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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon December 17, 2007
Who would have tought that a movie based on a Dysneyland ride who be so succesfull to the point that it would get two more sequels?Not me,that`s for sure.But after seing the first movie,"The Curse Of The Black Pearl" wich came out in 2003,i was totatly into it,it had a great story,great cast of characters and plenty of humor as well.The sequel,"Dead Man`s Chest" was just as good if not better when it was released in 2006,telling the story of Davy Jones.At the conclusion of that second film,Captain Jack Sparrow was eaten by the Kraken and the remaining crew decided to search for Jack with hopes that he was still alive somewhere.Now this is where the third chapter in the "Pirate Of The Carribean" series continues with "At World`s End".

At the end of the last movie,Captain Barbossa returned and offered a ride to those who wanted to search for Jack.Now they are gone searching for Jack,but Jack has his own problems as he must fight his personnal demons in a desert as he faces clones of him.That scene was just sort of comfusing even if it had some sort of humor in it as well.The problem with "Pirates Of The Carribbean : At World`s End" is that there are so many subplots to the point where it becomes comfusing and just crazy.The Calypso story was quite interresting but it wasn`t developped enough tought we do learn a lot about her and her relation with Davy Jones.It was in fact Calypso who broke his heart and Davy,in return locked his heart in a chest,that explains some things we didn`t quite know about.

There is also Will Turner`s desire of rescuing his father,Captain Sao Feng(Chow Yun-Fat)is a new arrival in the series(he is great in his parts but his role with all the events happening is nearly forgettable),The Will-Elizabeth relationship at the conclusion of this movie will never quite be the same.There is also the nine Pirates Lord story and there is just too much for anyone,not counting the who`s with who in the movie,as it just becomes a story of betrayal and it just makes no sense anymore.Both fans of the series and those who have never seen it.The story,as nearly every third movie in a trilogy or series is complex and can be hard to understand as it explain events in the series and the second movie,while still being a movie on its own.The actors played their parts very well and there is even an appearance by famous rock star Keith Richards,guitarist of the Rolling Stones,as Jack`s father and a funny joke between Jack and him.Being a rock`n`roll fan i found that very cool!

I expected a little better but i can say that i still knew it wouldn`t be as good as the first two.The movie has too many subplots but it does end in a great way.I don`t want to spoil the movie as this one is the most revelative and it explain a lots of things and it even sets a path for more movies in the serie.If there is going to be more movies(Depp says he would like to do some more),i hope they get better than this one,but the story set with this third installement could really make great movies if they can have a good script and have the actors return to play their roles.Overral i would have to say that this movie despites some low points,turned out to be entertaining and true to the serie with lots of twists,action and special effects.Its worth watching if you have not seen it as of yet,if you have seen the other two then this one is certainly worth it.
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on August 28, 2007
I can't honestly rate the DVD and bonus features and such as it isn't out until December 4th (a date I wait for with bated breath) but I can say that this is one of most spectacular movies I've ever seen. Exciting, funny, romantic, it's got it all. As a trilogy, the entire thing works perfectly. However, the plot may be slightly confusing for someone who is not obsessed like I am. :) Anyway, there are really only two complaints: one-the multiple Jack scene is not nearly as funny as it's supposed to be, and two-this film is much more entertainig if viewed as a trilogy, because all the character arcs and the romance and such are complete. If it is viewed by itself, it loses some of that. Ideally, if you were to watch this for the first time, I would recommend renting them all and watching them close together, over a weekend for example.
Note: After this film came out, I bought the special limited edition. Don't buy it, it's not worth it. There's only one good documentary, about the Maelstrom, the "hours" bonus features are actually around 1 hour and 5 minutes, and there aren't even any commentaries...none at all! It feels very rushed. The film's great, but the extended edition isn't worth your money...perhaps one day they'll bring out a good special edition to this movie, but this one isn't it.
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The third installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise,"At Worlds End"(released May/07),returns us happily to the quality of the first with a less complicated and overdone plot than the second and with Johnny Depp finally getting back in touch with the characterization that was so beloved by all in the first movie.
The story here involves the rescue of Sparrow from Davy Jones locker.Before they can do this,with Tia Dalma's help,they have to steal the map to the Locker from Sao Feng(Chow Yun Fat)the pirate Lord of the South China Seas.After many hair raising moments they manage to do so.
In the land of the Locker Sparrow is in a one man purgatory with his ship stranded in the middle of a white desert and only many of his own imaginary selves as crew mates.When the Pearl crew arrives Jack thinks they are all illusions but soon is convinced otherwise when they sail away.Back in the real world they are jumped by Sao Feng and his gang who hand them over to Lord Beckett.Feng wants Elizabeth as he thinks she is Calypso in human form.Calypso is a goddess whom Davy Jones fell in love with and in return was"appointed" to the Dutchman to ferry souls to the other side.Their meetings could only be held once every ten years but when Calypso failed to show one time Jones turned into the Octopus like monster he regularly became.However unbeknownst to anyone Tia Dalma herself is Calypso and is awaiting her chance to be free.
During a fight between ships Feng is mortally wounded and appoints Elizabeth as his successor as pirate Lord.However Beckett and Jones are also on hand and while Jones gets Will,Beckett gets Jack.Jack agrees to out an upcoming gathering of pirate brethren in exchange for protection against Jones.Jones meanwhile tells Will it he who masterminded Calypso's binding into human form.At the pirate meeting a stalemate is reached as to whether they should go to war against the British and free Calyspo.Elizabeth breaks the jam and war is declared.During a parley with Jones and Beckett they swap Will for Sparrow.
Barbossa frees Calypso and learns from Will it was her own Jones that bound her as human.Furious she creates a giant whirlpool and the crews of the Dutchman fight against the crew of the Pearl just inside its huge rotating rim.It is a pitched battle in which during the proceedings Will and Elizabeth are somehow married by Barbossa.During the fight however Will is wounded and lay dying beside the beating heart of Jones.Anyone who kills the heart must take his place.Will does so as Jack and Elizabeth escape the Dutchman as the ship goes into the funnel of the whirlpool.Will's heart is placed inside the dead mans chest on the Pearl.The Dutchman shortly there after resurfaces and with the help of the Pearl sinks the British flagship with Beckett aboard.
Will and Elizabeth have one day together before they are forced to part until ten more years pass.Barbossa takes the Pearl thereby stranding Jack in Tortuga.Referring to the map which was taken from Feng for his direction he discovers the important middle section has been Sparrow.Jack is now headed solo to find the fabled fountain of youth.
With a much more convincing and better flowing plot "Dean Mans Chest" comes back from the doldrums which plagued its' predecessor and reclaims some of the magic which made the first one so good.The cast is as solid as ever with Bruckheimer in a better and more careful mode this time around.The plot doesn't overwhelm the viewers as it did previously and even though this is the longest of the films it flows so well it doesn't seem like it.More importantly Depp seems to,thankfully,get back in touch with the Capt.Sparrow of the first movie and the proceedings,as a result,brighten considerably.Chow Yun Fat really stands out as Feng.His characterization here almost reaches out and demands your attention,he plays it so well.And of course the love story coursing through these movies finally comes to a satisfactory conclusion,with a slight but nice twist.
Technically the movie has been transferred very well and is presented in its widescreen format.Its' only extras are a blooper reel in this one disc edition.
"At Worlds End" is a fitting end to the Pirates trilogy(there is another one in the works I understand) and is a vast improvement on its predecessor "Dead Mans Chest".Depp is back in fine form as Capt Sparrow as he reclaims that special je ne sais quoi that made his character so beloved but that he lost in the 2nd film.The supporting cast is solid as usual and Chow Yun Fat does a fantastic turn as the South China Sea pirate lord.Recommended all around.
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on June 28, 2014
Not the best of the Pirates movies- the plot was somewhat weak and it definitely had a last-movie-of-a-series flavour, wrapping up loose ends and culminating in a massive showdown. Farfetched is something of a trademark for the Pirates movies, and this was no exception. If I had to recommend a Pirates movie, it would not be this one- I enjoyed the first two much more. The theme is darker than the other movies and it is lacking much of the comic relief of the second.

