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2.4 out of 5 stars
2.4 out of 5 stars
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on March 17, 2004
It doesnt matter how many times anyone says it to them, these filmmakers dont realise seaqulls dont work without the original cast..Christopher Lambert was missed in this badly made seaqull! Least he would have added somthing to it for a bit of improvement!
I dont care if this film was the first to have a completly CGI charactor. The acting is terrible, the effects are bad, the plot sucks , and i wish i had remembered that before i bought it on DVD because it had been a while since id seen it! and even tho it was a cheapie, it was still the worst mistake i had made with a DVD!
If theres a top 10 worst movies of all time list, i'll put money on this movie making the top 5! And every top 100 worst films of all time, I always see this one make the top 50. Only die hard fans of the video game would love this dumb movie and be blinded by how bad it is. It might contain decent enough resemblences to charactors from the game, but the acting and plot ..oh I dont wanna waste my time going any further into it.
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Mortal Kombat wasn't exactly a movie that was heavy on plot, but at least it had one. Too bad "Mortal Kombat: Annihilation" didn't manage to cobble together a bare-bones plot either -- it's big soggy mess of bad acting, wretched special effects, and a hilariously over-the-top Evil Army.

Earth is suddenly invaded by Shao Khan (Brian Thompson), who plans to merge Earth with the Outworld despite Liu Kang's triumph in Mortal Kombat. So Raiden (James Remar) and his friends set out to various parts of Earth to... really, I'm not sure WHAT they're trying to do. They're trying to defeat Shao Khan, but I'm not clear on the "how."

So Sonya Blade (Sandra Hess) goes off to find her partner Jax (Lynn "Red" Williams), who has somehow gotten back to the USA and acquired Arms of Steel in just two days. And after a clash with some familiar foes, Liu Kang (Robin Shou) loses his beloved Princess Kitana (Talisa Soto) and ends up on a new quest to become strong enough to save the Earth.

There's no real plot in "Mortal Kombat Annihilation" -- people just sort of wander around, fight, and hope that eventually they'll end up being able to defeat the Big Bad Guys. And the script is a total disaster -- the dialogue is simply atrocious ("Mother, you're alive!" "Too bad YOU... will DIE!") and the story is riddled with plot holes (how did Scorpion come back to life?).

Even worse, the entire thing is ridiculously goofy: bouncing ninjas, bad CGI monsters, giant vaguely-erotic balls that transport you to anywhere in the world, and Sonya fighting with a Kitana-lookalike who is NEVER EVEN IDENTIFIED. She just appears and mud-wrestles with Sonya! Oh, and the mother of all predictable plot twists smacks us in the face halfway through, and is more likely to elicit eyerolls than shocked gasps.

It's also kind of disorienting to have all but two actors replaced from the original movie -- most of the actors are pretty wooden, although Remar does a pretty good job as Raiden. Shou looks like he's confused about what he's doing most of the time; Hess's Sonya Blade is repulsively whiny and selfish, and usually gets upstaged by Lynn "Red" Williams and his metal muscles.

As for the megahammy Thompson ("On the seventh day, mankind will rest... IN PEACE!") and the constantly smirking Musetta Vander (and her Run Lola Run shriek), the less said about them the better. It just gives me flashbacks.

