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on July 6, 2017
Worst thing ever , scroll pad sucks just as bad as keyboard layout
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Style Name: Bluetooth|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The keyboard looks good, has a nice feel and the backlighting works very well. I tested it on an android box with native blue tooth and the dongle as well as on a Windows PC using just the dongle. Packaging had the appearance of a repackaged item or it was poorly packaged from the start. No instructions and switch was already in the on position. It is understandable that a keyboard this size will not have the full functionality of a full keyboard. The use of a mini USB port instead of a micro is a minor nuisance. One star off for the dongle not working and another off for the touch pad failing to come back to life after sleeping.

Android box:
- Dongle did not work
- Native Bluetooth on the box did work and had good range- tested up to 24 feet.
- Keyboard worked great on when first turned on but once awakened from sleep, the touch pad was not operable. You had to turn the key board off and then on to regain use of the touchpad. I tried hitting every single key to see if one would re-activate it with no success.
- Without the touchpad you could not navigate the screen as wherever the pointer was over ruled the selection made when hitting the "enter" key
Conclusion: Nice key pad if the mouse stayed alive after sleeping for more than a couple of minutes. With the mouse pad flaw, it is not practical for the Android box. It is useable if you don't mind switching it off and on again when the mouse pad fails to come back to life.

Windows PC
- Dongle did not work ( also reported by other users)
- Unable to test further

Conclusion: Unless you have a natively enabled Bluetooth device, don't count on it working.

Overall: It is really too bad because I do like the feel of it, the backlighting and the buttons. It has a lot of potential if usability was improved upon. Picture below displays the keyboard with backlighting on in a dark TV room. Keys are very visible and clear in the dark.
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Style Name: Bluetooth|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I work in IT for 15 years ago and I first thought I'll love this Bluetooth mini-keyboard, because the size of the key was very nice for such a tiny keyboard, especially if you compare with other brands of mini-keyboard, the keys are larger and more responsive on this VisionTek keyboard. Moreover, they integrate a nice red laser pointer, so I thought if would be nice for PowerPoint presentations. I paired it in a snap with my MacBookPro Retina laptop and later on my Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet PC and on both the range was great and operation is flawless. I also really appreciate the keyboard is backlighted with you use it on HTPC/Smart-TV by the night. The touchpad is small but I found it very responsive and sensitive, which is superior to most other mini-keyboard where the touchpad is pretty much useless.

While this VisionTek had everything for him and I thought I may have found one of the best product in its class... this is here I discovered the worst design aberration that I could not imagine from a end-user perspective and also from a IT expert perspective; this keyboard don't have a WIN/CMD key as they merged it with CTRL key!! So you have to press FN+CTRL to send the WIN/CMD (Apple) key which is a total aberration since the WIN/CMD is THE most used key in modern operation system (such as Windows 7/8/10 and especially Mac OS-X). There's even some keyboard shortcut that require both WIN/CMD+CTRL together which is impossible to do with this keyboard! This is actually unbelievable to find such a design flaw on a modern keyboard!! Especially on a MAC I use the CMD key like a dozen time a minute in normal operation...

Except if you don't use the WIN/CMD key often (what is impossible), you may consider it's a great mini-keyboard otherwise you'll get angry against it after a few minutes using it and consider to purchase something else.
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Style Name: Bluetooth|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've been using this for a while with my Android TV box. It is great for controlling the cursor and entering text. The keyboard is fantastic with great tactile feedback. It would be nice if the mouse pad was a bit larger but when I think that this device is about the length and depth of my Note4 but only 60% of the width and a fraction of the weight, I really can't complain. Gestures do work on the trackpad but they can be a challenge due to the size. It basically handles all I throw at it. I'm quite happy with how it works.

The build quality on this seems top notch. Fit and finish are good. It feels like it should be durable.

The device is rechargeable. It uses a mini USB cable as opposed to the much more common micro USB cable, which means it's an extra cable I have to keep track of.

