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on March 29, 2018
It's well made, but otherwise, the fact is that I would rather just play with a standard keyboard and mouse. The keys are also perfectly lined up unlike a normal keyboard. There's a reason why the keys on a standard keyboard are offset from rows to row. When I move up or down a row, my fingers naturally end up offset to one side or the other. The amount of keys available is rather limited. The end result is that there are very few games which I could play without being able to macro everything that I feel the need to have on hand. That says much, especially when considering that my mouse also provides many programmable buttons.It does not have the standard CTRL, Alt and Shift modifiers like normal keyboards do which only further compounds the problem.
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on July 28, 2013
I play a lot of games but I actually bought this to use with my Wacom Cintiq. Drawing/painting for more than an hour would start causing me back pain, having to lean across my desk to reach my computer for 2+ key hotkeys, or one-key hotkeys that were far away. The Nostromo solved that problem perfectly by letting me map very specific commands in a neat little cluster without messing with the mapping of my regular keyboard and playing how-far-can-i-stretch-my-fingers-with-a-stylus-in-my-hand.

My only problem with it was that with slow internet, I couldn't find a way to sign into Razer Synapse 2.0 to change some keys (though supposedly you can change the mapping/settings without using Synapse at all). It was such a minor problem compared to how much better my back feels and my workflow goes though, that it's not even worth taking off a star.

I use a wacom 12wx tablet, which only has 4 function keys on the left side (I don't use the right side ones at all). While they're in a more convenient place given my habit of holding onto the cintiq with my free hand while I draw, there are just not enough buttons and the scroll strip is buggy and unresponsive. If you had a tablet with more function keys such as the 21hd and bigger, or another brand, maybe the Nostromo's function here is already done for it. For me it's perfect though, I use every single button on it.

The keypad itself is very handsome, sturdy, and has a nice rubberized texture to it. The packaging was gorgeous as always.
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on January 27, 2013
This product is aimed at game players on Windows machines. I'm not a gamer and I use mainly Macs, so I initially kept passing over this device as a possible choice. However it turns out that it works superbly well on a Mac, (with a little help), and it is amazingly useful for adding macros and customizing the many of keyboard shortcuts found in most high end programs.

The key to making it work on a Mac is a program called ControllerMate, which can take all the keys on the Nostromo and redirect them to do whatever you want. I've made up program-specific profiles that will automatically switch in when they detect "their" program is active, with a huge burst of productivity.

I left off one star on this review for the utterly stupid decision by Razer to block access to the 3 LEDs that normally show which of their built-in profiles is selected. These would be SO handy for showing me the same thing with my profiles, but Razer says NO. Unless you're on a PC and you use Razer software, which is totally outclassed by ControllerMate, then you can't use their LED's.

The quality of fit and finish is lightweight but good. It didn't fit my hand initially, but my hand adapted after a few hours of use. The key action is solid, with not exactly a click, but a slight "over-center" action that makes key presses unambiguous.

I'd recommend this device to anyone who would like to dramatically expand the user friendliness of their favorite programs.
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on April 25, 2014
This is my second Nostromo product. The first was the prototype they developed with Belkin. It was indispensable for many tasks and still works. This is the evolution of that device and with the additional rows of buttons and the slightly better placement it's an excellent tool. I've created profiles for data entry work, programming, gaming, and graphics. I bought one for a friend who uses a Wacom tablet and it entirely changed their workflow allowing them to dispose of the bulky keyboard entirely when working.

It's solid, puts up with some abuse, and has 8 keymaps per profile. I've never used them all on a single profile, which is great! Better too many options than not enough.

When gaming the keymap switch allows you to create custom programs for different weapons, specs, characters, or whatever you're playing with. In graphics I have one profile for Premier, one for Soundbooth, and one for Photoshop. The installed software will switch the profiles for you based on the active application. THIS IS AWESOME. Seldom does a great piece of hardware come with equally excellent software.

If you've never used any Nostromo keypads before, I suggest you try one. It will change your life.

I'm sad that the newer pads have removed the scroll wheel. I like it. I like to program it to different options (say scrolling through weapons in a game, or options in an app, or the x axis on a time-line (sound or video editing) etc...) A programmable wheel can be very useful, but I guess it wasn't popular enough to be kept in future models.
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on December 27, 2012
Un petit bijou de gamer.
Je n'ai que de bon mots pour ce pad de Razer. Possible de faire des macros pour chaque touche, plus de 7 différent mode. facilement interchangeable par l'appuie d'une seule touche.
Les matériaux utilisés sont de bonne qualités, un look impressionnant avec le rétro éclairage. La paume est ajustable en 2 positions pour plus de confort.
Plus de 5 mois d'utilisation et je n'ai aucune remarque négative.
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on January 7, 2013
I really recommend this product for PC/laptop gamers.

You have to get used to it because it is quite different from a regular PC/laptop keyboard, but after you just can't go back to your old device.

The only con is that you have to redefine the profiles you've created if you play on another PC/laptop, because the profiles are saved on the computer itself.
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on December 6, 2012
Nostromo is comfortable and easy to use, bit of a learning curve but that is to be expected. My only issue is that there doesn't seem to be any ghosting protection. If I am trying to use too many keys at once the entire thing locks up and I get frozen... and then killed. Generally this only happens if I am trying to move, jump and reload all at the same time.
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on April 4, 2016
Perfect but the key i use the most is fading
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on April 12, 2013
I recently bought this product for my boyfriend for Christmas, and he absolutoly loves this! He uses it with every game he plays and he is a HUGE gamer. it has different button settings for different games and he never needs to use his keyboard anymore. He seems to like it
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on July 12, 2013
I wish I would actually use the thing, but my mechanical keyboard is much more intuitive to press hotkeys with. If I was better at keybinding making use of all the modifying keys would be really handy but I just couldn't get myself into it. Others may find it much more useful than I did!
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