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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on October 14, 2012
I cannot characterize this as one of Statham's best. It was an OK movie.
Statham is an elite assassin. After considerable thought he accepts a hit he executes on his own best friend and mentor. Somehow this seems more compassionate than having the mentor killed by someone else in a more barbaric fashion. Then sometime later - he takes on the mentor's son - as his mentee.

There are some nice twists, and exciting scenes. However, there are many parts that just come across as too fabricated (guards hearing a single bolt fall on the other side of a wall, and immediately concluding that an assassination took place rather than a much more likley O.D.).

The film could have used a bit more character development. The Mentor's son seems very 2D - with psychological problems. Strange for a shoot-em up action film... but it would have helped.

A mediocre effort. Some good action, and suspense.
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on October 20, 2011
Great Statham movie. There's a lots of turns and twists you don't expect all along even until the very ending of the movie. Great entertainment!
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I have to say from the start that I'm not a great Jason Statham fan but that doesn't mean to say that I haven't largely enjoyed the surprising number of films in which I've seen him. Much like Arnie & Brucie, what he does, he does well and it is refreshing that he does the majority of the stunts and fight scenes without a body double. Mind you, that would be difficult; he has an annoyingly excellent bod for a 44 year old bloke (although, no doubt, he spends a lot of time keeping that way).

This film is not startlingly original, thought provoking, subtle or complex. The linear plot and inevitable sub-plot are shallow & obvious and the script is corny but that doesn't stop this being a really good brain-out action movie. There's stuff happening all of the time, Ben Foster is perfectly cast as the whiney looser side-kick, things are going bang all over the place and the body-count keeps mounting. Your intellectual subconscious keeps telling you that you shouldn't be enjoying this but you just can't help yourself; it's just great fun.
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on March 30, 2016
Jason Stratham plays a stone cold hit man. The opening scene had me sold with an unusual assassination, although I don't know why a millionaire would keep his indoor swimming pool water so dark, someone could hide on the bottom. Jason has two friends in the world. One is a prostitute who he pays to be his friend (sex, nudity). And the other is the Donald Sutherland who gives him his assignments. His next assignment is to kill Donald Sutherland, which he does. Against anyone's best judgment, he then takes on Donald Sutherland's loose cannon son as an apprentice.

The movie moves along as separate unconnected killing scenes, then comes together at the end with the expected twist and results. It also had a "Bourne" telephone scene, which is something I always enjoy.

Good action flick. It never drags. Soundtrack was okay, but really needed to be kicked up a notch. The movie doesn't build any background or character, which is why it moves. Better than any film which starred Steven Seagal.
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on May 17, 2014
Great movie! Specially for Jason Statham. Lots of action and some ups and downs. Great scenes and some not so good.
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on December 30, 2012
This movie is made in the same vein as the Transporter series but with a bit more complex plot. But, typically, with all the action shots we have come to expect from Jason Statham. He never disappoints.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon July 13, 2016
Jason Statham does great action movies you can't go wrong with his stuff If you need a few "guys" movies on your wall Jason is the man
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on August 22, 2013
just love jason
love the action plus hes one of my favourites ha ve a few of his flicks justb waiting for some new releases
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on February 4, 2013
This movie hits the road and keeps going. Good twists and turns, and Jason Statham is very easy on the eye.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon January 20, 2013
The Mechanic(released Jan/11)is a remake of the original starring Charles Bronson.This time around we have Jason Stathamin the lead role as Aurthur Bishop,Ben Foster as Steve McKenna,Tony Goldwyn as Dean Sanderson,Donald Sutherland as Harry McKenna and others.Statham who has made a quite successful career out of being buffed and playing overly intense characters,is in true form here as The hitman everyone likes to hire but with a twist.Before I get into the film story,let me start by saying that the plot synopsis on the back cover on this DVD has it surprisingly wrong.I have never seen one this off where the main plot point is concerned.It says that Statham's mentor gets murdered and that Statham makes it his business to track down the killer.....riiight.Let us see what really happens.
Statham is a hit man for hire.He returns home after a job and meets up with his long time friend and mentor Sutherland.the two enjoy an amiable conversation and part.A new assignment comes up posted by Sutherland's partner Goldwyyn,whom he has a meeting with.It seems his mentor is the new hit,which doesn't sit well with Statham.Goldwyn says that he lost five good men in South Africa because Sutherland leaked the assignment.So now Statham has agreed to take his mentor out.
Statham gets Sutherland out of his office on a ruse,and caps him in an underground parking lot with Sutherland's own gun.Statham looks up Sutherland's only son,McKenna.His father has left him squat and he is at wits end as to what his next move will be.Statham decides to let him in on his assassins life and ways.He assists McKenna in a couple of a take downs.The last one involving a religious leader goes awry and Statham thinks their best bet is to fly away separately.At the airport Statham spots one of the so called dead men from the "botched" South African job.He follows and confronts the man,who admits that Goldwyn hired him to assassinate his partners and that he knows that Sutherland's death by Statham's hands was also a set up Goldwyn.Statham takes the man out and then heads out to kill Goldwyn with McKenna's help.After it's over McKenna spots his father's gun in Stathams things and realizes who it was who murdered him.At a gas station McKenna manages to blow up the vehicle he thinks Statham is sitting in.However,one doesn't kill Statham that easily and he indeed saw it coming and managed to slip out of the vehicle before it exploded.McKenna returns to Statham's digs and turns on his turntable,which Statham always told him to never touch.He Then goes out into Statham's garage and steals his prize XKE.Mckenna is barely away from Statham's home when he spots a folded piece of paper on the passengers seat.It says if he's reading this he's already dead.In a moment the rigged car explodes killing McKenna and a switch behind the turntable also detonates Statham's house.Statham is seen getting into a truck he had setup near the gas station,and then leaving.
The plot gets to a little meandering about half way through,mostly involving his tutoring of McKenna,but it manages to get back on track in the end.Statham is again at his intense best in this film as a man with a mission.Sutherland has a short role in this one but it is a memorable one.The film has alot of heavy hitting action that will please fans of this genre of film.Watch for New Orleans singer extraordinaire Linnzi Zaorski,who sings "Better off Dead",in a scene where Statham goes into a bar.
Technically speaking the film is in its w/s a/r of 2:35:1 and is clear and crisp.Extras include deleted scene,commentary and a featurette.
All in all a nice action mover courtesy of Jason Statham,who has made a very successful career,so far,playing the intense and buffed characters he has become famous for over the past few years.It's a plot with a bit of a nice twist and lots of action.Recommended.
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