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on May 11, 2017
It S a good movie plays good arrived in time or before
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on July 3, 2015
It was awesome
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on May 22, 2004
I don't think I'll ever ever ever
get sick of this movie!Sure, it's not
deep, and 14 year-old Katherine Heigl
isn't much of an actress(although she's gorgeous like hell).But Gerard Depardieu works
!The slapstick,sweet and silly but totally irresistable story (adolescent girl is on vacation with her father, and all is well until a slight misunderstanding gets the whole island to believe that Gerard Depardieu is Heigl's lover), works!
All the supporting roles and sidekicks work!
The humor is there, and it gets me laughing
everytime!Not a single moment drags, and I can't think of a better fluffy, feel-good, weekend flick!
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on May 12, 2008
I was only a little girl when they were filming this movie and I remember being onset on many occassions as I lived in the Bahamas where they were shooting it. It was great to see the actors up close and watch this specatular movie unfold before me. (Not to mention my father was in it. XD) A must, beautiful beaches, great acting, funny story line. A must to own.
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on January 31, 2003
Model/actress Katherine Heigl's first feature film- age 16. She has played in several since, including Bride Of Chucky and Valentine- most recent. Heigl is married to Blossom and Gimme A Break star/part-time singer Joey Lawrence. Heigl's character in this movie is as a teen going through her parents divorce as she goes off to live with her father, Gerard Depardieu, in paradise islands. Her father sees she is growing up and coming into a woman. Adventures begin when Heigl tells lies about the situation with her and her father. The people of the islands gets wind of Heigl's lies, one in particular that her father isn't really her father but her lover. From then on, the locals of the island snoop and spy at the two all of the time- father doesn't find out what her daughter says for a while and when he does, he plays along at the daughter's urge. Makes for a funny, off-the-wall comedy. Depardieu makes the plot work well with his comic expertise.
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on October 6, 2000
I'm a real Gérard Depardieu fan and I enjoyed this movie a lot.
To be cursed with a beautiful daughter, and all the wonderful things that can happen as you have to let her go and grow... well, it's tough. I've got three daughters and man, is it ever a difficult thing.
There's real love and affection in here, even though the daughter attempts to reject all that her father has to offer... eventually there is a meeting of minds, even though there's plenty of misperceptions and 'stories' that get told by the daughter...
"He's my lover", not my dad is where this gets to be hysterical... and to hear Gérard Depardieu sing that old show tune about loving little girls... well, it's hysterical.
His overreactions, her fabrications, the warmth and love amidst the utter humor of it all.
A whole family movie or better yet, a date movie.
Worth watching repeatedly. Well worth buying.
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on May 29, 2003
My Father The Hero is a light comedy that has a few laughs and nothing more. The entire plot is rather corny and over done a bit, but it's stomach able.
Gerard Depardieu is hysterically funny as the father who has no idea what is going on. He is trying to protect his 14 year old daughter from "growing up", but what he doesn't know is that she already is (appearances anyway). He has a real comic sense and vulnerability.
The young girl becomes extremely annoying as the movie progresses, which is probably what turned me off a little bit. Steve Minor, the director, did a good job of creating a fun atmosphere though.
My Father The Hero is in no way a great movie, but it is okay for casual viewing and a couple of belly laughs. 3 Stars
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on March 7, 1999
Everyone has a father, some they like, some they don't appreciate,like the 14 year old teen in the movie. A basic story of a girl who does not want to spend the time with her father in an exotic vacation area, where anyone would be grateful. She becomes grateful as she falls in love, but at the same time, she claims to be her father's woman to impress people, only to get him embarassed. The father and girl soon realize each other for who they are, and help each other out on this funny, exotic, wacky, vacation. So spend your money on this movie, the best vacation you will see on your bigscreen!
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on December 26, 2001
This is the best movie ever! When I first saw it I was only eight years old. But it has come to be one of my all time favorites. Being from a small town, I've noticed that very few people have even HEARD of this movie, which is why I believe its necessary to share this review with everyone. I am 15 now and can personalize with many of the things Nikki goes through in the movie. I can not even begin to say enough great things about it. It is most definitely a must see!
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on July 21, 2003
I remember watching this movie when it first came out on movie channels. I'm a young 21 years old, so I was a fairly young girl at the time. Ever since then, I've fallen in love with this movie. I'm glad it finally came out on DVD because my VHS tape was starting to get all fuzzy. I'm curious as to which trasnlation they have at the end of the movie when he is speaking french to everyone. There are 2 versions, one is funnier.
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