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on May 17, 2011
If you are looking for an exciting anime series that involves a zombie apocalypse then look no further than High School of the Dead.
The storyline follows several high school students & their struggles to survive as an unusual plague, that transforms innocent humans into homicidal cannibals, brings widespread destruction to a populace within a city in Japan & later becomes worldwide. The main protagonist is a male high school delinquent name Komuro, Takashi whom along with his fellow companions & the school nurse survive the initial outbreak of the zombie pandemic & attempt to escape their school to flee for safety. However, with the risk of the zombie pandemic infecting them as well, they must abandon their code of morality & either bypass the many hordes of zombies unnoticed or go on a carnage (massacre) campaign & murder everyone, zombie or not, whom opposes their desire to remain human. One feature of this anime series is that it attempts to reduce the anxiety brought on by the entire bloodshed & societal destruction with the use of fan service & lots of it! Short seifuku shirts, revealing lingerie & cleavage, some nudity, & well endowed female characters!
The plot is well integrated & paces the storyline perfectly by ensuring that balance is maintained between scenes of gruesome carnage to comedic perversion & epic fighting or killing scenes.
The voice acting portrays the characters emotions & attitudes perfectly with very little signs of lethargic expressions. Dialogue is very tense & urgent due to the zombie emergency but still retains some compassionate & deep remorseful feelings. Very well developed anime series that mixes a apocalypse of zombies with fan service & perversion.
I recommend this anime series.
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on May 23, 2011
High School Of The Dead is one of those anime series that you show to a friend who has never seen anime and a month later you see the series in their movie collection.

There series follows high school students during a zombie apocalypse / viral outbreak, however you want to look at it flesh eating zombies are everywhere. Takashi is the tough guy of the high school but is good friends with many students. He takes charge during this crisis and helps save his friends Rei Miyamoto, Saeko Busujima, Saya Takagi, Kohta Hirano and Shizuka Marikawa; the high school's nurse. As their journey continues they will meet many different people good and bad, and it will test the level of peoples morality and sanity.

I really enjoyed this series. The animation is fantastic, it`s got a lot of Japanese school girl fan service but it`s the action it does not let up and the character development is fantastic you really get to know these characters and watch them change in crisis. The pacing of the series is very well done.

I can`t say enough about how good high school of the dead really is. If you like Zombies don`t miss this series. My only issue is the pricing is very high for a 12 episode series, but it`s still one of the best series of 2010. Highly Recommended.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon January 9, 2012
I actually borrowed this DVD series from a friend (though will now be pursuing my own BluRay!) because he knows I am a Zombie fan.

I do also like anime, but admit I am a novice when it comes to the finer points of Japanese animation.

ANY zombie fan should endeavour to make this part of your collection, period. It is the quintessential, Romero style, survival struggle zombie film. Unknown cause, worldwide calamity, limited science or knowledge by the "players".

It follows the formula: what the heck is happening; what do we do about it; HOW do we do that; where can we go; who can be trusted; will we survive; what's next?
And it's done very well.

There are the occassional plot gaps, but they are easy to overlook. I liked that this did not throw in the Hollywood requirement of "we must know what happened while we struggle to survive". There are no explanations, there aren't even any suggestions. There is a theory or two briefly pondered, but it is never made a key point, nor should it. Survivors will always wonder what happened, but they will focus on how to stay alive. I like the mystery that they are just dealing, and not trying to become Nobel researchers. Hollywood always feels they need to establish the disaster, then have the players cope. If (when?) there ever were a sudden biological pandemic, most people would not know what happened or how. They'd just be worrying about staying alive.

This is only 12 episodes, and unfortunately while it "wraps up" the primary story line (mostly), I can't help but feel there should have been more, as though a second season might be planned. I have not read the graphic novels (again, I am an anime novice, if I should be saying "manga", I apologise to the purists) but understand the story is still evolving and certainly already carries on past these episodes. It's possible we'll see another season once the printed story progresses. I hope so!

In terms of the anime, while I have seen some series and movies, I can't truly compare to the finer points of the art. The animation itself is well done and crisp enough on DVD. The seemingly typical well endowed fems frequently display the required (yet comical) "jiggle" and upskirt sequences. I did not mind this, but I can see that some would. Consider it a Mature rating indeed.

