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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on May 22, 2000
There will probably not be a better movie in 1997 than this delicate protrait Of the adult film industry (they even have their own academy awards cermony) in the 1970's and the rise and fall and re-rise of a young and well endowed star known as Dirk Diggler ( " the name cuts glass..."). Director Paul Thomas Anderson paints a very human picture that happens to be about the industry of "porno movies". In this film, not only is the era and pulse of the 70's perfectly reproduced but Burt Reynolds, who portrays director Jack Horner and surrogate father to Dirk (Mark Wahlberg) and Rollergirl ( the most fitting character in a 70's movie played by Heather Graham) delivers a more stunning and captivating performance than he ever did in his very own decade known also as... (yours truly) the 70's. Whether or not you are a fan of disco and polyester, there is nothing more intriguing than seeing the events of people's lives unfold through the good, the bad and the 70's. Furhtermore, the artist fomerly known as Marky Mark (artist? ) gives a performance that takes filmgoers by storm and will no doubt elevate him to the level the next great leading man of the screen. The cast is accented greatly by Julianne Moore (Lost World, Safe) and William H. Macy (Fargo, Homicide) and is a combination of gut-busting humor (firecrackers, 8-tracks, & platform shoes,) as well as sudden, coronary-inducing strikes of terror when we see what can sometimes can happen to relationships in this industry. Get ready for a time warp!
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on May 14, 2000
The story is simple, it's about the pornography business in the late 70's. A rather confused teenager Eddie Adams (Mark Wahlberg) leads a fragile life with his parents. He is popular around girls, because he has a large "gift" inside his trousers. One day he is discovered by a porn director Jack Horner (Burt Reynolds). He sees what Eddie has to offer and is impressed immediately. One night after a hard work at a nightclub, Eddie has a fight with his mother and runs away from his home. He decides to team up with Jack and he sees Jack as his new father. At his first porno shoot, Eddie says to Jack that he wants him to call him by his new name, Dirk Diggler. Dirk gets famous immediately thanks to his gift. Success comes and he grants it, he buys him a own house, a fast car and people wants to be his friend. As anybody know, success can have its downside, and cocaine is its name. Eddie becomes a egoistic superstar who starts to avoid his new family. And after a row with Jack, very similar to the first fight, he gets fired and leaves.
That's the story of Boogie Nights, a very deep movie that deals with pornography and family values. I find it sometimes disturbing to look at, because of its abuse. We see people abuse drugs, people who abuse their friendships and people who abuse theirselves. The language is foul because of its matter, which is fair enough. But what I learned is that we all need love from each other. And with egoism and paranoia, we can seriously damage that. It's about having a second chance. And granting one too.
The best way to see Boogie Nights is on DVD. It has a full-length commentary by its director, Paul Thomas Anderson. He sure has a foul language but the commentary is informative and funny. There's a music video by Michael Penn directed by the same director. And nine wonderful deleted scenes with or without director commentary.
Don't miss the re-release of Boogie Nights, it's a double-disc DVD with a new transfer, more deleted scenes and a new commentary by its cast.
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on April 27, 2000
BOOGIE NIGHTS is a great example of what's called "the americana genre" where you can find for instance George Stevens' GIANT or Arthur Penn's FOUR FRIENDS.
This genre can be compare to the great novels of the nineteenth century describing the lives of numerous characters over several years. Here we have a look at the late 70-early 80 period through the glasses of a group of american porno related persons. The force of BOOGIE NIGHTS is that this description, through this microcosm, allows us to feel an epoch in its ensemble. That's the sign of a great movie.
One of the most interesting ideas of this movie is to have taken Jack's house as the nest where all the characters return and where all the personal stories begin. The first time we enter this house, we see only three rooms, the next time four, and so on. At the end of the movie, we have explored so many rooms of Jack's home that we have the impression to have visited a labyrinth containing behind each door the life of a character.
A DVD for Rollergirl.
