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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on December 16, 2011
Well, I have played 130 hours so far, still 1 character, I have not progressed even 1/3 way through the main storyline and there is still a HUGE amount of side aspects to explore. I am saying this game is the ABSOLUTE greatest RPG game ever made..but some issues:

The lag does get so bad that it slows things to a crawls sometimes.
It crashes on far 12 crashes (and I do think this is affecting my PS3 console since it now crashes on other games where it did not before)

The fun is endless, the quests and awards are unlimited...but to fix the above issues this is what you do:
(I have tested this over the last 23 hours of playing with a 100% success this does work)

Go into the settings, and un-check the auto-save features (3). You will need to start saving on your own more often of course, I even went back and checked the save on rest without any great, not only does it no longer crash at all...but the lag is ALL GONE...when I enter rooms or change environments (the usual loading points), it takes between 3-8 seconds only instead of 1 minute each going store to store is a breeze.

My save game is 14mb, so very can lower this by waiting for a total of 30 days (in a row), this will clear the entire game of dead corpses and re-spawn enemies that should be re-spawned. This will significantly lower the save size but I have not needed to do this since I no longer have any issues...

We'll see what future patches will resolve, and yes there are issues (quests being unable to be completed, quest items not leaving your inventory etc...but these are all superficial).

Hope this helps :-)

UPDATE Jan 6 2012
- Now have played over 200 hours, had 3 crashes only since I applied my tricks, still better than crashing every time I play. You get used to saving on your own, and this overall makes the game play much faster as well
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon May 21, 2014
Skyrim is the fifth installment in the popular Elder Scrolls series which has rocketted to huge popularity in the last few years thanks to Skyrim. This review will cover my experiences playing the PS3 version of the game only as it currently stands, and will not include impressions from the PC version or XBOX 360 version beyond comparison.


Defeated by the Aldmeri Dominion of High Elves, the Empire is forced to sign the White Gold Concordant, stripping away religious freedom to worship Talos: one of the nine divines in the series. This causes a civil war in Skyrim, half of which wishes to secede from the Empire. However, Dragons are also thrown into the mix as an Ancient world destroying Evil is awoken, and it's up to the main character to end it all.

As is to be expected in any Bethesda Game, the story telling is weak. It's clear that effort was put into other aspects, but not delivering a good story. But Skyrim isn't a game you'd play for the story telling either. There's no character development, no attempt to cause emotional entanglements: it's a story about going here, doing that, killing that, and saving the world. NPC's serve no other purpose than to tell you WHY things are happening, and give you your next quest marker.. not actually play meaningful roles as characters. It's rather disappointing to see Bethesda once again take this approach with their story telling.

(In contrast, the story-telling in the DLC Dawnguard is exactly what should have been done in the rest of the game. Serana has depth, personality, and a story that actually makes you care about what's happening)


Skyrim is an RPG, much like the other Elder Scrolls games. There's not much new to be had here in terms of experiences: it's very much the same as Oblivion, only vastly improved. Armor repair and weapon maintenance has been removed. Perks have been added, with their own skill trees to work on so you can customize your characters abilities. No longer are you restricted to a certain class-type in order to ensure level ups.

Much more was adding for roleplaying value. You can tamper with ledgers, chop lumber, get married, hunting and cooking (the cooking could have been more expansive) mining. You can really sink into a role here. There's a lot of quests to perform - more than was ever in Oblivion. Crafting armour and Enchanting are unfortunately mandatory skills; you need them and there's really no way around it if you want good gear.

The combat is much the same. It hasn't been improved drastically, it's still mashing one button without any strategy involved, really, but still manages to be satisfying. The animations have been considerably improved over previous games and this lends to the experience. Dragons swoop down on you randomly and try to kill you, and victory over them gives you access to some of the best crafting materials in the game (that you can't use until level 100 crafting unfortunately, which defeats the purpose of getting them early!).

Unfortunately, the Final Boss of the game is a Dragon. A dragon with a different skin, approached with the same whack-whack mentality of the rest of the game. (Dawnguard, the Vampire DLC for the game features a boss that uses a shield and heals; requiring you to use a bow to repeatedly break the shield, then fight him, he summons skeletons...Why wasn't the Final Boss more like this?)

Audio & Graphics & Performance

Now this is the section that hurts.

The audio department in Skyrim is vastly improved over previous installments. Swords no longer hurt to listen to as they clash against enemy armour. The sound is varied for strikes. Voice acting is well done in comparison to the previous games, and actually not horrible as a whole, either. The characters still lack emotion/interest in their roles when speaking, and it's rather obvious. Still the voice acting isn't bad, and the lack of these things doesn't detract from the experience as a whole. The music is no longer lazily done.

Graphics....The PS3 can't deliver the same graphical prowess as a PC can. Skyrim still manages to look good, but the performance suffers greatly. Unlike the PC and the Xbox 360 version, it quickly becomes obvious this is a shoddy, shoddy port. If the fact PS3 users didn't have to wait months and months after everyone else was playing the DLC before they could even get it is an indication. Where do I even begin here?

The framerate often drops below ten. Within two hours of playing the game, I crashed five times. I got a fifteen minute loading screen after a death (I'm not even kidding). I crashed when I started the game for the first time and got to the character creation menu. I crashed when I got out of Helgan. I crashed when I got to river wood. The textures were constantly glitching on objects: enchanting table was shining a bright blue, purple trees, purple dragons, textureless dragons. What the hell?

