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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon July 21, 2004
What guy hasn't gone into a nightclub or bar with his buddies at some point and thought to himself that bouncer's not so tuff. In this high octane action B flick, Patrick Swayze (Dalton) shows us size really doesn't matter and he's definitely not afraid to mix it up. This film appeals to the tough guy in all of us and as far as action goes, it delivers the goods. Patrick Swayze does a good job as Dalton, but even better is the performance by the much underrated Sam Elliot as Dalton's amigo (Wade). Together Dalton and Wade kick butt and show that their bond is unbreakable. Not surprising, Ben Gazzara's character makes you want to reach through the TV screen and pound him to a pulp. There is a spectacular fight scene between; wait I don't want to spoil it for anyone. There is also some really good music in this movie from Jeff Healey. Overall this movie is non-stop action and good entertainment for fight film fans. The DVD has a good picture and stereo sound but really nothing more than that. I give the movie itself 5 stars, but some kind of cast interviews or commentary would have been nice.

DVD Features:
Original theatrical trailer
English: Stereo surround
French: Stereo surround
Spanish: Mono
English, French, Spanish & Portuguese language subtitles
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on June 24, 2009
This movie although panned by the critics, has become a cult favourite. This is a revenge action movie. This movie is worth multiple watchings. What can go wrong with Patrick Swayze, Ben Gazarr and Sam Elliot in the cast, especially with Jeff Healey playing the music.? There is no hidden meaning in the movie and you don't need a critic to tell you what's wrong with the movie. Also at the end you know the movie is over and what happened.
patrick Swayze plays a tough cooler in an upscale bar. The owner of a tumble down bar, hires Swayze to help enhance his clientele and image.
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Roadhouse was another one of the films that for some reason I was curious to see again (I first saw in my teens) in order to get a glimpse and understanding in what my late adoptive mother enjoyed and how it may have indirectly influenced my own interests (due to the fact that Patrick Swayze was one of my late adoptive mother’s favorite actors). Anyhow Roadhouse has Patrick Swayze starring as James Dalton a skilled bouncer who does not hesitate to stand up for himself or anybody who breaks the given rules at the bars that he works at. James Dalton is working at a popular New York City Bar when Frank Tilghman (Kevin Tighe) offers him a job working at a bar that he is opening in Missouri. James Dalton ends up running the new bar very well, but ends up having to deal with some of the locals in his new hometown wanting to seek revenge in a harsh way. What complicates matters is that falls in love with a woman named Dr. Elizabeth Clay who has a past history with influential businessman Brad Wesley. Brad Wesley is a harsh rival going after Dalton because of the threat that Dalton poses to how he has previously run things. Dalton finds out about Clay’s history because a popular musician named Cody (Jeff Healey) told him Clay’s past marriage. Dalton’s friend Wade Garrett (Sam Elliott) becomes concerned about the well-being of Dalton after a phone call due to Dalton dating an ex of a hostile enemy. Wade also questions the danger and risks of Dalton staying in his adopted Missouri hometown.
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on August 11, 2003
This movie is one of those films that has a dumb plot and a worthless meaning usually I can't stand those kind of movies but Roadhouse is exceptional. The film keeps you at interest to what is going on. I like the person Swayze portrays in this film he is a philosophical bouncer who has one of the best names in a film I have ever heard of DALTON! I like the whole philosophy major turned Bouncer it is a nice idea in a film. As far as the other actors go well there is Kelly Lynch who is pure eye candy for the film and will keep any guy interested. Sam Elliot just makes you laugh his character is so dumb and rediculous but very funny. I see alot of people that have been in little films here and there in this film but really the stand out actor here is the star Patrick Swayze. It sure is not one of the greatest pieces of cinema ever created but the film is what it is it is supposed to be a action thriller but many people like myself observe this more of as a Comedy. This is a really good movie for those like myself who just enjoy funny light entertainment with a touch of sleeze.
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on April 20, 2003
Road House is one of the worst movies ever made--it's poorly acted, badly written and sloppily directed. But that's why it's so much fun!
Patrick Swayze plays a bouncer named Dalton who has a degree in philosophy, carries his medical history with him and is known as the best bouncer in the country. The owner of a hick bar approaches him to help him clean up his establishment since he's come into a large sum of money and wants to improve it.
Dalton's efforts lead to some of the most unintentionally funny lines ever used in movies. A bouncer having sex with a female patron in a closet tells her "Yeah, you're gonna be my regular Saturday night thing!" just before Dalton walks in on them and fires the bouncer. In another scene, a bouncer Dalton fires shoots back with "You **expletive**! What am I supposed to do?" Dalton answers "There's always barber school."
Co-starring are Ben Gazzara as a sadistic rich guy who owns nearly the entire town (a role he hams up with glee), Kelly Lynch as a doctor and Dalton's love interest (though she's really just there as eye candy) and Sam Elliott as Dalton's friend and mentor who comes to help out when Dalton realizes he's not going to pull the job off alone.
The movie is predictable and formulaic, but for fifteen bucks, it's good dumb fun. For a good double bill of movie trash, watch this with Anaconda!
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on December 22, 2001
Theres so much cheese in this movie I cant list it all. From the 2 small guys who are the baddest bouncers alive to these rich beautiful people who live in some small town. And of course the small bouncer has a degree and just happens to fall in love with his rich enemys beautiful ex who must be half her exs age. And God knows bouncers are legendary worldwide and they dont escort people to the door, they get in endless fist fights with no worry of being arrested or lawsuits! Where does the cheese end?! You see it and you'll know what I'm talking about. Nonetheless, as unbelievable as this movie is, I cant deny I really like it. Its very entertaining. The fight scenes rock and the music is good. If you dont analyze it like I do and just take it for what it is...its fun. Dont try to fit it in with the real world, just tell yourself its a fantasy and you'll like it.