"Mortal Kombat: Annihilation" leaves you wanting annihilation - specifically, wanting this stupid movie to be annihilated. A reeking, low-rent disaster.
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on November 1, 2007
(this review is my own personal opinion)wow.what a piece of
garbage.this movie was not good,at all.i didn't think the first the
first Mortal Kombat was a classic,but i guess it depends on what you're
comparing it too.if you compare it against this sequel,then yeah,it
might be a classic.i didn't see any merit to this movie.there is so
much wrong with it,it is hard to know where to begin.and i wouldn't
have enough time or space.but basically anything that can be wrong with
a movie-is wrong here.i didn't buy the fight scenes.i felt they were
way too over the top and way too long.i also didn't find the acting
convincing,and very few of the actors from the first Mortal Combat
returned.i think that was a mistake.the filmmakers are asking the
viewer to accept someone completely new in a role that was defined by
someone else.i don't think that's fair to the viewer or to the new
actors. as a result,i felt no sense of jeopardy or urgency to the
film.the whole movie plays more like a comedy than a serious movie.the
good guys have no depth,so you really don't care what happens to them.I
also have to mention the stilted dialogue and the wooden delivery of
almost every line.the music was also distracting and grating,especially
during the fight scenes.i could not watch this movie all the way
through,because it is so awful.this is a completely incoherent mess.a
definitely inferior remake,which in my opinion,should never have been least the original has some heart to it.this sequel has some OK
special effects,but not enough to recommend it.1*/5 which is being
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on August 10, 2003
As a fan of Mortal Kombat, I would have definitely expected more from the sequel. Honestly, I wish that they would've waited a while longer to make this movie worthwhile. Even a hardcore action fan would've never think to ever see this garbage again. The only good thing I have to say about this movie (for those of you who saw the first movie or are familiar with the story) is the fight between Scorpion and Sub-Zero. Now its time to move onto the bad stuff.
The cast of characters were okay. The real problem is that the actors relied too heavily on the reputation of the video game and expect everything to fall in place. There was seriously too much overacting on everybody's part and a lot of the dialogue was forced. I'm a big fan of action and martial arts, but their acting skills distracted me almost entirely from the overall action of the film.
The plot was no better. Instead of having a recess from the latest Kombat tournament, the story moves to the evil Shao Kahn to take over the world. That would've been cool, but Mortal Kombat was built on an elaborate plot that included a variety of kombatants who were supposed to be in the movie before the climatic battle in the end. The movie tries to shove in way too many characters at one time within the breath of one and a half hour. The Mortal Kombat movies would've been better off as a trilogy.
What's even worse is that the fights kept on being finished too quickly, and even important kombatants were getting killed off too easily. There was simply not enough time to squeeze in as many fights as they squeezed in. The average victory time for each fight in the movie was 2 MINUTES LONG!!! The rest is just pure junk. I urge all movie fans, action fans, even MK fans to stay away from this waste of space before it sucks you in and annihilates you!!!
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on May 21, 2003
Hmm....what can I say? After the success of the first film, Time Warner screws up with the sequel. The movie is short, storyline is lame and dry, acting is horrendous(Paul Anderson the director of the first film was not not involved with the sequel) and the battles are way too comical. The hugest ubset would have to be the villain "Shao Khan," a character to whom was once feared in the video game, is now considered a laughable punk. Shao Khan in black tights?!! Give me a break! By the way. How on Earth did the developers get Shao Khan looking the way he did in the first movie (the way he looked in the game) to looking like a puny punk in the sequel, hm? to think of something nice to say...Oh! Well the effects are a nice touch, and Nightwolf is an intriguing character (though he is only in the film for about 5 minutes, maybe less). Ending is pretty boring as well. Another MK movie is being developed now, but if Paul Anderson is not the director behind the film, and if the storyline is tired and lame like "Annihilation," you can be expecting more of the same to arise in that installment as well. sigh...
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on December 29, 2002
As my buddy ironman6662 so notably points out, don't expect academy-award winning material. In fact, don't expect much of anything at all in this weak sequel to the box office hit. Johnny Cage dies in the beginning, which is the film's first of many mistakes. Okay, I understand he dies in the video games, but does he have to be killed in the movies as well? He was the one character in the first that really brought believability to the story. Now he's gone, and the movie spends the rest of its time with increasingly bad music, terrible dialogue, and some really flashy special effects. The fight scenes in this look like they're from the Power Rangers movie, the dialogue feels like a six-year-old wrote the script in red crayon and the music is, well, irritating. There's only so many times one can hear the Mortal Kombat theme before it gets old. I mean, every other minute the soundtrack went "MORTAL KOMBAT!!!" It's like, in case you forgot what movie this is, it's "MORTAL KOMBAT!!!" Some of the fight scenes are kind of cool, but the rest of the movie is wading around in primordal soup yelling, "MORTAL KOMBAT!!!"
