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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on March 4, 2003
I first bought "king of Kings" in 1984 (VHS) when it was new to video.
There was no widescreen presentations in those days and so the
video was good. Then came several more releases which were similar to the first,this time Dolby encoded. The laser disc came next and then the first letterboxed edition. I was disappointed because the sound was still not up to par and the
apect ratio was incorrect for a 70mm production.
Thank you Warner Bros and George Feltenstein imparticular for
finally presenting "King of Kings" as it was meant to be seen,
with 2.35:1 aspect ratio (the correct one) and 5.1 Dolby Digital
The transfer is state of the art, probably one of the finest in
short life of the DVD medium. The Technicolor is bright and clear as if you were watching the film in the theatre. There is
no grain in the film .One couldn't ask for a better presentation of any film. Goes hand in hand with the fully restored complete film score on Rhino/ Turner Classic Movie Music
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on December 21, 2002
"KING OF KINGS" is one the greatest biblical motion pictures of alltime! It is my second favorite alltime #1 motion picture! JEFFERY HUNTER delivers a performance that is truely outstanding, as Jesus with awe, splendor, humility, and true devotion! A grand allstar cast including, HURT HATFIELD, RON RANDALL, FRANK THRING, and ROBERT RYAN as John The Baptist capture the true spectacle of THE HOLY BIBLE, like never before!Their performances are monumental in "KING OF KINGS!" With direction by SAMUEL BRONSON, and a overwhelming powerful and moving music score by MIKLOS ROZA, "KING OF KINGS" sweeps through spectacular vistas and all the violence and human drama, as well the poignant peaceful settings, like never before! The most outstanding scenes include grand and monumental SERMON ON THE MOUNT, (Where over 10,000 extras were used!), THE LAST SUPPER (Which showed Jesus as poignant and emotionally moving, that was ever captured on film!), THE BETRAYAL IN THE GARDEN AT THE MOUNT OF OLIVES, THE TRIAL BEFORE PILATE AND KING HEROD, THE MOVING POWERFUL SCENES OF THE SCORGING, THE JOURNEY TO THE CRUCIFICXION, THE DEATH, BURIAL, AND FINAL RESURRECTION, ending the film! In all "KING OF KINGS" captures the majestic and breathtaking beauty of the life of Jesus, as "The Greatest Story Ever Told" to be forever cherished! No video collection should be complete without a copy of this monumental motion picture! The WIDESCREEN PRESENTATION of "KING OF KINGS" is the version I would highly recommend, because you see the whole film as was seen in the theaters back in the 1960's. You experience the love, the joy, the faith, and the spirit that will be forever embraced to the world as the "KING OF KINGS!"
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on September 29, 2002
Here is the life of Christ depicted in the political climate in which He appeared. In fact, the first few minutes of the film will make you wonder if you are watching the right movie, as it reviews the Roman invasion of Judea. The Romans, the family of Herod, the Sanhedrin and Barabbas with his Zealots all play roles in the trajedy.
Samuel Bronston, a producer whose production center was located outside of Madrid, envisioned a shorter movie along the artistic lines of "The Gospel According to St. Matthew," simple and reverent. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer saw the movie as a threat to its' current blockbuster hit, "Ben-Hur." Bronston needed some additional financial backing and MGM stepped in, so that the release could be delayed until after "Ben-Hur" was finished with its' usual one year playing engagement. At the same time, the tremendous audience response to the spectacle of "Ben-Hur" convinced MGM to expand the film and make it more spectacular. At least an additional 45 minutes was tacked on the planned running time.
I find the film a great success. By giving us the political milieu, it provides us a different slant on the well-known story and invokes interest with sub-plots.
Jeffrey Hunter took a lot of unnecessary abuse for his portrayal. This was the first portrayal of Jesus by an actor who was around the same age as Christ during the events, but he was criticized as too young (???). His piercing blue eyes added a sharp edge to his appearance, making him symbolically stand out as unique. He depicted an accessible Jesus. This was certainly in evidence during the Sermon on the Mount scene. In no other movie, I feel, does Jesus come down off the lofty pedestal and talk directly to you. The Sermon on the Mount scene starts with the Beatitudes but becomes a conversation between the audience and Jesus, at times, questioning Him directly on who He really is. Here, Jesus becomes human, and it is thanks to Jeffrey Hunter's heartfelt performance. To contrast the human element is some of the most incredibly moving miracles ever filmed, establishing his Divinity. The healing of the crippled boy never fails to elicit a tear.
The other performances are just as good. The political and action sequences around the sacred story are interesting and exciting. The sets and the photography are appropriate for the spectacle but not terribly overdone. And, last but not least, is Miklos Rozsa's incredible music score, one of his best.
Although lambasted when it first appeared during the media backlash against spectacles (although the audience disproved the critics by making this one of the best grossing films of the year), this film gains in reputation as the years move on. One of my personal favorites! We need this on DVD!