It connects easily via Bluetooth. I've been able to control my Android TV box from 20-25 feet away (no walls in between). It even includes a Bluetooth dongle that tucks away into the top of the device for PCs without Bluetooth. I haven't tested it with a PC. I tried it with an Android TV box that didn't have Bluetooth and it was not recognized, so no joy there.

The keyboard has a very nice backlight so this is useful for a home theatre or for presentations. There are also some small indicator lights to show status.

There is a red laser that can be used as a pointer during presentations. That is a nice handy feature that I don't use but others might enjoy. Also, the trackpad orientation can be rotated 90 degrees, which is also useful with the laser for presentations.

I haven't needed to use this with a Mac or PC so I don't have an issue with there not being a dedicated Windows key on this keyboard.
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VINE VOICEon January 13, 2017
Style Name: Bluetooth|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This review is for the VisionTek CandyBoard Universal Wireless Keyboard with laser pointer.

So far I have has this keyboard for a while now, but I did not post a review right away as I have had several problems connecting it to some of my systems and wanted to try it on other machines.

It seems to be unrelyable when connected to either of the Windows 7 x64 pcs that I first tried. It would drop connection from time to time and had poor range with my existing bluetooth, the range was a little better with the supplied bluetooth adapter, but not by much.
Please note that Windows will not support more than one bluetooth radio (adapter) on a PC, so if you want to use the supplied reciever you must either remove or disable your existing bluetooth radio. It also took more than one try to pair the keyboard properly on most of the PCs I tried. The provided bluetooth adapter reported as HCI version 3.80 and LMP version 3.3 with a manufacture ID of 16 (slightly newer than the adapter in my PC)

I also tried it on a Windows 8.1 tablet (using the tablet's built in bluetooth) and it seemed to work properly, but since it was a tablet I did not check for range.

I have connected it to an Android TV box with built in bluetooth and this is where it preformed the best, good range and very few dropped keys.

The keys on this keyboard have a fairly good feel for a candybar format and the track pad is fairly responsive. The trackpad is on the right wihich may annoy left handed people. However, the key layout is poor. It would have been nice if the arrow pad (the 4 arrows are not seperate buttons, they are more like a game controller's 4 way pad) had an OK (enter) button / function in the middle as it feels strange having to find the enter key that is to the left, but this isn't the biggest issue.
This keyboard has no dedicated transport control keys, they require pressing the FN key with another (F3 to F8) to get volume, play, pause, forward, back, etc.
There are also some key combinations that are impossible since you can only press two keys at once and some combinations require three keys at once. Examples: You can not use the "Windows" key with any other key as to get the "Windows" key you have to press FN+CTRL. Other combos that do not work are: Alt-PrintScreen (Alt-FN-F2), any conbo of Ctrl or Alt-F9, F10, F11 (as F9, F10, F11 are FN-9, FN-0, FN-`). There is no F12 key or AltGR key. This is bad if you are running any game emulators and they usually require some of these key combos.
There is one set of modifier keys on the left only, (FN, shift, ctrl, alt, and the useless Win) which seems to be the norm for very small formfactor keyboards. There is an extra large (size of two keys) backspace key which is also the delete key when used with the FN key, two seperate keys for backspace and delete (or something else) would have been nice here.

On the plus side, FN-ENTER is Ctrl-Alt-Del. The strange thing is that they put a dedicated bluetooth key, which would have been fine to be a shifted key as even the backlight key is a shifted key.

Other than the above exceptions, it does have a full set of keys (as you can see in the photos)

The backlight is rather nice and will stay on as long as you are pressing keys (once you turn it on)
The build of the keyboard also feels rather solid with its built in battery and metal back plate.

Now for the BEST part of this keyboard, the laser pointer! This alone gave me reason to add back a star as it is a great toy for the cats! The pointer works well and is activated by a side button with the keyboard on. I doubt, however, that this is a good reason to purchase this unit. (unless it goes on sale)

The first keyboard of this format that I ever used was the double sided keyboard that came with the Boxee Box, it wasn't back lit and didn't have dedicated number or punctionation keys but it did have a fairly useful second navigation side. The Boxee was quite a while ago and things have changed in the market with much better options (at least as far as keyboards go) and I much prefer the Rii mini backlit keybords (and similar) as they have a better key layout and the track pad is in the middle, but sadly no laser pointer. ;-)

Overall, I would only recommend this keyboard if it goes on sale and if you find its short commings acceptable.

