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on May 22, 2012
I've never used an epilator before, so, when it came, I looked at it for a couple of days before trying it out. I don't have a lot of body hair, and what there is is light and fine - except from my knees to my ankles where the hair is coarse, thick and black. I thought this was going to hurt a lot. It didn't. I did take the advice of one lady on youtube who said to put a towel down under my leg as the epilated hair falls everywhere. I did; it did, in an amazing amount. Cleaning the epilator was fast and easy. Changing the heads is easy. Recharging is quick and easy. And, it's not candy pink or lurid green or violent violet, it's white, with sparkles. I like plain white or black appliances, and like this colour combo. It's quiet looking even if it's not that quiet. It's a lot quieter than the other half's beard trimmer, but it's an appliance and sounds like one, very much like an electric shaver.

I bought this as I'm sick of shaving every day; I could shave twice a day to keep absolutely smooth. Love that I have no hair for once. I've waxed and hated it as I had to grow the hair long enough to catch in the wax/cloth. Waxing, even professionally done, left me with a blood spot where every little hair was removed and with almost every hair growing in as an ingrown hair, and it hurt more than this epilator. I also used this under my arms and was overjoyed to find it didn't hurt as much as doing my legs. I'd expected it to be horrible, but it wasn't.

I love this little machine! One thing I would have liked is a cap to cover the tweezer heads when it's not in use as a precaution against possible damage. It's not absolutely necessary, but I'd feel better knowing they were protected.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon January 28, 2015
Before this.. I had been deprived. Wow quick easy and relatively painless. It can get a little plucky when used for my underarms but simply focusing on something else and knowing it might sting a bit (kinda like waxing but easier) and it's no biggie. I would never go back to other form of hair removal after using this. No water, no soap, no sticky wax or sugar, no goopy strips to wash, no No No's that don't work, no shaving every day. Just roll it over the area.. say while watching TV and done. legs, face, arms, underarms wherever you need it. And because it pulls it from the root like tweezing, it lasts a lot longer that shaving. great product. Waxing out.. epilators in.
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on November 6, 2017
I've had it for years and it's awesome. Just make sure you clean it out regulary/after each use. The battery lasts for a decent amount of time but my legs are so long that I have to charge it at least once during use and that takes time. I later bought the Epil 5 which has a super long cord and can be used while plugged in. The Epil 5 isn't cordless or fully waterproof, but obviously doesn't need to be charged and stays super fast because always getting power directly from wall rather than slowing as the battery dies.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon January 20, 2013
Purchased this as a Christmas gift for my wife. She has been a loyal fan of this product and when the one she had for years died I never heard the end of it as she wanted only this brand. I was happy to find this on Amazon as I had not succeeded in finding one in local stores. In any case, my wife said it was fantastic and worked even better than she could remember her old one. Needless to say a happy wife makes for a happy husband. She liked the efficiency with which it worked and the fact that she could use it wet.

I think she preferred it to the more expensive gifts !
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on June 11, 2017
Hurts pulling hair out but works like a charm!
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on February 27, 2013
it makes a very good job. the light is very useful. the battery system make this device very easy to carry everywhere
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on February 10, 2013
I'm glad I was thorough with my research, as this was the first epilator I've ever purchased. I was expecting lots of pain, but its really not that bad; its very much the same feeling as eye-brow plucking. I do not have much hair, that's why my laser therapist recommended an epilator. I've had it for three months, and have used it three times. That's a lot better than saving every three days, I would say. Its a Braun, the name gave me comfort. knowing its a quality product and its bound to last longer. I was definitely looking for a bargin, and seeing as I would have suspected the cheaper priced epilators would have broken down faster, I'm glad a spent the extra few dollars and invested in quality.
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on December 17, 2012
This epilater is very well designed for easy cleaning and the sealed housing for the electronics prevents water from entering the sensitive electronics. I've only had this epilator for a month but with this build quality i know it will last a long time. Note that the cover and the eilpation head separate so that you can clean every part. I once bought the $30 dolphin epilator from Amazon but that only last a month and it smelled like dead fish the whole time, the unit finally broke because it was poorly sealed and water seeped in from where you put in a pair of AA batteries. I bought this Braun Epilator as a replacement and i have to say it hurts a lot less once you set it to high speed.
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on February 16, 2012
This item is simply amazing, you CAN use in the bath and a small light help you to see well.
It realy realy works!!!!!
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on November 2, 2012
I just got it from ups yesterday. Because of fear and nervous, i waited till today to try and found it's AWESOME.

1. I really like the design. It has a fancy look and you'll find it beautiful. That is why I choose this model, not other pink or green ones.

2. About PAIN. Perhaps this is what you concern about most when you first use an epilator. I hesitated for eighteen hours before trying... Every time i turned it on, my hands just shook and i would turn it off quickly... I have to say I viewed tens of text reviews and even tens of videos on youtube before starting... That's why it made me feel so afraid and nervous. BUT, only after you TRY BY YOURSELF that you know how it works and feels like!

I have never used wax before. This is my FIRST time to pull those hairs out. My tolerance of pain is OK, and i don't have too sensitive skin, which means my experience can be useful for some of you but not for those who is really sensitive. I tried first on my leg because all the reviews say it won't hurt too much. It is CORRECT. The hair on my leg has natural length, but I felt NO PAIN when i tried it on. Not even the slightest feeling. Then I became confident and brave enough to try it on my underarm. Yes, it hurts a little bit, but totally bearable. Stabbing pain only lasts for about 10 seconds and you'll find you're done! I also recommend you to use depilatory cream or shave first, then wait for one week and try your epilator. Hair grows back at a different speed, you don't have to epilate all of it for once, which will make it hurt less.

3. Do not use the beginner level. Try second level and you'll find it do a really good job. Beginner level pulls out little amount of hair and will cut down some. However, second level works GREAT.

4. Be sure to STRETCH your skin when using it. Otherwise it may "work" on your skin instead of just hair.
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