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on January 21, 2016
I purchased this movie because I had previously seen it and found it very entertaining , after all who of us has not wondered what if ...... we had made a different life choice ......would it have been much better or different , in this movie Nicholas shines and the plot does not let you in on the real truth for quite awhile adding suspense to the ending . Great family ,Christmas , life movie, requiring attentive viewing ....
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on April 22, 2017
I bought this movie because I had previously seen it and found it touching and morally valuable, showing the importance of life choices. Nicholas Cage delivers a spontaneous and great performance and the plot suspense brings you to an unexpected and feel good ending . Instant family life movie, Would see it again many more times.
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on April 10, 2017
My husband loves this movie and it was a new copy for a low price.
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on May 13, 2017
Great picture and watch it every Christmas.
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on June 29, 2004
This movie borrows from It's a Wonderful Life and the book Replay, where a man can go back and see how his life would be if he made a different choice.
In this movie, Nicholas Cage says goodbye to his girlfriend (Kate) at the airport. He is going to London for a job. We next see him years later as a successful head of a large corporation, unmarried and basically involved in one-night stands. We are later to find out that when Cage went to London, he forgot about Kate and she went her own way, never to be heard from again.
Cage is on the way home from the office during a snow-storm and thwarts a robbery. The audience expects the robber to shoot cage but instead Cage seems to convince the robber that he would be a better man if he didn't shoot Cage. It turns out that the robber is not really a robber but a type of Angel (similar to Clarence in It's a Wonderful Life) who will give Cage a glimpse of what life would be like if he hadn't stayed in London but instead came back and married Kate.
Cage goes to sleep in his luxury apartment and wakes up the next morning in a bed with an older Kate. Cage slowly learns that he is really a married man with a family and instead of a big time corporate president, he is a tire salesman in his father-in-law's store.
There are several hilarious scenes and some very touching ones. His "new" life looks like a nightmare at first turns out to be the life he will eventually prefer (Some of this is reminiscent of Goldie Hawn in Overboard). Only until he realizes this, he will not be returned to his prior life by the Angel.
The director does a great job in giving us an ending that is different than what you seem to expect. I won't say what but I think it was well done.
One thing that is not explored is that when Cage's glimpsed life finishes, he will lose his two children from that glimpsed life. The director never touches on Cage's feelings about that, unlike the novel Replay where the main character is torn apart because a child he had in an alternate life no longer exists when he is in a different reality.
The movie is well cast and Don Cheadle is excellent as the "angel."
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on April 16, 2002
Who could imagine a movie directed by Mr. Brett Ratner (Rush Hour), among all directors in the world, can be a subtle and moving experience? There's no stereotypical situation. Even the stock suburban Jersey characters are handled with normalcy. Every situation is portrayed with realism and honesty. The story line is solely based on Mr. Cage's character's view point. It feels real because he's not immediately embracing his family lifestyle. Through out the better part of the movie, he wanted to go back to his high-flying life as a single Wall Street player. The change of heart is so subtle and skillfully handled by the screenwriters that you are totally convinced by the time he realized what he missed from his 'glimpsed' life with Miss Leoni and the kids.
Miss Leoni is very believable in wardrobe and demeanor as an Ivy-league educated attorney turned into a Jersey wife. She's not perfectly made-up, not a stick, and has a real glow and happiness as a wife and a mother (could it be the happy marriage with Mr. Duchovney and having two kids in real life?). And the chemistry between Mr. Cage and Miss Leoni is palpable to say the least.
Watching the movie and listening to Mr. Ratner and his producer's commentary really enforced my belief in making movies with passion. The passion expressed by Mr. Ratner and the producer was so heart-felt, it gives me hope for greater things to come from them.
To me the realness of this movie is in its ending. Mr. Cage, after his blissful 'glimpse' of what could have been, tried to track down Miss Leoni in real life, who is a successful attorney also on a fast track, to give the love they once shared one more try (did I spoil the movie by revealing this?). Like what the filmmakers said in the making-of documentary, Mr. Cage only asked Miss Leoni for a cup of coffee and they left the audience there imagining the possible outcomes. They, as filmmakers, did not try to turn this story into a fairy tale. Today's movie goers are sophisticated enough to know when a story is manipulative or not. :)
It may be too late for Mr. Cage and Miss Leoni's characters to develop a life together like in Mr. Cage's glimpse. But it's never too late for us viewers to take stock of our life and determine what really matters.
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on December 13, 2003
There are more than enough reviews listed here to tell the story of the powerful and wealthy businessman that gets a chance to view life as it might have been. The life he should have chosen, but he charged after money influence and a feeling of power one may know through wealth.
The movie was fun and reasonably enjoyable, but what I took from it was something deeper.
A man has a responsibility to his wife and children. When you marry and father children, you have traded not who you are but the priorities of what you're about. Too many people confuse the trade off with some kind of loss of identity. Nic Cage's character did that! He didn't think he would find satisfaction in love and service. Ultimately, the film character makes the connection. Love is about giving and receiving, but we are responsible for the giving of it.
Enjoy the movie, but hopefully we'll all learn the lesson.
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on January 23, 2002
Nicolas Cage is one of my favorite actors and his performance in this film was just terrific. Tea Leoni is a fox, and her acting is foxy too. this movie gets you thinking about the decisions you made in your own life. What if you went another road, what if you had a chance to change it? What if....? That question is the most asked question among us humans and this movie really brings out that question in all of us.
This movie also shows how a cold-hearted business man is desperate and longing for un-lonliness and seeks his old love. The man did a 180!! That's simply amazing and inspiring. This movie definitely deserved awards as does the cast heads...Cage and Leoni, well done and keep up the good work.
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on July 22, 2003
Nicholas Cage is given a glimpse of what his life would have been like if he'd married his college sweetheart when he tells an angel that he has no regrets. It's an interesting and amusing story. It's a bit twisted though that an angel would take a happy, content man and turn him into a miserable one. The ending is a bit unsatisfactory. It leaves too many questions about the future.
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on January 6, 2017
I love this movie.
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