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on September 3, 2011
I bought the Iomega network cloud drive after my experience with the equivalent Lacie product was very negative. Iomega drive installed quickly on several computers, two laptops and a desktop. I use my desktop as the main drive to control and administer the NAS drive.

One small snag occurred almost immediately after I installed the software and was informed that one software upgrade was available. I did it and promptly one of the administrator windows stopped working on my browser. I immediately joined the support group and within hours I got a reply that fixed the problem. I only had to erase the history in my browser and everything else went back to normal.

I tried to create a personal cloud but I am with Bell Canada and the router Bell provides does not allow for the private cloud to operate. The problem is with the Bell router not with Iomega. Thus, I will have to use another router. No problem.

To backup my important files I am using Synctoy 2.1 from Microsoft. I am quite happy with it for what I need.

Bottom line, I am happier with Iomega than with Lacie, the price was also much better, I paid 199 plus taxes for the 1Tb NAS Lacie and only 135 for the 2TB from Iomega. I bought it on line from Amazon.Iomega 2 TB Home Media Network Hard Drive Cloud Edition 34766 (Gray)
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on May 16, 2011
bought this mostly due to great price. We needed storage for family of 4 with laptops
had this setup and working on all laptops inside 30 minutes.
Once the storage side was setup I messed with the media side of the house and it works well.
Cons? transferring data from your laptop to the drive is very slow, was faster to transfer to an external hard drive first and plug into network drive.
Customer service is good but they assume you already know everything about the drive. Even after telling them to treat me like a 4 yr old they continued to talk about functions I still have no idea about.

All in all, does exactly what we wanted albeit quite a bit slower transfer than expected. Has many functions that we don't even use but others might.
Once you have one you can expand with usb drives
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on October 1, 2011
I'm generally happy with the Iomega Home Media Cloud Edition. It works well. Installation was however painful. Setting a port redirect on my Cisco router was not an issue (I'm fairly comfortable with routers and ports). What was an issue: while the Iomega installer said all was fine, when I tried remote access from outside my home network, the connection didn't work and it took a little digging to find out the router I use (18 months old) doesn't support UPnP out of the box. So I needed to download an update and flash the router BIOS, then do some messing with settings.

In my view, this takes the Ioemga outside the realm of the "casual home user" market. If you are thinking of buying this product and would not be comfortable making under-the-hood changes to your home network hardware, I suggest checking the Iomega site first to see if anyone else is using the same hardware you use.
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on September 19, 2013
Love this piece of equipment - despite some of the cons.

One of which is that it could have been a bit faster on the network. The pages on the web interface are slow to load and I have not been able to get the internet shares to work but that's not a big issue (for me)

The Personal Cloud is a bit of a joke and basically cannot be setup while it grumbles about port forwarding even though it's all been done. Since Lenovo took over iOmega, support is somewhat poor - and this seems to be a legacy product as well.

Every once in awhile the unit will like any PC or device, benefit from a shutdown/reboot

The stock P2P client works well., I map to this unit from all my PC's, tablets, phones, DLNA devices and stream media from it with no issues

But in all, I would give it a strong buy.
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on November 21, 2012
Been using the drive for month now, no real issues, all devices recognized without issue (Mac OS X, Windows 7 and Vista, OS and Andriod) Have mostly used a network drive and backup, have not tried the Cloud features. Have some issues trying to stream videos to my blackberry playbook web browser (no BB app interface from Iomega) using the web based interface, ocasional data streaming errors causes files to stop playing.
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on September 12, 2011
It's a good hardware/software for the price. I have a few problems with it when it stayed turned on for many days. In this case, the NAS not appears in my network, so I have to restart it. I had the same problem with the old version (without "Cloud Edition"), so I think that is a problem with Iomega NAS architecture.

The download/updload rates are good, better than the old version.
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on January 22, 2012
pro: Rich features. Price is friendly. No fan design. low power consumption.
con: not very stable. Need to restart the device every few days. Noise from the disk operation is loud (there is no fan noise though)

I have only 100M LAN at home, so I cannot maximize the speed of the device. There is no problem with 1080P video content.

Build-in Bittorrent client is useless. I installed optware, transmission (torrent client), amule (ed2k client) to deal with torrent and ed2k downloading. It need quite some research to setup though (I also installed nano and mc). The downloading speed is perfect (more than 400KB/S, capped by my bandwidth).

I have to restart the device every a few days. Firmware is not very stable. I tried to close all unnecessary services to fix it(including DLNA/media sharing, I always use smb & afp sharing) yesterday. I will see this goes. Hope it will fix the instability. There is also a known bug in media sharing that might cause huge amount of disk space. Customer support said they will fix it in the next version of firmware.

Edit: I have improved the stability when using transmission a lot by doing:
1. setup preallocation in config file to 2
2. set process proirity to 30 (renice to 10)

It is very stable now, and the downloading speed is the same as before.
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on May 23, 2012
Le disque fait ce qu'il est supposé faire et est parfait pour un Usage personnelle. J'ai accès à mes données partout et de façon sécurisé. Et 2 TB pour ce prix c'est un vraiment bon prix afin de prendre en backup vos données. Seul point négatif, je trouve les Storage Manager (l'application d'Iomega) un peu instable ( déconnexion, lenteur parfois) Pour un Usage de façon plus intensive, j'opterais pour les versions ix un peu plus haut de gamme. Mais je suis entièrement satisfait du produit.
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on January 19, 2012
Hardware works as advertised. Software a little buggy- I couldn't get auto backup software to work at first because it wouldn't let me select the drive. Finally, after hours of playing with it I got it working by typing in the path to the drive manually.

So be prepared to spending longer than you think it should take to set up, but once you set it up, it works well as a back up solution.
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on December 1, 2016
Connects to network easily, all devices can see it. Downside one has to subscribe to costly service if one wants to connect drive via the internet from external location. i.e. If I at work or coffee shop and want to connect to drive to view or download/upload items.
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