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on May 20, 2016
You cannot beat this for the price and it works with our satellite internet service in the middle of nowhere, while every other supplier says theirs won't. Support and customer services suck. They seldom answer your support request messages. But what do you expect when you pay less than $50 a year, eh? They could improve their phone number selections. Here in Canada, one area code covers a huge territory. And it can be long distance within the same area code. It doesn't matter for us calling out, but it may matter to family and friends who do not have free long distance service. But I suppose it is a good way to encourage them to get NetTalk as well.
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on February 18, 2012
The price is great for calling anywhere in the US or Canada with no cost. If your upload speed is slow then the other party will have difficulty hearing you as it breaks up constantly. If your download is poor the person your speaking to will break up as well. Just make sure you have at least a 2mbs download speed minimum and 600 kbs upload to get goog calling features. I like the fact I can plug this into my router rather than into the computer as You don't need to have your computer running all the time to have a phone. The messaging system is good as it will record your incoming voice messages and send to your email. You just have to set up and enable this feature.

Because I am located in nova scotia they assign a standard area code which is 801, which makes all local people who try to call me long distance calls. This device is also good when on the go, as it can be used with my laptop and I can plug in on the go and make calls anywhere in north america. Overall I only use this device for making calls, and for the price, it's worth it. You need good bandwidth to have good reception as well so don't be downloading or streaming at the same time as you may find the clarity will become scatchy.
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Called Nettalk. Upon "getting started" and choosing a phone number Alberta was not available. Kept saying Unable to process request at this time. Please try again. The rep said I will have to choose another province. Why? Having a Nettalk means my family and friends have to pay long distance to get a hold of me...20 blocks away?

Returned. Will try Magic Jack.
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on March 11, 2015
Avoid avoid avoid - this is my 3rd and final year with this thing. First year, calls worked, had to reset often - annoying but it worked. Then suddenly technical issues required a number change. Second year still working, rates went up, still need to reset often to ensure the line stayed working, I figure it was acceptable for the money as a second line... This last year (paid from last June) of "service" - I had about a month of useful service, then no more incoming calls - this went on for 6 months back and forth with their tech support - which has gone online chat only, and often takes *HOURS* to get someone, or you get dropped and an email ticket is created - to no avail aside from being told my number was "irretrievable" and that they would work with me to get a new one. New number turns out to be in the wrong exchange, so everyone calling would have to pay long distance, but they won't because *INCOMING STILL DOES NOT WORK*. 2 months later, outgoing calls have now ceased as well - as well as any ability to contact tech support. 9 out of 12 paid months and only 1 working one. Anyone have thoughts on Ooma?
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on May 23, 2013
Had this device for over a year. It had a bad USB power cord that caused it to intermittently lose communication and then reboot- causing it give a (re)connection ring (3AM joy- Not). Customer Service (CS)was NO help - I figured out the problem and replaced the cords- worked fine after that -UNTILL. March 2013, Then all incoming Canadian called failed for more than a month. Netalk knew about the system problem but did nothing to notify (email) or fix ongoing problem. . After finding blogs posted about problem I found out I had missed many important calls (doctors, hospitals etc.). Netalk CS was no help, frustration after frustration after condescending indifference with the attitude that it was just a system wide problem that only affected a few - Wrong answer. Was forced to get Magic Jack (works fine)to get an actual working phone. Netalk caused the problem, but would not refund my outstanding balance, saying ALL SALES ARE FINAL. What a crapy attitude! Take away lesion: All Canadian customers should beware of dealings with service providers from another country - particularly Netalk. Tried to deal with Customer Service (?) about refund - all I got was "its not my job/ department" attitude.
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on April 3, 2014
Customer Service is horrendous. Their call center timings are 10am-4pm EST, 4 days a week. If you call it, you get an automated voice mail saying, go to the website and use the Chat service.

If you use the chat service, you will find that you are in a queue with about 15 people in front of you. It does not give you any estimated times or update the number of people ahead of you. Which means you have to stare at the window in case the support person comes on.

