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on February 8, 2013
I'm very disappointed. I purchased this for my daughter and within a few weeks, it stopped connecting to wifi in our home. I returned it and received a replacement very quickly, but then within a few more weeks, the tablet stopped working. It will not reboot. I've tried resetting, I've tried contacting Le Pan support...I've looked for help on the internet...nothing. It just shows the Le Pan wave over and over until the battery dies, then when we recharge it, the same this happens over and over again. This has been going on for 2 weeks straight. We can no longer get an exchange through amazon since it's past the 30 day return window and I cannot seem to reach anyone at Le Pan. Very Disappointed - money well wasted!!
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on April 19, 2017
Oversized buttons, like homer Simpson size finger layout..All the buttons are huge..It's really nice esthetically, beautiful Bigg screen, is heavy, love the look of it. But inside..It won't even let me download stuff off Google Play even though it's connected​ to my wifi. Maybe cuz im not subscribed. But. Wth
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on December 7, 2011
I bought it for $169. Everything good for the price. But only one thing makes me returning it back. The screen keeps on freezing itself. Only reset button can get it back. Searched web for the solution. Re-installed the latest firmware. It doesn't help. Contact their support. But no further suggestion other than that. Maybe just a special case for my item. But from their support website, looks like they have this frozen screen issue.
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on June 1, 2012
I bought this device because it has some good reviews from Redflagdeals to Amazon. However, after I got it, I found it is not as good as it was described. When I firstly got it, it seemed OK. Just a bit slow, but that's acceptable. Then I found that the battery can not last more than 5 hours, maybe 4 hours max. And the battery indicator is very inaccurate. what the Fxxx. 1 month later, the power button was broken. I contacted the customer service and they agreed to fix it but I had to pay the shipping... what the Fxxx II. But I have no choice. They fixed the device after 6 weeks... shouldn't it too long? Well, I got it back anyway. But, the hold switch doesn't work. Whatever the position it is, the screen can always rotate. what the Fxxx III... I will not ship it back to the manufacturer because I don't want to pay for shipping twice. But I just want you know that the build of this device is not worth the money even though the only good point of it is its price.
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on March 19, 2013
Bought 2 of these, one for my wife, and one for myself. For 95 CAD I can live with Froyo, and I don't need dual/quad core in a tablet.
However, my unit started developing air bubbles at the edge of the screen beneath the glass, to the point were it was really annoying. Filed a painless RMA with Amazon, and received the replacement. The replacement's screen was flawless as far as air bubbles go, and had zero light bleeding at the corners (also a big problem with the first unit), however it FROZE every 20-30 minutes, making it impossible to even keep it as a photo frame. The second unit goes back for a refund this time, I'm not wasting my time with another replacement, and possibly a different set of problems.

My wife's unit is OK, has a single air bubble beneath the glass which has not increased or multiplied, and some light bleeding from the corner.It's a bit annoying, but manageable, and more importantly, it does not freeze.

So, if you get a working unit it may be worth 95CAD, but it's definitely NOT a deal, but a lottery.

UPDATE: The freezing problem has been solved on my unit by flashing the 4626 firmware (freezing still persisted after flashing), and then flashing firmware 4749 (which was the firmware installed on the unit initially) after which the freezing stopped. I won't be sending it back after all, the screen is gorgeous for reading, browsing and casual gaming while commuting.
I upped one star on the review.
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on December 18, 2012
I really like my LePan TC970 when I first got it in December of 2011 but around August of 2012 it started developing bubbles under the glass screen (no screen protector, bubbles were physically under the glass). It looked to be the screen de-bonding.

I tried calling them multiple times in August and September and was put on hold for hours without ever getting to talk to anyone. I first e-mailed them in October asking for a RMA and would only get responses 2 weeks to a month afterwards with a reply to call them.

This went on of many months until recently they e-mailed me again as ask me to call them or sign into their on-line RMA process which I did and they responded with nonsense to try reseting the tablet and re-inserting the micro-SD card.

I did that anyways and of course it did not fix the screen. My warranty is up in a few days and I still have not received any warranty return instructions and RMA number.

This device works well for when there is no problems but if you have any issues after 30 days forget about a warranty. LePan will just ignore you or e-mail you nonsense.

Amazon should not be selling this product! I have since purchased a Google Nexus 7.

1/11/13 Updated
Finally received an RMA number right after I wrote the above review. Either LePan read it and decided to act or Amazon contacted them. I sent back the defective unit at my own cost right before Christmas and a few days ago I received a brand new working unit. Overall the LePan TC970 tablet does work well for the current sell price as long as you upgrade the SD Card to a Class 10 speed and one with decent size memory (I installed a 16GB SD card into it) and use a memory boosting app to make sure that the memory is well managed. Also, the ON/OFF switch did hold up on my original unit; however I was very careful with it after reading some of the other reviews.

If Lepan had provied better customer service I would have given them 4 stars but due to there horrible service I now raise it from 1 to 2 stars. I will still use the Lepan TC970 for reading e-magazines due to is screen size however my Google Nexus 7 is much better and faster at everything else. Well worth the extra money over a small brand like LePan
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on January 1, 2012
This was a very promising product, but unfortunatelly is suffers from a few fatal flaws. The biggest flaw: built-in WiFi is utter crap. It cannot connect to a correctly set wireless N router - WPA2-PSK, with AES encryption. Remove security and it will connect right away - but come on, what Le Pan engineers were thinking? (yes, I spent considerable amount with Le Pan tech support and tweaking my router).

Other flaws:
- Froyo 2.2, does not seem to be upgradable - unstable, tends to hang frequently - so you better have a niddle or a pin since you will have to reset it quite often
- Promised 720p playback is a joke; you can get it to play, but it will drop frames making the experience unpleasant
- email client - I could not get it work with our corporate email - "not enough security"
- will not properly charge from most PCs - it reliably charges only from the provided wall adapter

However, it will be very unfair if I don't mention the good stuff:
- excellent screen. I have seen 2x more expensive tablets with much worse screen
- Netflix does work (assuming that you agree downgrade/disable the security on your router :))
- CUSTOMER SERVICE. Yes, for such a unknown company they do have a good customer service
- price (I got mine on a very good sale)
- fairly responsive

At the end, I ended up RMA-ing the tablet and ordering another brand. Le Pan, if you are listening - please think about offering to unsatisfied customers a discount on the new model (Le Pan II) so people do stay with you guys...
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on March 11, 2013
I purchased the Le Pan TC970 through amazon about a year ago, so this should serve as a long term test report.

It has a nice clear screen and works well for video up to 540. Anything higher and it tends to break up. It has been dependable on the whole with a good battery life.

Now for the bad. It has a tendency to lock up and the only out is the reset button on the back.

Now for the really bad - Le Pan support. If this product breaks or has issues, do not expect any support from Le Pan. I do Android development and have been asking for the Windows drivers for the device. I have emailed Le Pan repeatedly about this and not received any support. The tablet is actually made by a chinese company called Matsunichi Digital, and their web site is broken.

Bottom line - if you want to take the risk - go ahead. If you get a good one, you will be happy with it, but if you don't and have any issues, then you are totally out of luck
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on May 29, 2012
The tablet worked well but every 2 - 4 weeks it had fatal errors where it wouldn't work; it would power off and not turn on. It just died. Credit to the company, they replaced it twice, but I don't know if I can afford to have it work for a month only to shut down. I had a lot of work stuff on it and each time, I have to replace it.
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on February 19, 2013
problem with internet and stop working, but light stays on the whole night after recharging , but stop working. Can not put on again.
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