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on March 23, 2017
This is really the first part of Turner's epic of the American Civil War, although it was made after his famous Gettysburg. The thousands of reinactors that participated in both movies make it very realistic and exciting. Turner is true to the script and I think viewers will be impressed with the size, scope and details that this and Gettysburg have to offer. It is unfortunate that the Trilogy was never completed. The Last Full Measure which was to document the conclusion of the war is the missing piece. Do not purchase this movie without purchasing Gettysburg.
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on April 24, 2017
very nice film
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on February 22, 2016
Now I have the three movies made by this director. Great and authentic look at the Civil War.
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on August 17, 2017
It is just what I thought it would be. The picture and sound are both of good quality. TY

Allen Hinds
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on July 19, 2003
War is Hell. I agree.
But if we have to learn about it to do not repeat it, then better get informed. One of the best ways is through films like this, actually it feels more like a documentary then a "proper" film (as one tends to look at them), for that I ain't complaining, I just love it as it is.
I can understand people who will prefer watching again "Gone with the wind", the acting is more professional, the fictional novel is as good as it gets and the film is magnificent (even if I still consider it a ladies film...), but for an American Civil War Historic Film "Gods and Generals", "Gettysburg", "Glory" and "The Horse Soldiers" are probably the best.
I could not watch it in one go, but apreciated it nevertheless, it's true some of the actors look "older" then in "Gettysburg" but that's a minor point, I think "Stonewall Jackson" is fairly portrayed (quite a trick mind...) and the first part of the war too. The battle scenes are really very very good and the uniforms and "feel" is like seeing Troiani's best pictures start to move, as I have said six stars for the reenactors (the fight at Henry House Hill part, the attacks on Marye's Heights, and the flank attack at Chancellorsville are SUPERB).
I do not beleive humanity has a long memory, we all tend to be rather short tempered in a way, and the predator in us comes to the surface quite often as it is... that's why we have to overcame this tendency learning how dreadful war is, even if magnificent (You see, Lee was right as Sherman with no doubt...)
I posposed reading "The last full measure" until I saw this one, I do not know at this point if will be a good subject as the war tended to became more and more like a prelude of trench warfare, and casualties became horrific... and after all we all know how it ends don't we?...
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on February 10, 2004
Gods and Generals struck a raw nerve in the body politic. That's because when it comes to the Civil War people have already taken sides, often times without even knowing it. Most have assimilated and accepted the official, public education version of what happened as an article of faith. Abraham Lincoln is not just a man with flaws and qualities, not simply a shrewd politician and formidable leader. In this sub-conscious universe he has been elevated to the position of a deity. To question the received wisdom is to question one's very existence.
One has only to read many of the reviews in these pages to see the glib facility with which many have swallowed, hook, line and sinker the triumphalist propaganda always spread and taught by the victors - in all places at all times. It is just too discomfiting to think, even for a moment, that the American Civil War may not have been necessary. That all those lives need not have been lost. That all the destruction need not have taken place. That the horrible institution of slavery could and would have been abolished , as it was in the rest of the western hemisphere, by peaceful means.
Gods and Generals is not a perfect film. I cannot disagree with many of the artistic criticisms leveled against it. Its distinction however, arises from its soul. It is perhaps the most rigorously honest historical film in recent memory. It is truly, not superficially provocative because it forces you to re-think everything. It is the only film on the present scene to have truly earned and deserves the label, anti-war. For its fierce artistic independence and its intellectual honesty I give it five stars.
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on March 20, 2004
Gods and Generals is one of the best Civil War movies ever made. Stephen Lang's portrayal of Stonewall Jackson was on target for it's authenticity! Robert Duvall was a perfect choice as General Lee. (Thank God for that, Martin Sheen was terrible in Gettysburg).
I liked the film's opening with Mary Fahl's "Going Home" with the various state battle flags. It's a shame that "Gods and Generals" didn't come out before the half-baked "Gettysburg."
Ted Turner certainly put more of his heart into "Gods." Look for Turner's cameo appearance at the film's mid-point. I believe the film would have been better if more details would have given to events leading up to the war from both sides. That I guess would have added at least another hour of footage.
