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on April 7, 2017
good to see the old shows came as promised
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Apparently the little genius town of Eureka hasn't quite run out of disasters yet, even with the destruction of the Artifact.

In fact, Eureka's problems get worse as the show's writing becomes better, starting with the citizens bursting into flame. The second season of "Eureka" is more confident and well-balanced than the previous one, and it takes the characters, quirky humor and tight writing into brand-new territory. Including Carter walking around naked.

The timeline has been restored, and Carter (Colin Ferguson) and Henry (Joe Morton) are trying to adjust to their past lives. Carter also is convinced that the future will unfold just as it did in the other timeline.

But during a solar flare viewing, a guy violently combusts -- and soon other people start combusting. Carter searches for a link between the victims, and finds that someone near him may be next. Meanwhile, the Pentagon decides to remove Nathan Stark (Ed Quinn) from Global Dynamics' big chair, and replace him with his estranged wife Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield). My, that's awkward.

Other problems pop up over the season -- shared dreams, personal forcefields, "ice funnels of death," falling debris clouds attracted to the GD headquarters, invisibility projects, Fargo's frozen grandpa, Biblical plagues, Carter becoming unnaturally attractive to all women, and an attempt to recreate the Big Bang that apparently turns everyone (except Carter) into driveling idiots.

But while the Artifact has been effectively destroyed, its presence is still felt -- Allison's autistic son Kevin has formed a strange connection to it. And when a brilliant scientist creates a deadly alchemical bacterium -- which turns all iron into gold, then rust -- it may lead to a showdown over Kevin's future....

There's a darker current running through the second season of "Eureka" -- Henry is more subdued and haunted, and a little boy's life is in danger. But don't worry, because thankfully the writers don't switch too far into the dark zone -- the focus is always first and foremost on our Everyman Sheriff, and how he tries to deal with the Horrific Crisis of the day.

In fact, the second season flows very easily, with a more relaxed pace and a colourful, diverse array of science-based problems -- including robot geese. There's lots of great dialogue ("Jo made it seem like the sky is falling." "That hasn't happened since 2004, and that was more of an igniting of the ionosphere") and hilarious comedic moments, such as Carter's naked public shower and the shared Zorro fantasy. But there are some sweet moments too, such as Fargo's grandfather coming to terms with the life he missed out on.

I wasn't too impressed by Ferguson in "Eureka's" debut season, but he really gets to blossom in this one -- he's quirkier, cuter and has a knack for physical comedy. He fits in better with the Eurekans. And he brings a lot of life to Jack's problems, whether it's the weird stuff, or the more realistic threat of his ex-wife taking his daughter out of Eureka.

Quinn and Richardson Whitfield also do well, as Allison and Nathan try to adjust to their new positions, as well as some renewed sparks. And the other characters get rounding out -- Jo gets in touch with her inner girly-girl, Zoe clashes with some genius "mean girls," Taggart has a maternal experience, and Fargo gets in touch with some family members. Also has to deal with the possibility of dying.

Of particular note: Morton brings a feeling of dark pathos into many of Henry's appearances, reminding us what he's lost and leaving us wondering what he's planning. And it's worth noting that a trio of "Stargate SG-1" actors make some very solid guest appearances -- particularly Michael Shanks as an embittered, myth-obsessed scientist.

The second season of "Eureka" sticks to the humorous sci-fi angle, but expands the characters -- as well as some of the darker subplots. Definitely a great little series, and promises to stay fun and suspenseful.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon July 28, 2011
I came late to the series as I do not watch this type of program on T.V. It has a tendency to pass time and never get anywhere.

Once you realize there is just a more recent "Days of Our Lives" and quit looking for a cohesive story, you can enjoy each unique episode. Just understand the there are no great insights just fun watching how they put it together. We have to create a psychological situation an antagonist and let the main character solve the situation all in 42 minutes.

Looks closely and periodically there is product name recognition like "Cisco Systems."
On season two they did the one thing that really irks me; Episode 12 and 13 have a "To be Continued".

For those people contemplating the series or just interested here is a quickie overview of Eureka (2006 TV series). The down contains mostly scientific types that work for secret government project in a hidden facility nearby. Someone or thing is always getting into trouble (mostly from experiments) and need a down-to-earth sheriff Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson) to help interpret and solve the problem. Jack has problems of his own trying to relate to women, including his teenage daughter Zoe (Jordan Hinson). On the sinister side is some mysterious cabal who's only known member to us is psychiatrist Beverly Barlowe (Debrah Farentino).

On season two things just get better. Other programs revert to old formulas and rehashes. This series becomes more intriguing.
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on May 18, 2014
I love this show and the DVD's themselves work great. However, the outer case was bent and torn upon arrival. I had originally ordered the set to be part of a gift, but couldn't give it to someone in the condition it arrived in. I ended up re-purchasing at another store (not online) and kept this copy for myself. I have ordered several other DVD's without issue on Amazon. I believe the challenge with this particular one is the someone elaborate cover. I would shy away from buying special editions or elaborately packaged set online in future based on this experience.
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on November 24, 2012
The programs are fun .. nice to watch without the commercials. BUT the DVDs are a problem. Programs 1 & 2 on each disc play fine. However the DVD player will not access 3 & 4. Same on all three DVDs. Got a new DVD player ... same problem. The only way to catch the other programs is to watch on the DVD player on my computer. No other DVDs have shown this problem - yet.
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on February 19, 2014
I have not opened these yet but for the next long road trip or the long rainy or winter days.

I look forward to the extras and the overall clarity of both picture and sound for this viewing experience.
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on April 3, 2010
I really enjoyed catching uo with Sherriff Carter and crew. I like being able to watch without interruptios, and I enjoyed seeing what didn't make it into the final show.
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on March 26, 2009
My wife and I are really enjoying this show. It has good stories that the whole family can enjoy. Nice to see some good writing for a change.
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on April 28, 2016
Second season was a bit disappointing, not as much fun as first season. Colors in the recording appear somewhat pastel or washed out.
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on June 15, 2009
As with Season 1 - Excellent show. Bonus items on DVDs are crap but the show is good.
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