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on May 12, 2017
pretty good
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on March 4, 2017
good product and service
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on June 9, 2017

The film was even funnier because they haD mixed up the audios ON THE dvd and they have Castilian twice and French once but no English. At least I could not find it. So I watched it in Castilian with English subtitles. I must say the language then gives a density to the Monstrous Creep that is really striking in all meanings of the word.

There is nothing new of course in these stories that we have read, probably several times. The three stories are definitely amazing. The first one, “Old Chief Wood’nhead” seems to imply there is among the older Indian generation some decency that the younger generation cannot understand, nor respect, but the ghosts of the dead can come back to bring justice, though a death for a death is not giving life back to the victims of the greed of the younger generation that is going to Hollywood as is well known. They have always dreamed of meeting John Wayne on one of his Indian killing spree. At least they had the intention to go.

The second story, “the Raft,” is once again about young people, two couples who decide to go wild on marijuana and on some forlorn and forgotten paths where signs are overgrown with shrubs and trees and are no longer visible. Vain they are and uninformed they remain and they dare do what is advised not to do on the sign they haven’t seen. They end up eaten up by some aquatic monster. Yam! Yam! Says the monster. It only takes one overexcited young man to lead the four of them into the water and to their death. Young people have always been what they used to be and what they will be. Boys will be boys and girls the same.

The third story, “The Hitchhiker,” is a phenomenally funny story, more than frightening. A white rich lady on her way back from an afternoon with a gigolo (by the way rather cheap) gets berserk at the idea that she will be discovered by her husband because he said he was going to arrive home at 11.30 and she can’t make it by that time. Find an explanation if you can. She thus has a problem with a black hitchhiker she turned into a ghost and the ghost haunts her all the way and at the end finally gets even with her. The details are absolutely appetizing. You will be ready for a second helping after licking your fingers clean of the blood of the dead man. Don’t forget crime and horror are like pizza, the second slice is always better than the first.

Enjoy your petits fours and canapés, and wash them down with some Bloody Mary.