From the film, I enjoyed finally seeing overdue justice given to Stonewall Jackson. Having read extensively on Jackson's life and military campaigns, I always believed a movie about him would be great project. "Gods" brings a deeply personal sketch of Jackson's Christian character as a devoted husband, soldier, and servant of the Lord. Unfortunately, contemporary film viewers may find "Gods" difficult to identify with.
I enjoyed the film's portrayal of Lee and Jackson's strategic military planning for Chancellorsville. All of the battle sequences are first rate and historically accurate
This film is a must see for any Civic War Buffs!
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on September 2, 2003
First the good stuff: The settings, costumes and makeup are 1st class. Obviously a lot of attention was paid to getting the "environment" right. The accents and language are also spot on. If only the tempo and characters were as believable. Robert Duvall is great as Lee, a marked improvement over Sheen in "Gettysburg". Many of the actors coming back to reprise their characters lent a continuity that helped the viewer immeadiately feel at "home". Unfortuneately, the director allowed the glaring (and confusing) error of Stephan Lang switching from Gen Pickett (Gettysburg) to Gen Jackson. Lang is a fine actor and did his best to fill out his poorly written character. Jeff Daniels looked to be about 40 pounds overweight and 40 years older than the character he played in "Gettysburg". Another jolting and foolish bit of hubis that detracts from the video is the intoduction of Ted Turner (ego-man) in a frivilous cameo that contributes nothing and generally detracts from the video's flow.
The bad stuff: This video has all the dash and tempo of a dead cat. Even the battle scenes seem to drag. Many of the scenes drag on and on while the director rubs your nose in a particular point. Shoddy editing and heavy handed direction detract from an engaging and memorable story line. Suggestion: Don't buy it, rent it if you must see it.
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on June 27, 2003
I saw this movie at the Premiere in DC, and I was blown away by it. The critics saw the flaws in the film, I saw them too, but it all worked together for me. I was impressed that someone actually pulled off making an epic, and the aesthetic beauty of the film, and the genuine warmth, heart, and soul it had, something many a movie lacks these days.
Quick rundown of flaws: Some of the history is un-researched (but what can you expect from Hollywood?), especially concerning the costumes. But, despite complaints, the dialogue is correct (yep, those speeches were how they talked. Just go to your local college's library and pull out a war-time newspaper chock full of "going away speeches". Oy),a nd it would have been a shame to revert to monosylables. The script is untidy, but one must keep in mind that this film was originally cut from a 6 hour version, still Maxwell could have done much better with the screenplay. The women in the film were rather awkward and unecessary, though, unlike many, I liked the feminine touch. Some scenes seem to come out of nowhere and lead into nothing, and the movie moves quickly, jumpng over huge portions of time. The movie doesn't follow the book closely at all, choosing to make this the "Stonewall Jackson Movie", which can be an ambiguous (either negative or positive) choice, depending on the viewer. Thus, a great many of the beloved characters and scenes from the book are out.
But on top of all it's flaws, the film has charisma and heart, and does work, at least for me, despite what many of it's critics think. It doesn't feel cliched; rather, it feels fresh. The battle scenes, though lacking in gore, are extremely well choreographed and awe-inspiring. The score is amazing, and there's one song, "Going Home" which plays at the beginning, which is downright Oscar worthy. Stephen Lang brings in a true tour-de-force theatrical performance (he was, after all nominated for a Tony Award for A Few Good Men), in the legacy of many a great character actor. Mr. Lang doesn't have the most startling resemblance of Ol' Stonewall, but his sheer presence convinces you that he is. Jeff Daniels and a plethora of supporting actors deserve kudos for fine performances as well.
The film doesn't lack in poignant moments and, in it's own way, drives home the horror of war in scenes too numerous to count. Unlike many war films these days, this film is quiet. It makes you think, makes you pay attention. In many ways it reminds me of classical plays performed for the stage, or even Stanley Kubrick's Barry Lyndon (though it shares the same thoughtful, intellectual pace and graceful, natural visuals, it moves much more swiftly than dear Barry does).
This is a different film, to be sure. Don't be turned off by counting it's flaws. It has a deep, profound undercurrent that makes up for those. It can alternately wring genuine tears from or inspire it's viewers, without the use of cheap cinematic manipulation; this is a slow cooked film. This is a fine film about our national tragedy, not the best, but certainly fine, respectful, thoughtful, sorrowful, and indeed, stirring.
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on June 19, 2017
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