I received this item either at no charge or at a discount so I could provied an unbiased review.
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Style Name: Bluetooth|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Pairing name is a little confusing, it comes up as "Bluetooth 3.0 Macro Keyboard" rather than what you might expect to be looking for like "Candyboard". Typical to bluetooth keyboard pairing, it's easy just press the bluetooth button on the keyboard, initiate pairing request from your device and then type the random number sequence on the keyboard and then press enter.

Everything worked fine without any tweaking on my Windows 10 laptop, including touchpad mouse cursor. The touchpad supports common gestures like two finger scrolling and tapping one finger for left mouse click and two for right mouse click. The two finger gestures are awkward due to the size of the keyboard and how it really only works well if held with both hands. It would have been better if there was a gesture for edge scrolling (slide finger along edge of touchpad to scroll) so it could be done one fingered.

I'm irked by the fact that the charging port on the Candyboard is Mini USB instead of Micro USB. It kind of serves as a reminder that this is a rather old design that hasn't been updated in some time, next to nothing uses Micro USB ports any more and as such I never have Mini USB cables in any of my USB chargers and they generally aren't laying about all over the place like Micro USB cables are. It does come with a Mini USB charging cable, so it's not like you're stuck, but honestly it should be a Micro port this day in age just because it's more commonplace.

Typing on it is OK, I have used worse mini keyboards. The keys are adequately three dimensional so you can "feel" the change from one key to another and each of them has a good "click" when activated. I am repeatedly bothered by the fact that there is only one shift key on the left side so if you actually need to capitalize anything or use special characters from the number row frequently it gets annoying especially when the key you want is on the left side of the keyboard.

The keyboard IS backlit, which is nice, and all of the keys are backlit not just some of them. The backlight is bright and covers all of the keys evenly enough. You activate it using Fn+F1 (light bulb icon in blue). The backlight turns itself off after a few seconds of inactivity. The laser pointer feature has a dedicated button on the edge which is helpful if you intend to use it, it's not something I'll ever use but this is the first mini keyboard I've tried that has one so it's a nice bonus and does make it more useful for presentations if you can see yourself using it in that scenario.

I tested the range when connected to my laptop directly via bluetooth and had no issue having it register my key presses from clear across the floor probably at least 40 feet away. I stopped there because that is way more range than I think anybody would ever need. As with most things bluetooth, your range depends on both devices that are paired together so your mileage may vary.

Build quality overall is pretty standard fare for these things, it's really no better or worse than other similar mini keyboards sold out of the Chinese market for in some cases significantly less money. At the end of the day I can't find anything particularly wrong or bad about the Candyboard apart from the annoying charging port and lack of a shift key on the right side of the keyboard, however I don't think it's a particularly good value the way it's priced right now.
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on August 18, 2014
This is exactly like the first one I bought several years ago (for a similar price) and which I liked better than any others I've tried - especially one that was supposed to be a great price bargain. One slightly negative thing I've noticed is that the on-off switch is a little stiff. Also, it goes to sleep much quicker than my others which means it doesn't respond quickly when I want to pause or increase/decrease the volume. But I suppose that's to save the battery.
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on February 25, 2016
The product is great, but the range is very short and it goes into some sort of sleep mode, defeating the purpose of a remote. You have to get up and move closer to the bluetooth dongle in order to reconnect. The dongle that comes with it is also incompatible with a lot of software. I got it working with Ubuntu, but couldn't get it to work with OPENELEC, which is strange.
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on September 3, 2016
Sure, it's small but that's all it has going for it. It doesn't even work all that well for thumb typing. The touchpad is only somewhat responsive, and the function key is non-ergonomic.
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Style Name: Bluetooth|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Doesnt work very well at all. Maybe at best a 5 foot wireless connection. The first one I received didnt work at all and had to exchange it for another. Id pass on this device!
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