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on March 29, 2000
Paul Thomas Anderson is possibly one of the best young directors to come along in some time (Where is that Quentin fellow?). His second feature film Boogie Nights says everything about his style, camera work and story telling with in-depth characters and dry subtle humor. The film about a group of out castes who are in the porno business all looking for a family, where they find comfort with "their own kind." If I had any comments on the film, it would be that its a little lengthy where I did not feel it needed to be as long as it did. Some slow moments, however it does not take away from the picture as a whole. Wahlberg, Reynolds, Moore and so many others that played such a tremendous role - some of the best acting in a film. The DVD sounds and looks excellent. This is one of the first DVD's I bought, and with so many extras, one cannot go wrong in buying this. The commentary is monotnous. I would have expected to hear more interesting commentary from P. T. Anderson, but he catches a word and rambles off in another direction with a dry boring voice. Not a good speaker, but a great director. Highly reccomended!
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on January 14, 2000
I absolutely hated this film. As a person who has seen several lives ruined by cocaine, I can say that the film portrays the degradation of human beings quite accurately, and it is for this portrayal and the feeling and tone portrayed that I give the film 2.5 stars. Before the coke, the principals are actually doing OK for themselves, notwithstanding the fact that poor Dirk Diggler is a few sandwiches short of a picnic.
To me, this was a movie about cocaine, not the porn industry. The industry could have been freely swapped with just about any other endeavor and the story would have been the same. The individual characters' personalities start out being unique and, in their own way, valid, but they end up evolving into the homogenized coke-induced bravado and fake intensity characteristic of the drug. The boredom and pointlessness and intensity are accurately portrayed, but it's just something I don't want to watch. Basically, for the characters, it's a hyped up and boring netherworld existence of all fanfare and no substance. The viewer is treated to the same.
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on January 12, 2000
Before PT Anderson ever undertook the massive undertaking that is Magnolia, there was Boogie Nights. Sustained by extremely controlled and talented acting, this film takes its viewer through a Valley where love, loyalty, forgiveness and redemption run as rampant as PT Anderson's imagination allows.
The dynamic between Moore and Reynolds is the best performance as far as performance, but this isn't a film that relies on a strong individual effort. The real character is Anderson's script, where everyone gets a classic Greek treatment: a rise to reknown, be it fast, slow or otherwise; a sharp fall, so sharp in fact it appears all can be lost; and a return to former glory with aknowledge of loss that makes said character reflective and a little less ignorant.
At the risk of being long-winded, I will strongly reccommend this DVD (commentary, deleted scenes, and a ton of Phase 2 stuff) for any avid movie fan that wishes to see one Valley boy's unifying, familial, redemptive masterpiece.
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on January 10, 2000
Before you spend over two and a half hours watching this video, try listening to the director provide "commentary" on the deleted scenes. One is immediately impressed with his total incoherence and inability to refrain from using the "f-word" as a universal modifier. After one or two examples of that - do you still want to watch the movie? Do you think such a juvenile character has anything important or meaningful to say to you? Then, consider Marky Mark is the "star". Oh dear.
The movie itself? It's a lot like watching that Joe Don Baker train-wreck "Mitchell" withOUT the MST3K guys helping. Yes, I know - it's *supposed* to be "about" that time and place, but hey, I guess even though I managed to live through that most ugly of decades, I don't have to *like* it. I suppose the best things that I could say about "Boogie Nights" is that it doesn't have a Bee Gees-heavy soundtrack (thank God for small favors) and it DOESN'T have John Travolta (thank God for BIG favors), but then, it DOES have Burt Reynolds, so I guess we're out of luck. What we end up with is a loosely-connected series of vignettes, some good, others self-indulgent, nothing that daring, racy, or original. The plot is essentially "A Star is Born" minus any authentic emotion, and the whole post-modern irony schtick is simply a idiot's way of smirking back in time. I'd feel better-off watching a REAL 70s movie than this high-priced, middle-brow "interpretation" of one. The amount of *extra* material provided on the DVD is obviously important to those who find something *in* this film, but to me, it seemed pretty SELF-important to crow about what is really pretty mediocre material at such length.