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on April 2, 2002
For its time "King of Kings" was exceptional.This was the first color and sound film in which the face of Christ is seen.Because
the film was heavily edited and time constraints were put upon it
many of Christ's teachings and miracles were not shown ,many were only mentioned,this was unfortunate .Sermon on the Mount
though was very well done. The music by Miklos Rozsa is glorious
and now the entire score ,after 40 years,appears in a new 2 CD
album by Rhino Records.The film tries to portray Jesus as a figure bounded by history and tradition therefore emphasis is placed on Zealots and their hatred of all things Roman.
Had time not been a problem,perhaps more of the human
personality of Jesus could have been explored as in the current
video "Matthew" and CBS miniseries "Jesus." All in all Jeffrey Hunter gave a credible performance and did not deserve the insults of the critics of the time calling him a "Teenage Jesus." I feel there should have been more emphasis placed on the Jewish scribes and Pharisees and the fact that they wanted Jesus put to death for blasphemy and that they were the ones who
precipitated his death.Under Roman occupation they could not put
anyone to death so Jesus is turned over to Pilate and he condemns Jesus for sedition for wanting to be king.Failure to blame the Sanhedrin is not historically accurate.Now I wish
Warner Bros would wake up and release this on DVD.
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on January 31, 2004
I have always loved this movie, my favorite scene being the sermon on the mount. I know a lot of people have complaints about the historical inaccuracies and constantly compare it to "The Greatest Story Ever Told". I think people misunstand the main point of this movie, it is about the kingdom of Heaven, not so much a biography of Jesus. It centers around Herod, Pilate, Barabas and Jesus. They are four subplots are tied together by the Roman soldier Lucius who at the end of the movie says that Jesus must be the son of God. The movie basically asks what is the Kingom of Heaven? It contrast Herod kingship, Pilate's roman governership, Barabas idea of a free kingdom, and Jesus' kingdom of Heaven. The most beautiful scene in the movie was when Jesus spoke the Sermon on the Mount. Where Jesus is in a way explaining the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus is finally crucified for being a King. I hope this made sense, it is a little hard to explain. God Bless!
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on April 20, 2004
I first saw the King of Kings as a young girl on the big screen where everything seems to translate better, for example; those close-ups of Hunter's piercing blue eyes but since I have become a more 'mature, well-read person' this rendition of the life of Christ is pretty heavy handed with Roman history, for example, Tiberius never had a daughter as portrayed by Viveca Lindfors. The Romans were invited in to settle a dispute/civil war that had been ensuing over the appointment of High Priest and this underscores what a long bloody graveyard Israel has been for sometime. BUT the absolute beauty, 50% of the movie is the score written by the genius Miklos Rozsa and though the Zefferelli masterpiece "Jesus of Nazareth" is a far more intelligent portrayal, the King of Kings carries great emotional weight for me personally. I highly recommend it. It still holds itw own desite its shortcomings.
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on September 12, 2001
Jeffrey Hunter is amazing in his portrayal of Jesus; he seems to have really captured the spirit of the son of God. The music (composed by Miklos Rozsa) in the movie is very well written and it adds a layer of emotion to the movie that is rarely seen in most modern movies. Rip Torn also does a very comendable job as Judas Iscariot. The sermon on the mount scene is amazing in its breadth and depth and definetely is a keeper. Being very close to three hours long one would think that the movie would seem longwinded; however, this is definetely not true; in fact, one feels that there is not one minute wasted in this movie. Highly Recommended.
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on February 1, 2004
As a returning servant in CHRIST, these types of movies should be viewed in these days of television. As it is HARD to get our youth to sit and READ THE WORD'S of GOD, these could be best used to stimulate our youths and generate their interest's as a effective visual aid. I have ordered ONLY Biblical related movies to better educate my family next generation to teach VALUES that are noticably lacking with today's tv format. Everything now gives TOO MUCH glory to decadance and depravity, hence, the esculating crimes committed by today's youth WORLD-WIDE. Thank You for having these available!
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on April 17, 2002
This movie is very beautiful.
Music is gentle, Jeffrey's jesus is very charming.
And all characters in this movie, are very cute.
Jesus in this movie, is gentle and beautiful.
Jeffrey Hunter is No1 beautiful acter, in the world.
He is very beautiful,pretty,smart,charming,and cute.
This is my favorite movie.
I have been watch this movie one hundred times.
New testament will be happiness hundred-fold.
I love Jeffrey Hunter.
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on April 8, 2003
I wish they would make more films like this. It is encouraging to the soul and gives us hope that our lives do have meaning and while we are here we can make a difference. That one simple carpenter could make such a difference is awe inspiring. Hunter gave one of his greatest and most sincere performances. It's a pity that he was such an underrated and now almost forgotten actor.
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