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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars

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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon December 9, 2014
My lab x sheds like it's his job and as much as I love vacuuming, I don't love it every day. I noticed this brush at the pet store but scoffed at it's high price tag ($50+). However, Amazon saved the day again and I found it here for much cheaper (Seriously pet owners, don't shop anywhere else. I've yet to find anything cheaper in pet stores).

- This brush takes enough fur out each use to make a clone of my lab. It's both shocking and rewarding (better the brush than the couch!).
- The release button makes for an easy removal of the hair. Especially when your dog sheds like mine and you need to remove hair after each stroke.
- Easy to hold, easy to use

- The two screws on top seem to constantly come loose on mine and I find myself having to tighten them after each use.
- It doesn't hold a ton of hair.
- My dog doesn't seem to like it (bear in mind this could be particular to my dog. I assume not every dog also likes eating dead squirrels and snacking on Tupperware).

Despite the cons, it's still my preferred brush and worth the money.
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on September 23, 2012
If you own a husky then you know what its like to have dog hair tumbleweed blowing through your house, you know what its like to find at least one hair in your meals, to have a vehicle that is fur-wheel drive, and to never be able to wear black, to have lint roller in every room of your house. You sweep or vacuum every day and yet the hair it still there. Well take out your black dress, spit out that dog hair, and put away those lint rollers. Meet the furminator, the extreme deshedding tool. I know what your thinking, its nothing but an overpriced brush, I could get the same thing at a store in the mall for 10bucks. You're wrong, how do I know because I thought that too. And so I bough something like the furminator, sure it worked, and even with a brushing almost every day the hair was still there. On a whim I purchased the furminator, tried it once and I was hooked, it easily removed more then 3x the hair that the other brush had been removing. And it had this cool little furejector button, I mean when your brushing your dog you don't want to have to stop to pull the hair out of the brush, you just hit the button and wave the brush in the wind. With the furminator a few times a week, and sweeping your floor a few times a week the hair in your house will be DRAMATICALLY diminished if not gone!
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on July 22, 2014
Ok - I have heard about this product through a groomer. We have two fur-babies - a border-collie and a black lab and the hair around the house is crazy. For the brush we have, it's obviously not keeping up with the shedding. Purchased this today, took them outside and let me say WOW! The hair that came off is a whole lot more than what our regular brush removed. Picture a hairball the size of a small cat! Not only was the hair removal amazing, the reaction of my border-collie was equally amazing. He lay down and was just so comfortable while I brushed him. Usually he's trying to get away! My lab was also comfortable - no complaints noted. The FURminator definitely improved the hair removal, improved the process and should reduce the hair around my house. Great deal for $39.99.
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on August 17, 2016
Works great! Make sure you get the right coat size for your dog. My 3 month old GSD puppy "tolerates" it but sometimes i think it kind of bothers him. That being said his fur is not too long yet and this is for long coat so it might change in the future. Also he is bothered when I do not apply any pressure just the weight of the brush and combing.

I would have liked this to have removable blades so you could buy different sizes or types of "tooth".
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on June 1, 2015
OMG: I so glad I could include my photo to show proof of this product. We received ours today and spend only 20 minutes on our Saint Bernard to give it a go and all I can say is you would have thought I just sheered a sheep in the house...Not sure yet if this will keep the hair bunnies at bay but if that is what was going to come out and land on my floors we would have had to call 911 to rescue us...I could of continued but he got bored and the Mastiff wanted his turn even though it was purchased for long hair it worked amazing on his short coat as well. My product came with the FURmintor hologram seal so safe to say it is authentic. It says removes 90 percent more fur I am a believer and have the photo to prove it, and yes BTW my boys are brushed everyday prior to the arrival of our Furminator..... Just the fact all that dead fur is off him makes my day. If you are thinking about getting one stop thinking and do it you will not regret it...and no I do not work or sell Furminators this is my personal testament to a fantastic product worth every cent....
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on June 7, 2015
It does work extremely well getting the fur out of a very hairy dog.
Only problem was that the handle broke within a month. Company was great and replaced it no charge however the handle broke again on the new one in the same place
Seems to be a weakness in the manufacturing
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on August 10, 2014
I love it & .., I wish it was better. I have a husky. (Enough said) The product really gets his fur that is blowing out yet because it's so much it's sometimes hard to brush and push the fur off the tip. I wish the plastic push out in the middle was longer to get the fur off the comb. But it really goes thru his double coat well. Seems sturdy.
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on August 21, 2014
Now use a couple times a week on my Shepherd; makes him feel so soft and clean. Much better than I thought and the online price is even better than "on-sale" price that physical stores sell it for ($74.99). In Canada many things are priced higher for no apparent reason. Nice to know helps us Canadians save.
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on April 26, 2014
OK, if you have bought one of these from take it to petsmart and compare it to a real one.
In particular compare the blades on each. the genuine article has around 90 teeth and the knock off has
around 60, big difference. I bought the knock off first then went to pet smart to buy a genuine Furminator.
Tried them both on my black Labrador, who is shedding now, with one pass of each Furminator on his coat
There are a number of other clues to differentiate the real from the fake, The rubber handle is different, it
has no gaps on the dimples formed in the grip, the fake does. There is no gap between the 2 mouldings that
hold the blade, the fake has a 2mm gap between them. The resin material is of a cheaper type on the fake.
The real Furminator has completely different mould split lines to the fake one, this is what first made me suspicious
as I am a toolmaker with 37 years experience of injection moulds.
My Lab did not mind the real Furminator but did not want to be touched with the fake. Sent the fake back to Amazon
and I kept the real one ($20 more). Not the bargain I was hoping but sometimes worth a try.;
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on June 20, 2014
This is the second Furminator I have purchased. I have two golden retrievers and let me tell you this is the best tool I have ever purchased to eliminate fur. This one tool beats brushing hands down. The price on this two can not be beat. Glad I bought and use them.
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