Another reviewer made a point about the end credits and I must emphasize it as well: I have NEVER seen any series that rolls credits at a seemingly sensible end point, only to continue the story for another minute or two afterwards. This is then followed by a preview of next episode and then english credits. This can be be confusing to those that hit the MENU button to get to the next episode as soon as they see credits start.

In this case, at least the chapter breaks can help you here - use your skip ahead chapter button and you will arrive at the additional footage perfectly. You may then watch or skip past the next episode preview the same way to arrive at the english credits.

I really enjoyed this for it's well played out zombie theme, but I also really enjoyed the anime presentation. As with any zombie film (I treat this as a long film), there must be some suspension of disbelief. The characters have to find guns (and be able to use them remarkably well), they have to have a better chance of survival than the other fodder, and they must have the odds on their side almost at every turn.

And I am very pleased with the result. Highschool of the Dead now ranks in my personal top 10 zombie picks, I hope it will rate highly for you as well.
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on August 23, 2012
At first glance, Highschool of the Dead might look like another run-of-the-mill soft porn dumbed downed enough for underaged viewers, but it's actually a well-thought out horror masterpiece that'll keep you hooked until the last episode.

As you probably know by now, another ordinary day at Fujimi Highschool turns into a hellish nightmare (literally) when people suddenly start dying and coming back to life as flesh-eating zombies, known as "them". It isn't long before slacker Takashi Komuro and his ex-girfriend Rei Miyamoto, along with other students and the nurse are forced to band together to survive. These include, Saya Takagi, the rich brainy girl, Saeko Busujima, the sadistic tomboy and president of the kendo club, Kohta Hirano, the portly gun expert and last and certainly not least, Shizuka Marikawa, the school's well-endowed nurse.

I strongly suggest you read the manga so that you appreciate what the anime has that it doesn't and what it lacks. The violence and vulgarity has been tonned downed considerably in place of making it sexier (I think the girls' breasts are bigger here than the manga), but that's about it. Aside from more mammary glands and less blood and gore, it's an exact emulation from the pages of Daisuke Sato's manga masterpiece. It's an absolute must for fans of horror. And if you're a true otaku, try watching it in its native Japanese language with the english subtitles. So don't keep us waiting Madhouse. Get started on the second season real soon!
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on January 1, 2016
The "complete collection" is season one only, 12 episodes. A classical zombie outbreak of unknown origin affects the whole world. A group of well endowed jiggly short-skirt high school students with foul mouths survive. They decide to go visit the homes of everyone in the group to check on loved ones. There is a minor subplot involving the US and authorities that is not as developed as the girls.

This is a fun zombie series with plenty of up-skirt and cleavage shots. You get to watch each 25-26 minute episode which includes opening and closing credits plus sometimes a flashback and a preview. Would have been a cleaner story to have just combine everything into one feature without the breaks.

Guide: Made for Japanese TV, it is dubbed in English. F-bombs. Animated nudity in episode 6.
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on February 20, 2012
Fan service galore! I'm no lesbian, but watching this makes me wanna turn >xD Action, Action, ACTION! That's all I can really say about this. It was a fantastic 12 episode season, although there's only 1 downside I can think of ... How it ended. *Warning: Possible spoilers*! Whatever happened to the friend? What happens to the rest of the world now that there's no technology? What happened to their parents? It just abruptly ended without any way for us knowing what's happening next. I kinda wish I knew what started the zombies, but I suppose I can live without knowing. They should definitely make a 2nd season! 4 stars due to the ending :)
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on April 15, 2016
Love this series and love the product. I enjoy zombies soo much and to have anime zombie is a kick to watch. I find the story to be entertaining and enjoyable. The characters are very well done.

I definitely love this purchase and would buy the next installment if there was anothe. Unfortunately it does not but there are manga.
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on May 30, 2014
Zombies boobs guns and baseball bats. Pretty good storyline and good character variations. Could have been a bit better with a few changes but I was entertained from start to finish. Recommended for anybody who loves fan service, zombies or shooting!
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on December 24, 2013
Great anime series. really great story and well written out. would love for a second season. highly recommend this for anyone.
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on May 26, 2016
This is the better anime with zombie i ever watch !!! colors are great and the concept is just too hot !!
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