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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on August 19, 2011
Love every tracks on this album! Avril rocks, I have all her albums but this one is certainly my favorite. I have Let Go,Under My Skin,The Best Damn Thing and now Goodbye Lullaby.
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on March 9, 2011
After a four year hiatus, Avril Lavigne finally returns to the music scene with "Goodbye Lullaby".
As great of a piece of work this is, it's more than likely going to get overshadowed. It seems like it came a bit late, being as Kesha and Lady Gaga have influenced top 40 to the point that people probably forget what an acoustic guitar or piano even sound like.

Goodbye Lullaby sticks to what Avril does best, writing sincere honest lyrics, reminiscent to her "Under My Skin" days. Yes, some are a little clumsy, but that is part of what makes Avril adorable and keeps her as a house hold name. What more, she is showing growth.

When one approaches Goodbye Lullaby, they have to take it for what it is. Avril has always had two things which have drawn audiences over the last ten years: her voice and her lyrics. While neither of these may be outstanding, they are unique. They both have such a genuine feel to them that people can sit, listen, and afterwards, realize: someone out there cares.

Songs like "Everybody Hurts", and "Darlin", reveal that familiarity one has with Avril's lyrics, life doesn't go as planned, stuff happens, it's okay to wallow in it for a while. But we have to pull through on it, and we have each other to help out.

Other tracks, like "Not Enough" and "Remember When" have the key angst and heartbreak which Avril can nail straight to the heart. They are both very powerful, as she sings with so much emotion you will have goosebumps running down your back as you imagine her pounding on the piano and belting out her frustration and sadness. Probably the best two tracks on the album.

Another interesting track which caught my eye was "Stop Standing There". It has a very easy going, indie feel to it. It's not really anything like what Avril's done before. It reminds me of some underground band performing it in old coffee shops or busking on the streets in the middle of summer.

"Push" and "4 Real" have the late 90's pop rock feel to them, with choruses that'll instantly get stuck in your head.

The Max Martin tracks really seem to be the only weak points of this album. "What the Hell", as catchy and fun as it is - gives complete misdirection as to what this album is really about. This will either put a bad taste in some critics/fans mouth, by not showing the growth Avril really has accomplished, or it will bring in a whole new fanbase who will be thoroughly disappointed with what the rest of the album has to offer.

"Wish You Were Here" is just awkward. It starts off sounding like the style Avril is going for on this album, but gets somewhat of a R&B beat within about 20 seconds, which seem to throw off Avril's singing and lyrics. Then, the chorus brings the song back with "Let Go"-era catchiness and feeling. The bridge later on seems a bit redundant. Overall, it's still an excellent song though.

"Smile" and "I Love You" both share radio-ready choruses, but seem like Max Martin was trying a bit too hard to make them "Avril". I'm not saying they're bad though. "Smile" will be stuck in your head just as much as "Runaway" or "Anything but Ordinary".

Overall, I was very satisfied with this album. I have no idea what RCA were thinking teaming Avril up with Max Martin for those four tracks though... It seemed like he was trying to bring something to the table that just did not work for this album. I'm sure Avril could've crafted them to fit the album better without his aid.

I would say, any fan of "Under My Skin" or "Let Go" should not hesitate once to pick this album up.
Avril shows that she is well on her way as bringing new a new signature to her music, while her songwriting and voice continues to grow.

Sadly, this gem might be overlooked being as the potential upcoming singles will only scratch what this album really has to offer. But As she declares in the closing track, Alice, "I'll play the game, but I can't stay. I've got my head on straight, and I'm not going to change. I'll win the race, keep up with the pace, today's the day that I start to pray. You can't get in my way." She's not planning on going anywhere, and after 2 years of battling the record company, she finally got (most) of what she was going for.
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on January 5, 2014
Would have loved to give it a listen, unfortunately I did not actually open the cd upon receipt and when I did just recently, the disc was badly cracked. Not the case but the disc itself so it was unusable. Strange given the case itself was not damaged at all and I ordered several cd's all others were great!

Unfortunately by the time I opened it, too late to return
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on January 31, 2013
Amazing album. I love it :) Avril's style has definitely matured and the lyrics are more heartfelt than the previous album. A must have for Avril fans.
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on January 1, 2016
Ce CD/DVD est super. En plus des chansons de la version originale, l'édition spéciale contient des version acoustiques et instrumentales très intéressantes et surtout le DVD du making of de l'album avec des extraits de l'enregistrement en studio, entrevue avec Avril durant laquelle elle parle de l'album et des histoires à l'origine des chansons, performance d'Avril, vidéoclips, etc...etc...À avoir absolument.
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on July 18, 2014
Love Avril lavigne and this was the cd I needed to complete my set and I couldn't find it Anywhere !!!!
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on March 11, 2016
I like this album I like all the song on this album there great
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on December 3, 2014
good cd, shipped on time
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on March 11, 2011
Avril is back and with an album that is a departure from her past albums, but more reminiscent of Under My Skin. For any fan who has respected and loved Avril since the beginning, this is sure to not disappoint. Avril needs to be commended for sticking to her guns and making the album that she wanted to, not what her record label wanted (like the techno pop sound that is currently popular). This album might not give Avril the chart positions and commercial success as the others, but it's full of beautiful, raw, emotional songs, and makes for a great listening experience. Wish You Were Here, Smile, and I Love You are the stand out tracks. Visit [...] to connect with other Avril fans.
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on June 13, 2016
Censured.. :(
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