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on July 31, 2003
3 stories of terror introduced by the Creep (in animation form) who appears to have the same sense of macabre humor as the Crypt Keeper from Tales from the Crypt. The stories even begin the same way as match shots from comic-book to film. The first story is called "Old Chief Woodenhead". George Kennedy stars as an old convenience store owner who is robbed and killed by a bunch of 80's punks. His Indian statue comes alive and avenges his death. This story is probably the least entertaining and takes a while to get going.
Story number 2 is called "The Raft" focuses on 4 teenagers out to have a good time at a secluded lake. But a huge sludge monster is out to eat them all up. This is probably the best story as it is very fast-paced and engaging.
The last, and longest story is "The Hitchhiker" in which a rich, cheater (Lois Chiles) runs over the titular character and is haunted by his corpse all the way home until she loses her mind. This is quite a cool story with some interesting direction. Stephen King has a cameo as a trucker. Tom Savini (seriously) appears as the live action Creep and the beginning and end of the movie.
Image and Sound The 1.85:1 anamorphic picture is surprisingly beautiful and free of anything remotely resembling dirt, artifacts or pixalization. Black levels and fleshtones are suspiciously natural and color fidelity is superb. One wonders how such and old, and little seen, film can look so good. And although the soundtrack is plain and simple Mono it had me fooled a couple of times. The sound is clear and crisp and is free of hiss or distortion. Kudos to Anchor Bay on this transfer.
The Extras We get a non-anamorphic trailer and a photo gallery with shots of behind the scenes activity. Nothing is really too interesting apart from a couple of shots of the actor who played the Hitchhiker having his make-up applied. The menus are animated (literally) and are fun to watch when selecting a new page.
A must have for horror fans and Steven King affectionados. Even if you haven't seen the first film (like me) this is still a must have and a definite keeper. Very few people are likely to feel shortchanged after watching this movie.
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on June 20, 2017
fantastic value and quality product Can't beat it for the price Fast deliver. product just as described. Super product and easy to work with Just What I Want! I researched other sites user reviews find that others have recommended this. I found it really good after the use, it has ordered.
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on June 20, 2017
I love it. Very timely delivery and great product. is superior to anything I've ever had I have used this repeatedly . And it still works . I love it Just OK Product came as described, and performed better than expected!
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on May 18, 2010
I am a big fan of the first Creepshow and was so excited to watch this. When I watched it I suppose my hopes were a little high but I have to say this movie bares little resemblance of what made the first Creepshow so great. Instead of the 5 stories from the first you get three. It had it's moments of awesome but I deeply felt that it failed to carry it's way all the way through. The first story is called Old Chief Wooden Head. It was okay, not great. The second story is base on Stephen King's short story 'The Raft'. Not the greatest adaptation of his works but it translates nice to the movie. The last story was entitled The Hitchhiker. Out of all the movies this one had my favorite parts. Pretty crazy.
Don't get me wrong this movie wasn't terrible. It just wasn't great. If you really liked Creepshow you might get a kick out of this, but be warned do not expect the same thing.
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on March 16, 2004
Let me start off by saying that I loved creepshow, I was somewhat dissapointed with this one. I bought a box set called 3 from the mind of Stephen King, just for this one. But I figured out that the other two (children of the corn and maximum overdrive) where alot better! anyways, the first story starts of with a wooden indian coming to life and seeking revenge. this story is called Ol' chief woodenhead. then next story is "the raft" this one is probably my favorite one of them all. its about four friends whose vacation to a lake turns into a nightmare! and the last story is about a lady who runs over a hitchiker and he comes back to life and haunts her. and by the way the creep looks nothing like he did in the first! Rated R for horror violence, language, and some nudity.
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on December 22, 2002
While the first CREEPSHOW was deliciously delightful and was a fright-fest in and of itself, the same cannot be said of CREEPSHOW 2. While still it's three stories are fun and entertaining, and even scary at times, it lacks the punch that the first CREEPSHOW really gave us with its five stories. And I think that's where the main problem lies with CREEPSHOW 2...while running about 90 minutes, something still is amiss.
"Ol' Chief Woodenhead"-This first of the three tales gets things going on an interesting note. It's a tale of revenge done by the Indian statue guarding a little convenience store in the middle of a desolate town. After the owners (played nicely by Dorothy Lamour and George Kennedy) are murdered by a couple of robbers, "Ol' Chief Woodenhead" has his revenge and kills all three of them. An interesting and entertaining first short tale, but not a less-terrifying one either...just quietly terrifying in its own merits.
"The Raft"-This short tale is a little more livelier than the first, and kind of reminds you of "The Blob" with the murderous oil slick in a lake that terrorizes four friends who go for a swim in. One by one, the oil blob envelops them, until by tale's end, none are left (you know they weren't about to let Randy get away...he came so close). I'll tell you one thing--Laverne is a very cute girl...too bad the oil slick got her! Terrifying yes; quirky and kind of funny a little too.
"The Hitchhiker"-Actually, this one is very entertaining and offers chills despite being a little bit silly. I think Lois Chiles is just tasty as Annie, the hooker/cheating wife who finds out that when you hit someone who just wants a ride, no matter how many times you try to hit them or outrun them, they'll catch up with you in the end. This is a delightful tale and brings CREEPSHOW 2 to a nice conclusion...not discounting, of course, the short and brief Billy segment with the giant Venus fly-traps.
Overall, though, CREEPSHOW 2 would've been much better if there were two more stories. While it lacks the strength and scares of the first CREEPSHOW, it still manages to entertain based on its own scares, charms, and that is enough to make CREEPSHOW 2 a pretty good sequel.
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on February 17, 2004
I'm a fan of the original CREEPSHOW; it was fun, scary, good music, and was smartly directed by horror master George Romero. This uninexusable sequel doesn't even cut the first act; there is hardly any enjoyment, flatly directed and acted, the music sounds like something from a 70's porn movie, and there is only three stories! The first CREEPSHOW had five stories!
CREEPSHOW 2 is not terrible, or even bad, it's just uninspired. The (only) three tales helped proved this theory. The narrator is The Creeper, who looks more like a comedian then a scary host in the first one.
Anyway, the first tale is OL' CHIEF WOODENHEAD. A revenge tale with a wooden Indian coming to life to kill the thugs who murdered his beloved owners. It has its moments, but none that stand out. Not really scary, but I was glad the wooden Indian got payback. It's not even the best story.
The second tale is better, but still has some flaws. THE RAFT has four teenagers visiting a secluded lake for some fun. But the fun turns into a nightmare when one by one all fall victim to a large, oily-like substance in the lake. It sounds like a very scary campfire story to tell, but director Michael Gornick does a poor job at following George Romero's footsteps by building a pretty good written story to life. He doesn't even have the actors motivated in this tale, because they're acting is terrible. It does has some scary moments. It could be the best tale, if the film was good.
The last story is pretty suddled at best. THE HITCHHIKER, who many consider to be the best tale, should't even belong in a CREEPSHOW film because it's too simple. Simple is a understatement, as a cheating wife accidently runs over a hitchhiker. Her self-concerned state foolishly has her leaving the scene. Her mistake has her being stalked by the ghoulish man, but she can't help by shaking him off! The only highlight is the line by the dead hitchhiker: "Thanks for the ride lady!" But everything else is dull. Oh yeah, watch for Stephen King as a truck driver in this one!
I was pretty dissapointed by CREEPSHOW 2. All the hair-raising fun from the original is non-existent here. Even though Romero wrote the unstirring screenplay, he was badly needed as director to bring a real comic-book atmosphere like he did for the original. There's hardly any here except for a animated segment involving a boy and his gigantic venus flytrap. Pretty standard stuff, as was the film.
I reccomend the first CREEPSHOW ten times more then this one. Although, it's essential to view if you like the first movie. Just beware!
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