality,an affair with a member of the ethics committee,
As a sideline I should note that legal ethics ,like rap music ,is surely an oxymoron)
He is blackmailed into defending a reactionary judge(John Forsthye)on a rape charge and this is the pivotal plot strand in a movie that ultimately tries to cram too much into its 114 minute running time giving the picture a slightly rambling feel
The performances are excellent,especailly a fired up Pacino,and there is a neat turn by Lee Strasberg as his fading Grandfather.
The major fault is one of over ambition but it is a fault on the right side
Good and true in its depiction of law as a game or charade in which politics and corruption ally with your economic status in determining if you will be stiffed or walk free
Fish rot from the head down
So too does the legal profession if this tart movie is to be believed
Provocative and provoking .Give it a try
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on July 10, 2004
Ever since watching the Godfather films I've been a huge Al Pacino fan. His amazing over-the-top performance in the courtroom scene at the end is what makes this unsympathetic look at our criminal justice system so memorable. However, I agree with other reviewers that the plot is slow at times & the movie wavers uncomfortably between comedy & drama. The humor is at times a little too forced & the disco music doesn't help. One of the things I really enjoyed was seeing the great Lee Strasberg play Pacino's grandfather. Remember Godfather Part 2 when Pacino had Strasberg "taken out"? I only wish they could've made more films together. The great cast also includes John Forsythe (who plays a TOTALLY unlikable villian), & Jack Warden, whose suicidal antics get annoying after a while. Of course, it's Pacino that makes this movie so entertaining & so watchable 25 years later. While it's no masterpiece I still highly recommend it to Al Pacino fans (& especially lawyers!).
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on April 17, 2002
Let me start by saying that over the last two years Ive become an admirer of Al Pacino. His acting is sincere, his voice and accent unique, and over all, hes just one of a kind. Theres nobody like him. After CARLITOS WAY, HEAT, THE DEVILS ADVOCATE and THE INSIDER, this is the fourth movie of his Ive viewed, and I can honestly say that though this Pacino might be less mature he is as strong and believable as his more ripe self is today. Buying this movie know that you are guaranteed one more great performance by good-old reliable Al. But...
...but dont expect (as I did) a great trial show filled with long trails of legal battles and passionate speeches. We all love trial dramas, great arguments, and brilliant lawyer talk, but that is missing in this plot. We get a slight taste of that in the end, but you get the feeling that just wasnt enough, it was too short and you wanted just a little bit more.
So, the plot has structure but lacks a more basic momentous climax that would transform this work into something more memorable. Nevertheless, and to say this simply, I enjoyed this movie. Seeing Al Pacino whimpering, with a fear of hights, in the helicopter of a mad suicidle judge...well, its a funny scene to say the least. This 70s movie, lasting more than 100 minutes has many good scenes, and...did I mention(?), has as central issue the...injustices of the American Justice system, and it makes its point well.
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