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on April 30, 2014
I chose this adapter based one some of the positive feedback over here. Although it worked as promised under Ubuntu 14.04 with the default driver however beware of the fact that the provided driver is outdated and is not compatible with newer Linux kernels like that of Ubuntu 14.04. The main issue with this item is not the installation though, it is the very fact that it provides poor reception quality. I am 15-20 feet away from my wireless router divided by walls. My own laptop's wireless adapter can handle this situation perfectly with full signal strength. This USB wireless adapter on the hand reached a download rate of 2 Mbps poor with an unreliable connection both under Ubuntu and Windows.
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on December 29, 2015
Bought this for my brothers PC. It works as intended and for $5 it was not bad at all. Have not had any issues.
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on August 10, 2015
Perfect right out of the box. plug and play. Plug it in, let it load drivers done ready to use. Highly recommend 5 stars
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on February 8, 2012
And even at 2m mark, it receives poorly. I haven't tried sitting with it very close to the router, but then I would just use an ethernet cable, won't I?

The only reason I bought this was my longer USB wireless adapter broke by bending and that risk is recurring due to the nature of a 3-inch protrusion from the laptop's USB side. So I figured a smaller sized USB adapter will not pry so easily, and be all the better especially when marketed as 802.11 G (which is supposed to mean fast!).

I can only confirm this adapter will not break easily. If you're looking for something that downloads at reasonable speeds, this is not for you.
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on March 20, 2014
I purchased this adapter as a temporary solution for a spare computer I had laying around. It was most likely a junker, so I didn't want to spend too much money getting it connected. I found this and thought "Internet connection for $6, how can I go wrong?"

Well let me tell you.

The only thing that this adapter has going for it is its size factor.

The drivers come on a mini-CD which are a pain to deal with, especially if your CD drive doesn't work. After searching around the internet on a different computer, I could not find a compatible driver set from the Realtek website. I ended up having to copy the disc image to USB and mount it virtually... absurd.

The connection is terrible. Once I got the drivers installed I tried to browse some sites. It took the pages so long to load, I thought I was on dial-up. Then I tried to download a file. Estimated download time was 1h58m... That simply wouldn't do (it was not a large file). I plugged in the other adapter I purchased for my 'good computer' and the time dropped to under 2 minutes.

I did not expect blazing speeds or a rock solid connection out of this USB adapter at the $6.00 price point, but I was hoping it would at least get the job done for now.

I would recommend you spend a little more money and buy something that won't give you buyers remorse! Into the junk drawer you go!
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on July 21, 2014
Tiny, great price, shipped free and very quick with another item. Plugged into the back of a Lenovo desktop box, excellent 72mb/s 11n reception with W7 with modem/router ten feet away. Required the CD/Rom, driver installed without a hitch. Can't tell from the ethernet cable on Windows.

Adapter was immediately recognized by Linux Mint 17 (Ubuntu 14.04) but only performed at half speed, including half-speed DSL performance. Deducting a Star for obsolete driver. However the fix for the problem is neatly provided here:

The wi-fi adapter is now working identically on Linux and Windows, and the DSL speed is the same as over ethernet. It requires use of the Terminal and installation of some packages along with the updated driver. I always test bright Linux ideas on a Live USB before risking my hard drive installation, and advise the same here.

Update: I've ordered a second one for a Dell laptop with preinstalled 11g Broadcom adapter that was slowing the LAN. I've now installed the Windows 10 Techical Preview on this machine - the adapter was immediately recognized during the install and runs perfectly without installing a driver. (On that basis I'd expect it to be compatible with Windows 8/8.1 also.)
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on November 18, 2014
I bought 2 of these as my wireless adapter stopped working. Installed fine but after testing speeds I'm literally getting Dial-Up speeds from only about 15 feet away. WTF IS THIS? If it's is the case DO NOT BUY these little pieces of crap. Unless there is something else I need to do to 'unlock the speeds' these things are worthless.
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on May 16, 2014
shipped fast didnt care for the packaging could of been shipped with smaller packaging having the issue of it automatically disconnecting alot thought it was the router replaced it still disconnects tried it at a home and work still disconnects from whatever computer its plugged into
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on November 18, 2013
After searching for similar products, I found it cheaper than others. (Unfortunately there are not many choices at the as compare to It works great with Raspberry Pi , aka RPi , (model B) 512mb . I installed openElec first and removed the keyboard from one of the USB and plugged it in. It was instantly recognized and installed without the need of any external driver. You must enter password for your wifi network from system settings afterward. I have not tested the range yet as I cant figure out how to move my tv away :)
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on October 22, 2012
I bought this a while ago, for the price what the heck? I was happily surprised with the connection and speeds. Depending on the router g or n, speeds will vary. I found when my speeds were dropping with this adapter, my old router was causing the trouble. Bought a new router and this little thing works just as well my pci adapter that's in another computer and it cost $30 bucks! Well the worth the price to give it a try.
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