Oh did I forget how the small bouncer is basically the sheriff. Or how the writers knew the audience would think Swayze was too small for the baddest bouncer role so they built in the line "I thought youd be bigger" as reverse psychology? hehe...
Oh. I really do enjoy this cheesy movie and watch it alot! I just need a few beers first.
On the quality......The quality of this tape is horrible because of bad copy protection "technology" aka Macrovision. Any tape Ive seen of this - the picture is pathetic. But hey, at least you cant copy this horrible quality tape which must have been more important to the studio than giving the customers a good sharp picture.
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on August 18, 2001
You have to see this movie for one reason---Ben Gazzara. Gazzara plays Brad Wesley, a murderous crime boss with a small town in his clutches. He resides at the Wesley compound, where he commands a small army villainous redneck toadies. Among the villains, you have Jimmy, the pudgy karate-kicking ex-convict. Tinker, bloated and witless, is the comic relief in a movie already laden with accidental comic relief. You have the knife-dork, who also played the sword-dork in Masters of the Universe. There is the slouching, spineless bar tender, Pat. And you have O' Connor, who loses every single fight in the movie, proving himself even more inept than the combined efforts of the Black Widows from Every Which Way But Loose.
Enter Dalton, karate-chopping philosophy major, who is also world famous for a profession ("cooler"---not bouncer) that does not exist. He finds a girl with hair almost as big and poofy as his own, and challenges the dominion of Brad Wesley. This movie is bad, really bad, and is so serious in its badness that it seems almost hypnotic. The fight scenes are completely mindless. The dialogue is only a step above Manos "The Hands of Fate". Unmotivated drama is shoved in like a clumsy needle. The movie is, as Dalton might put it, Zen in its badness. In the end, you get to see Dalton battling a spear-throwing Brad Wesley. Now where else would you get to see Ben Gazzara chunking leaf-bladed spears? And that is why you MUST see this horrible, horrible movie. Ben Gazzara. I'm personally waiting for the sequel, where Brad Wesley returns augmented by cyborg technology. Road House 2: The Wrath of Wesley, or something like that.
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on January 14, 2001
Well, this is not really the drum I march to, but I must give credit where credit is due. Swayze is at his best when he portrays this character. (An educated bouncer who simply wants to do his job right.) He shows that it takes intelligence as well as strength to do this kind of job. He also shows that letting personal emotions govern your decisions leads to trouble. The scenery is very well done, and the action is captivating. Elliott is outstanding as Swayze's former instructor. He is also handled well. (First he is mentioned, then we see him, then we learn his identity, then we see him in action. His character is also crucial for the climax.) Patrick's secret story from Memphis is handled well. (First we only hear fleetingly of it; then it is strengthened when the villain knows of it; then it is confirmed when Sam Elliott discusses it; then we see it reenacted.) The main villain is handled well. (First we only hear of him; then we meet him; then his role as a villain is confirmed.) Plot structure is also well drawn. Patrick warns everyone against getting personal, but then he is forced into a situation where he realizes his situation is personal. Throughout the movie, we see Patrick take down people who are clearly beneath his level, but later, he finally has to fight a monstrous villain who has his fighting abilities. Even the town is handled well. The villain torments the local men throughout the movie, and the local rednecks eventually make a VERY poetic stand. I never would have thought a movie like this would have had such excellent dramatic and poetic structure. Watch it!
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on December 13, 2000
I couldn't believe my eyes last night when I was watching ALL THE KING'S MEN:THE SECRET LIFE OF ELVIS, about Elvis' so-called Memphis Mafia, when I got so fascinated by these men and their behind-the-scenes stories about the King, and then one of them started to look familiar..."Wait a minute!" I thought, "That red headed man looks like the guy from ROADHOUSE!!!" I remembered hearing about Red West years ago but I didn't know he was an actor and so I just looked him up on the cast list for ROADHOUSE and there he was!
This is an entertaining movie, with a good hero, terrific supporting actors, and Ben Gazzara is just right as the small town mean rich guy! The women are attractive, and the bar scenes are a lot of fun, too. I just wish the story had been written to lead to a sequel, and that Sam Elliot hadn't been killed off, as he and Swayze worked well together.
The photography is excellent, and there are several unusual character actors. And one other thing... RED WEST IS GREAT IN THIS MOVIE!!!
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on November 15, 2000
In the grand tradition of fight now, ask questions later, comes Road House. Patrick Swayze is Dalton. He is the new breed of bar bouncers. Calling himself the cooler, Dalton is small, a martial arts expert, and he has a degree in psychology. This means bad news for the regulars at the Duece, Duece because Dalton has been hired to clean it up. And clean it up he does. But first he had to personally put every piece of bad element he doesn't want out on their rear ends. Everything seems to be going right until Dalton runs head to head with Brad Wesley(Ben Gazzera). Wesley is like the town's dictator, he owns a piece of just about every business in town and he doesn't like Dalton's presence one bit. Lucky for the audience one of them must go and Dalton isn't one to budge easily.
This is a guys movie all the way. Swayze is awesome as Dalton. He is cool, confident, and tough as nails. Gazzera is good as the villian and he sends plenty of thugs over to the Duece, Duece to keep the action coming. Sam Elliot is great in his supporting role as Dalton's mentor, Wade Garrett. And of course there has to be women, and there are, but none hotter than Kelly Lynch, Dalton's love interest. Roadhouse never slows down. It has a great soundtrack and it is well directed. It's just a fun movie.
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