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4.0 out of 5 stars
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - PlayStation 3 - Standard Edition
Platform for Display: PlayStation 3|Edition: Standard|Change
Price:$14.90+ $4.99 shipping

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on January 24, 2017
Pay this game on pc aswell as all other games. Consoles are garbage.
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on October 1, 2014
I don't know if this game is broken, if it has bugs, if it crashes, which it probably does from all the other reviews I have read. But the most important issue with this highly overrated game is that it is a pure and genuine bore. I played a few games in my time, and this piece of work is so bad I couldn't continue playing within a few hours and just took it back to the store and got rid of it. Folks, I am writing this to save you the time and money, and wish you could just try and play this thing before making a purchase to make your own decision. Right off the bat, the fighting controls that I expect from first person control games is just not here. You end up flailing your sword into thin air hoping it will make contact with an enemy, which it almost never does for some strange reason. The crossbow or bow would not aim or shoot properly, you end up running for your life with all these villagers chasing you, until they catch up and just beat you to death. You cannot escape or put up some meaningful fight. You don't get to fight any dragons or any monsters because the villagers finish you off before you even start playing. The graphics are really old school stuff, a time when programming was in its infancy, green, gray, blurry, depressing, just like the gameplay. I guess some people may enjoy this type of stuff, brings them back to those Atari times - hey an Atari game is more fun than this thing. For me, I need a little more entertainment for my hard earned cash. I'm just grateful my experience with Skyrim is over and that I fought hard to get my money back, which I did. And yes, the game did freeze on me twice at the very beginning, the reason I used to get a refund, but not the real reason I got rid of it. Good luck.
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on January 28, 2017
It's the worst thing ever it did not work at all i paid money for nothing
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on February 10, 2012
I waited until I played close to 100 hours before writing a review on this game. For what is worth, I played the vanilla version (I did not get any of the patches or obtained latest PS3 firmware update). My experience has been similar to those who have installed all patches so far. The game does not deserve more than 1 star for the following reasons:

1. During my game play I experienced 5 crashes (3 hard ones - had to turn off/reboot my system and 2 soft ones - was able to get to XMB menu). The last crash was a hard one and for a moment I thought it fried (YLOD) my console. On Bethesda's forum some players have reported that indeed their PS3 console did fry while playing this game. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. This on its own would have made the game a 1/5, but read on.

2. Lagging has been more of a nuisance. While I only play 3-4 hours at a time several days a week, the lagging was noticeable. I reduced it by turning off all auto saves and resting in-game often.

3. To the 100 hours of game play, and another, say 15 hours or so, of looking at loading screens. Because I shut off the auto save (to improve game performance), I am forced to save every 10-15 minutes of game play (takes close to 1 minute when it saves). You will look at loading screens for some time when fast traveling to locations, entering cities, entering houses, entering caves ... well you get the idea.

4. Broken quests: I have been unable to complete some quests, as the game does not acknowledge when I have all required tasks. In other cases, after completing the quest, the quest still remains in the menu as not finished.

5. BORING QUESTS: maybe I'm missing something, but I found a number of quests to be boring - they felt like a chore: go get this helmet from cave X, go gather the ingredients required to make Y; go kill this person/dragon/monster at location Z, force the different factions to come to a mutual agreement, etc.

6. No noticeable point to playing a good character or on any hard levels. Your actions don't appear to have any negative aspect on you (like Fallout 3 or Red Dead Redemption did). Whether you steal, kill innocent people, or whatever, as long as you are not killing a NPC, game doesn't care. Furthermore, given the bugs listed above, it makes little sense to play on any other level save the easiest.

7. I didn't bother getting companions, a horse, or learning magic. From reading other players' complaints, it seems when you fast travel to certain locations companions don't always teleport and many issues have been reported about using magic.

8. Graphics are not great, acceptable at best. Some areas reminded me of the early versions of Doom (remember that game?) where the walls were these tiny colored squares - yup, they're in Skyrim too!

The things I did like about Skyrim? It has a great music soundtrack, it has the ability to create an amazing atmosphere and being able to customize your character was a nice touch too.

Conclusion: Others have reported fewer issues on the XBOX360 and the PC versions. Yet again PS3 owners get the cold shoulder. Worse, there's a chance the game may fry your system. Not impressed at all. Feel free to disagree, but for all the great things Skyrim has to offer (and which would have made it a perfect game), they pale in comparison to the bugs, glitches, broken quests, game-breaking freezes and frustration encountered. 1/5 stars.
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on December 6, 2011
Here's the deal: The game is broken. Once the player's save file exceeds 6 Mb the game will start to lag horribly.

After 8 Mb it starts to crash the PS3 every hour or so. Its gotten so bad on my system that I've stopped playing out of sheer frustration. Worst of all it doesn't look like the problem can be fixed with simple patches.
Check out the forums for the full story.



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on November 23, 2011
*REVISED EDIT* Patch 1.03 will not fix the game, it has just been announced. The 1.04 patch won't be out until 2012. Read this article from IGN [...] for more input if you don't believe me. Buy on any other system.

*EDIT* Patch 1.02 is even more broken than Patch 1.01, and Patch 1.03 is due out the week of December 5th. 3 patches in less than a month. There are innumerable articles on the internet (search "news" in google on PS3 Lag Bug Skryim if you're doubting me) or visit the technical help boards at Bethesda for more info. Officially, the US is giving full refunds even for opened versions of this game. I agree it plays wonderfully when you're only 7 hours in as the above reviewer is, but it breaks down. Maybe patch 1.03 will fix it, or patch 1.04?

If you haven't already noticed, the game breaks on the PS3 after about 20 hours of playtime (which on a game like this is roughly 20% of the way in). There is a patch in the works that will HOPEFULLY fix the problem but Bethesda's track record for previous PS3 games with similar issues (Fallout 3 and NV and Oblivion) seems to indicate that it will not be fixed.

If you want this game, buy it for Xbox 360 or the PC or at least wait until the patch is in and confirmed to fix the issue.

My own experience after 20 hours in was that the lag got so bad NPCs wouldn't let me do their quests, guards would run up to arrest me but be unable to interact with me so just grunt and walk away, and yes, it was unplayable.

Shame on Bethesda as this seemingly affects all units of the PS3 version once far enough in, and has been confirmed all over the net. If the patch works, I'll re-adjust my review to the proper level (which is 4 star at least, since the game would be fantastic if not broken).
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