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on January 22, 2002
This has got to be one of the worst movies ever made. I was a BIG fan of Mortal Kombat the game. I was an even bigger fan after I saw Mortal Kombat the movie! I was SO excited when I heard they were making this movie. But after I saw it I didn't care if I ever played the game ever again. The first movie was perfect. I don't know what they were thinking with this movie. At one point a mountain is supposed to blow up. It is SO obvious that it is just a small mound of dirt they built up and then blew up. Every single special effect used is horrible. To top that off is the horrible actors brought in. The first Rayden was perfect. This new Rayden is a joke. He even tells jokes. He tells one stupid joke after another. And then you have Jax. He's pretty good when he has his metal arms. But in the end they are ripped off. You would think that would be cool except his real arms are underneath! They weren't robot arms at all! Just metal gloves! Then you have Shao Kahn. Possibly the WORST part of the movie. He's just some white guy. There's nothing scary about him. He's not huge and he's not scary. He's just a normal white guy. He looks NOTHING like he did in the first Mortal Kombat movie. This movie was a HUGE mistake. It hurt Midway badly. I heard they were making yet another Mortal Kombat movie. I'll go see it if it doesn't look like the junk this movie turned out to be.
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on June 29, 2001
I actually saw this movie in theaters, and I left with a pain inside me so fiery and searing that I thought my appendix had burst (I hope that's spelled correctly).
This movie basically sat on my head, attempting to crush it. There was no plot of any kind. Just fight after fight after fight after fight after fight I can't take it anymore AAAUUURRRRGGGHHH (sounds of wrists being slit). Every five minutes there was a long and pointless fight scene in which no blood was spilled (huh?) and nothing was accomplished. Characters were introduced and abandoned all the time. None of the actors did anything that even remotely qualifies as acting. Johnny Cage, who was the only interesting character in the original, was killed two minutes into the movie, and you never see him again. And Rayden for some reason transforms into a mortal, wherein his hair gets cut short, his clothes turn purple, he dies, then is reborn at the end of the movie.
Who wrote this?
The special effects were terrible. I swear the monster battle at the end was used with stop-motion animation. And I saw the Sindel thing coming a mile away (you're back to normal! Oops, she was kidding).
Summary: Bad acting, bad writing, bad direction, bad effects, bad characters, bad costumes, and a flamingly gay god of lightning. As cheap and predictable as an episode of "Power Rangers", only somehow worse. Avoid.
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on February 6, 2002
Being a big fan of the Mortal Kombat video game series and the first movie, I had mixed feelings when I heard Christopher Lambert would not be playing Rayden (he was great). First off, I will say this, the acting is absolutely horrid!!! The acting in the first movie was so-so, but the acting here is simply terrible, especially the actors portraying Motaro, Sheeva, Nightwolf, and Sonya. And what happened to Jax? He went from a cool kind of guy to a token black guy who makes stupid wisecracks. Speaking of stupid wisecracks, James Remar as Rayden was a bad move, the only thing worse than his wisecracks are when he tries to be serious and philosophal about destiny. Shao Khan went from a fearsome enemy from the games to an overacting villian who ain't so fearsome, and why did Johnny Cage have to be killed in the first 8 minutes? Why oh why was this movie even made? Oh well, I just hope they don't make another Mortal kombat movie as bad as this steaming piece of garbage.
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on December 29, 2002
I enjoyed the first Mortal Kombat movie. It was corny, yes, but the martial arts action was entertaining and seeing Christopher Lambert cast as Rayden definitely was a big bonus. This movie, however, turned out to be totally ridiculous.
First of all, both Sonya and Rayden are played by different actors, both of whom can't act worth a darn. In fact, none of the acting is that good, and the plot is as paper thin and unconvincing as the acting is. There are a number of character appearances--too many, in fact. Many characters play a small, only momentary role in the movie that makes you wonder if the whole purpose of the movie was just to show all the characters in sequence and then end it. Rain, Sheeva, Mileena, many of the classic characters scarcely exist.
So, to sum up, if you like bad acting, a thin plot, horrible special effects, and even fighting that is really, really lame, then this movie might be for you. Otherwise, avoid it.
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