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TOP 100 REVIEWERon May 22, 2017
Movies are like everything else, you either like them, hate them, don’t care one way or the other...I was totally blown away by this 3D Avatar movie when it first appeared in theaters, and I am blown away every time I see it again, whether that be in 2 or 3D. Avatar set an incredibly high standard of what 3D could be and I am waiting for the time when someone does it better

Yes, I do know that the plot really isn’t new, but then so very few plots are. That’s why the old movies are being remade - some four times already, and some are being taken from the anime world like the SF 3D that I just bought, Live, Die, Repeat. Thank goodness they gave that one a happy ending cause the anime was bleak even though the world was saved...

I highly recommend that you look up the Oct. 16, 2012 review by Joseph Lee#1 HALL OF FAMETOP 10 REVIEWER . There are a few items out of date, but it is the most comprehensive overall review that you are likely to find on this truly wonderful movie.

Avatar has been on TV quite a lot lately. Since the TV is normally on for background and the occasional peek, it is being enjoyed in tiny portions before another commercial comes on… There is NO way I will waste time sitting through those interruptions, and though the movie is great, we do not pay for HD cable so I am also missing some of the visual aspect should it be recorded on the box.

The price is down to reasonable levels, and it is a treat to watch the Avatar the way it was meant to be - 3D. I would only be repeating what so very many five and four star reviews have already said so I will only add that if you liked Disney’s Pocahontas, or any movie where indigenous people and their environment are being destroyed by outsiders, and the people and their environment win, then this is for you!

So many religions entwine all in the world/universe so all things are intimately connected. This is very much the entire story, but takes it just a bit further. Not in a religious or preachy way but it woke me up to the depth of belief that so many of the indigenous cultures have. This is also a really wonderful way to help our children understand that type of connection.

I am certain that I can find flaws if I try, but Avatar is such and awesome and awe inspiring movie, why would I bother??

The ONLY complaint that I have is that the Blu-ray 3D and the Blu-ray movie are on the same disc. It would have been nice to be able to have one here and one at my daughter’s house and switch them periodically. Oh well...

Please let me know if there's anything you would like to know to help with your purchase decision. You can leave a comment here but I don't get notification of those automatically. For a quicker response, contact me directly via the address in my profile and I'll try to help.

My rating criteria:
5* wow, what a really great find, a joy to have and use
4* darn happy that I have this
3* just ok, like my old cutlery. Better with but could replace - or not
2* just barely ok, will use sometimes but if I had something better…
1* return, so bad that I cannot donate it and curse someone else with it / or it never arrived
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on May 24, 2017
It was great at the theatre and is equally marvelous at home. The comparison between what the bad guys are doing to this alien world and what's happening now on Earth did not go unnoticed or unappreciated.
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on April 15, 2017
Perhaps the best example of 3D technology in a movie. James Cameron designed the film to be 3D from the start and helped create new technology in motion capture and a new 3D camera. Even if you've seen the film it's great to have in your collection to showcase the 3D capabilities of your TV set.
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on June 12, 2017
I received Avatar (extended collector's edition) in good order and it plays as expected. I love the graphics and the packaging is out of this world!
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on May 5, 2017
I love this movie. First bluray I ever picked up, and now I'm revisiting it since PSVR got a 3D movie update. The 3D holds up. The special effects hold up. The acting is top notch. I mean, the visuals get me hyped and I love(!!!!) the cover art!
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on March 19, 2017
pour le film 3d 4 étoile le boitier 3 étoile pi il manque cd Blu-ray
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on May 11, 2017
que dire de ce filme qui n`a pas ete dit chef d`oeuvre
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on March 1, 2017
Bien reçu et très satisfait! :-)
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on March 25, 2017
This is the best movie ever ! And the making of the movie is fantastic ! You have to see it all the technology , art crafts , language it's so wonderful.
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on June 1, 2017
The disc had a scratch out of the package the movie screws up half way in.
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