However, the soundtrack by Hans Zimmer was lush and incredible as usual (and the movie merits watching just for the music). Capt. Jack Sparrow was everything a Sparrow fan could want. Excellent acting from Geoffrey Rush and Johnny Depp. The heartrending (pun intended) finale was very well done. This is a movie that I will watch again.
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on February 19, 2009
This film is the third in the trilogy and it is definitely the darkest of the three and geared to adult audiences as it is darker and with humor that children will not get. I feel that their are adult situations that younger children should not be exposed to. Overall this movie was an excellent movie for teen to adult and a franchise for Disney as it can be continued endlessly as the history of pirates is robust and colorful with many interesting characters.
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on January 7, 2008
Pirates of the Caribbean 3- At World's End is an amazing film. It's the best of the series. Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley and Geoffery Rush lead the star-studded cast. The only flaws in the film is Elizabeth becoming the Pirate King and captain of a ship. Pirates are supposed to men- not women. I can understand that Elizabeth is Orlando's bloom love interest in the movie- but that's as far as it should go. The multiple Jack Sparrows in the desert was too much Depp. I didn't need to see multiple Depps. Overall, it was an amzing film- but it could have cut the Davey Jones locker scene to eliminate the multiple Sparrows.

Amazing film- but stupid in places.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon January 5, 2008
It is time for the East India Trading Company, vigorously trying to stamp out piracy. The nine pirate leaders must unite or disappear. Unfortunately one pirate leader Captain Sparrow, dead and gone, must be retrieved from Davy Jones' Locker.

A positive character that had a lot of potential is Naomie Harris as Calypso, the sea goddess. She get a big buildup and just as she is about to strike she becomes crabby.

This film has too many plots and sub plots. Too many characters and too many sub characters. Too much graphics and too many Johnny Depp's.

Why can't we get on with the story?
And if this is a trilogy then why all the loose ends that never get tied?
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on March 24, 2008
I thought the movie was a good ending for the trilogy. It was entertaining and of course the cast is great, i mean who doesn't love Johnny Depp?! There was a lot of more action scenes and they were very good. It also had a strong emotional ending and it was all really well done in my opinion. A great adventure!
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on February 12, 2012
This is a great series of movies and I was glad to be able to complete this saga. The acting to the characters was of the par with past movies and up to the expected caliber. Hopefully the established level of entertainment value will continue with the newer series.
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on July 10, 2015
Shipped fast! Perfect Hi-Def. I won't post a full review of the movie, as that would be very subjective. Suffice it to say that it is a well-written Disney summer blockbuster. Probably the weakest story of the 4, but still fun.
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