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on December 3, 1999
Pleasure had no end, there were no limits for joy and sex was safe and just a business: welcome to the seventies, the time in which Boogie Nights' storyline happens.There is just one word to describe it: masterpiece. The beginning of the film is literally thrilling, with the screen exploding into colors and the powerful, touching and terrific song Best of my Love underlining the whole scene. Of course, you may already know that Boogie Nights is a great movie, if it wasn't it wouldn't have gone to the Oscar night. The story is courageous and shocking, about Jack Horner,a porn director who turns Eddie, a boy ,into a movie star. The seventies, a happy, funny and delicious time, suddenly gives place to the eighties, and things begin to go wrong, and Jack , Eddie and their friends start to get in touch with the first signs of decadence. Wahlberg is great, he proves that he is a good actor, Anderson will be the next Scorcese, he has full domain over filming techniques, and his talent is more than shown here. He creates scenes that deserve to be included in the great moments of cinema history.The biggest surprise in this porn saga is in fact just one man, a guy who once was the biggest name in Hollywood, an actor who was destinated to the end, his name is Burt Reynolds. I always thought that Burt Reynolds was in his way out, and Hollywood wouldn't even remember his importance in the past. Maybe Tarantino could remember him, but I was sure that he was in his way out. But in this movie the man returns and delivers the greatest performance of all time, and I am sincere in my opinion, Reynolds gave one unforgetable performance, with authority, charm and talent!his presence is the screen is striking, and his breakthrough role made Hollywood understand that no one after him stood above the top of the box office for so many years in a row, it made Hollywood understand the importance of this talented and beloved movie star. And now he is in his way back, and, boy, his next project is going to be very talked about: you will soon hear about a thriller called The Crew.I just have one thing to say for Mr. Reynolds, if someday he read my review: you got the best of my love, man!welcome back!
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on November 28, 1999
Once again, New Line has taken an incredible movie, and put together an incredible DVD to go with it. This edition in the Platinum Series offers up many fascinating features at a low price.
First of all, Boogie Nights is an amazing movie. I consider this one of my favorite movies of all time, and I appreciate it more with each viewing. Paul Thomas Anderson has crafted a mesmerizing view of the 70's porn industry that focuses on many different fascinating characters. Anderson pulls solid performances from all the actors--most notably Mark Whalberg (who deserved an Oscar for this work) Julianne Moore, Heather Graham, and Burt Reynolds. But, really, all of the actors involved did a great job. This truly is the work of an ensemble.
This movie can be dark, though there are a few glimmers of light to be found within. Anyone who loves a movie about people and their lives will find Boogie Nights a wise purchase. Moreover, this is a movie that needs to be owned--for you will want to watch it again and again.
And thanks to New Line for putting together such a high quality DVD to go with this amazing movie. The commentary by Paul Thomas Anderson is particularly intriguing. A must-hear for any fan of the movie.
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on September 11, 1999
I recently watched this movie on a Saturday night with some friends of mine. Some of my friends had been raving on and on about this film and I wanted to see, for, myself what all the commotion was about, needless to say I fell in love with this film in the first hour. This film clearly depicts the life in the 1970's with (of course) the drugs, sex and rock 'n' roll. I became angry at why people thought this movie was unplesant, trashy and badly directed. What I personally believed these people thought was that they really didn't get the feel of this movie, the pure essence and amazing acting made this film what it is today. The innovative acting (by all actors/actresses) made this film an immaculate piece of work. You have to read between the lines and forget about the porn material, and focus on the originality this film produces. For those of you who had doubts on this film, I urge you to watch it again, underneath all the porn material (although there is very little) and drugs hides an amazing film about the virtues of life in the 1970's. In a nutshell an amazing film.
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