If they come on, and you don't answer in 15 seconds, they close the session. So start all over again.

The moment you hand over your money, the service changes. Anything you want to do is a matter of "setup another account and pay for the service again". If you buy this unit and want to exchange it, its not possible, you have to setup another account and pay for your plans again and get a new number.
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on February 6, 2014
It is sad that companies like Nettalk can exist in this world. Why would, a reputable company that sets standards in excellence, sell their product is beyond me.
There is no price low enough that would justify useless service with pretend customer support.
Spend your money elsewhere.
I used the Duo product for 1.5 years with some issues, however acceptable usability given the low price point and infrequent use.
In last 6 months the product became 100% unusable - most of the time it does not work at all, when it does people on the other side of the line cannot hear me. My internet and router setup did not change since I installed the product.
I tried communicating with the support desk, here is the response, 4 weeks after I logged a ticket #BUZ-872-89814
"I realize this response is delayed, i sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that has been caused on our behalf. Are you still having any issues, questions or comments???????”
Simply avoid.
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on April 20, 2013
I bought and ported to nettalk Duo 2 weeks back because I wanted India calling as part of International Add-On calling plan. The sole purpose of Nettalk for me was to be able to call India. netTALK has dropped India from list of 60 countries in the International Add-on. I cannot make unlimited calls to India now. My purpose of switching from Vonage to netTALK is a waste now. International subscription and equipment purchase is waste of money! This is not end of the story, they are still cheating other potential buyers by keeping India in the list of 60 countries in the International Add-on, which is Falsification of information/cheating/unethical.

I hope netTALK realises the number of customers they are going to loose who call India(World's 2nd biggest population). Vey bad move, its going to bite you back.

Update April-20,2013:-
NetTalk added India back to International Add-On but there is a limit of 600 minutes which is not mentioned anywhere on their website. THIS IS A FRAUD COMPANY STAY AWAY.


I started using nettalk since March,2013, and have had frequent issues with quality and call disconnection. All of a sudden, since last week I was unable to make calls to India. When I called their customer care (50th in the queue) which is normal with NetTalk customer care, I was told that I crossed my limit to call India, and the limit was 600 mins. I was never told nor notified about this. Also their website never indicates a limit calling a certain country. My primary reason of purchase was to call India and that now beats the is the response I got when I contacted their customer care.

We apologize for the inconvenience, unfortunately To be able to provide Ultra low Cost VoIP service and more affordable than our competitors we have to cut down on some limitations towards calling India to only 600 minutes per month, We do understand If you choose another phone service provider.
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on August 28, 2015
I've owned the Wifi version for about 6 months. When the product works, it works pretty well. The product concept is excellent, which is why I chose netTALK above their competitors. However, the reliability of the wireless unit is terrible. I've had the phone out of service for periods of days at a time. The indicator LED doesn't seem to relate to the function of the unit - it can appear to be working and not, just as it could appear to have a fault and work just fine. The setup was a bit of a hassle, but I didn't experience the trouble some people did. The technical support offered is, without a doubt, the worst I've ever experienced of any company I've dealt with. If you need to troubleshoot the service or the DUO unit, don't bother with a Mac - they can only troubleshoot if you've got a Windows computer. Call quality is excellent on a solid ADSL line, but it can really disrupt the call if there are any ADSL challenges.
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on September 17, 2015
Pros: The cost of the service is very cheap. It is very easy to set up. For the first year, I didn't have too many outages. If you don't care terribly about the reliability of your service, then this is for you.

Cons: Technical support is terrible, only available through instant message or email tickets. It is also a bit sketchy, as they asked for my username and password so he could log in and check my settings!
I'm on my second year of service and I've been having to restart the device a few times in the last 2 weeks. I am considering getting magic jack next time.

Price when purchased: 35$ it was quite a bargain. I"m not sure how happy I'd be if I'd pay the current prices.

Important note: When renewing service, PRICES ARE IN USD! May sure you have a credit card that doesn't have foreign transactions fees. I made this mistake.
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