I have seriously never played a game this glitchy before. I have never, ever started a game before and have had it immediately crash. I was tiptoeing through the game praying it wouldn't crash.


I love Skyrim. Anyone who glanced at my Steam profile would know that immediately. With more than 350 hours sunk into the game since its release, Skyrim managed to capture me the same way Oblivion did, but without the need of a thousand mods to make the experience bearable. The PS3 version, unfortunately, is a shoddy, shoddy port. A freak accident that Bethesda should be ashamed of. The Xbox 360 and the PC versions run smooth in comparison, with some obvious performance issues, but why the PS3 version is so much worse than the 360 mystifies me. Completely unacceptable condition to release a game in. Even with all the patches out, it's still a very, very buggy game. I can't recommend the PS3 version unless there is absolutely no other option available to you.
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on April 12, 2012
I made sure to download the latest patch before playing Skyrim (1.4 at the time), so that was probably crucial to my enjoyment of the game, because there were significant performance and gameplay issues reported on launch for PS3. Even then, I still encountered an issue that prevented me from completing the Civil War quest line, so that was a bit of a disappointment.

Nevertheless, I spent countless hours completing other quests and simply exploring the incredibly interesting and open game world. Fighting dragons and hunting down dragon words in dungeons was tons of fun as well. Another key element to my enjoyment was the pronounced gradual increase of my character's strength. I remember being terrified in the beginning of accidentally walking in on a snow troll in the mountains, because he would take me out in two hits. Now I can snipe him with a single arrow from afar like a boss.

In addition, the fact that Skyrim's world was heavily influenced by Scandinavian culture was highly enjoyable for me, because I simply love Scandinavia. Names like Sovngarde, Skjor, and Jorrvaskr may sound weird to some, but I absolutely loved that aspect of the game. You might feel a bit lost because of the unfamiliar names at first, but the key is to realize that these names aren't just some weird choices on the developers' part, they are actually rooted in the Nordic languages.

In conclusion, be sure to download the latest patch before playing or you might have a bad time. As outrageous and unacceptable as this might sound, the places where Skyrim shines really do allow you to overlook even some major quest-breaking bugs. There is simply too much interesting stuff to do to be upset over any single one thing. Be careful though, unless you have much free time on your hands, don't even start playing or you will ruin your real life. :)
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on December 30, 2013
I was blown away playing Skyrim. I have never played this type of game before other than Diablo.. but normally its not my thing.

I havent owned it for that long.. but I have banked a lot of hours of gameplay.

I do have to say being new, I did have to go to the internet for a few things to help. One of those being choosing my character and a few walkthroughs.

The map is very impressive and fun to travel around. The quests are unreal.. a lot of side quests and quite a few main.

The main point of Skyrim.. to my understanding of playing is to take down a certain dragons that's resurrecting the other ones. You alone, being the 'dragonborn' have the power to stop it, but of course first off you need to learn of your power which you only receive after you kill your first dragon in a quest.

Overall, I would recommend this game.. I already have.
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on October 18, 2012
Great game. Many and many hours of fun and quests to complete. Many ways to customize your character and many areas/dungeons to explore. The music is decent and very entertaining. The lag issue is no longer present if you turn all the auto-save features off and learn to save on your own more often. Yes, there is bugs and some quests can't be completed yet but that comes with almost every great game that Bethesda released. This game is so great that you also have to play it with a grain of salt because you will easily become addicted to it and everything else in your life will cease to exist. So enjoy it but play with care!
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on April 15, 2012
The whole game is just awesome and very addictive with hours of quests and lots of content, too much to list it all.
My favourite side activity is smiting. You can craft you own weapons and armour and enchant them with special powers.

The graphics are great but not as good as on the PC version and the 3D map is a little bit hard to read.
The only other downsides are loading times between instances (inside areas) and the outside and the soundtrack seems a little bit over used. Some of the tracks where used in the past two games.

But even with these downsides I'd give the game a 10 out of 10.
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on June 27, 2014
Received the game quickly from Dead Beat within a week. I love the game play for this game if ya like the dungeons and dragons type. Tips playing, free up memory as the game will freeze if you do not so if game seems in good shape, don't blame the game, you can save anytime so do this lots aka anytime you get a chance as autosave is not always on your side, you can fast travel, get married yes I said get married:), also speed up time by pushing select and choosing the amount of time you wish to pass by in case a shop is closed to sell items, again this game is worth playing two thumbs up.
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on February 23, 2016
Fantastic game that will take an insane amount of time to completed. There are so many main quests and side quests that you will always have something to keep you busy.

Be prepared to spend sittings of hours at a time. Once you start, it's hard to stop. Plus some quests can take 30-60 mins to complete.
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on January 26, 2013
This would be the perfect game is it weren't for the bugs. Fortunately you get used to them after a while. The game itself is as entertaining as any game I've ever played, and with a lot more customization options for your character (both pre and during the game). This could almost be called Sim-Skyrim.
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on December 29, 2013
There are so many different things that you can do in this game. Takes soooooooooo much time to try and beat this game and once you think your done BAM theres more to do. Absolutely loved this game and still havent beaten it. Only thing that sucks is the loading times. Its a huge game so that is expected
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