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on November 17, 2012
It was very easy to install, just plug it in. It also comes with some great software which ensures you can start working straight away. I would have liked the capture pen to be bit slimmer, as it's slightly too big for my grip (the size of a pencil would be perfect). At the moment I'm using my Wacom attached to my computer and it works well. I suggest the wireless equipment, which is sold separately, would be worth investing in if you prefer a bit of maneuverability.
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on June 12, 2017
Awesome product! The sender was great, super nice and even sent me a second package when she forgot to include a disk. The tablet works amazing! I am so very very happy!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 12, 2011
Wireless ready (the kit is $40 from Wacom)
Touch and pen with 4 buttons.

Nik software included with this tablet is not compatible with Adobe CS 5.5. The Bamboo Dock is also not fully compatible with OS X Lion. and Autodesk Sketch is a free app which can be downloaded from the Autodesk Website. It doesn't really add any "VALUE" to this product. If this tablet came with the Pro ed. or ArtRage Studio then that would be a nice Value...
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on January 8, 2012
I work as Sound Designer for the Movie and Videogame industry, I bought this tablet since I started having problems with my carpal tunnel and the pen is a more natural approach and you don't apply too much force on your wrist while you work.
I use this tablet in ProTools, Sound Forge, Word, Excel, and proprietary middleware we use at the studio and works very well in every application (there's only one exception, the Unreal Editor for game maps which needs mouse) the response and intuitive use is excellent and the programmable buttons are great when you need to perform very fine accurate drag and drop actions that couldn't be done just with the pen.
Delivery was super-fast (I think I have it in my hands 48 hours after order it). So all in all I consider myself a "happy customer".
If you want an affordable tablet, that don't require big footprint in your desk or just want to take a rest from the mouse once in a while, this is a good choice.
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on April 14, 2012

Good response. The features and sensory pad are very nice.

Now, I wish I'd invested in a wacom product with a bigger form factor.

I give it five start with only one complaint.

The Dock tool program uses a bit more CPU than it's worth.

Altogether good product. Amazon sent it ahead of time too!
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on March 11, 2013
I bought this in order to draw sprites for a video game I'm developing and I couldn't be happier with it. It's very easy to use, especially in combination with the wireless adapter kit. I used to draw all the time but sort of lost interest in it over the years, but this tablet has really brought out my love for drawing again.
The nibs wear out a little too fast for my liking, but that doesn't take away from the experience.
The tablet is well made. Feels solid in your hands. I would recommend.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 4, 2013
Probably the pest tablet of this price bracket. bettery-free pen means
I can draw all day long - unlike some of the cheaper ones - ewww.
The drawing areas smaller then Im used to but works better for me.
once i got used to it with less wrist movement i get less tires; better or worse for you on this
will be 100% personal preference, but i say try it.

Very durable, with a radio upgrade available (the kit includes a bluetooth and battery piece)
which i probably going to get - and heres why (and why 4 stars)

the included usb wire is like... 1 foot long (maybe 2 i dunno, i dont use it)
and its 100% totally useless to anyone that doesnt have a USB port on thier screen
or uses a desktop rather then a laptop.

i mean guys... its small ok. if your buying this, also toss into your cart the upgrade kit
or a longer usb wire (its micro usb, if your going to)

it came with a free photo album from shutterfly which i got, and promptly ($6) for shipping
the book was the $30 retail value - and it was amazing as well.
came with enough software to get anyone going (new or veteran) but i already use
photoshop - the kids however DO prefer the bundles software when just playing around.
(its scetchbook express, and photoshop elements if your wondering) and something
else i didnt install.

Compatible with Gimp2 as well.

If your a newbie and wondering if this is the one, yes... it is
it has a built in tutorial system right in the driver that my daughter used
now shes a pro. lolol.

Would i buy it again? yep and maybe again after that.
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on November 9, 2013
This tablet is great. I found the drivers on Wacom's website and installed it from there.
There are a lot of features and I could change what each button does (including the buttons on the pen itself).
The downside is that the other tip of the pen cannot be used as an eraser, but for the price I got it for, I'm fine with that because
I could change one of the buttons on the pen to activate an eraser mode. The weight sensors work pretty well, I get realistic
strokes. In summation, it's a great product that every artist or animator needs to have on their desk.
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on June 12, 2013
This tablet has a fair-sized working space in comparison to other tablet in its price range. The stylus is responsive and comfortable to work with and the buttons can be customized to your working preferences. I use it mostly for Photoshop and Illustrator work that requires time and precision and it has worked quite well for me. Movement is responsive and fluid. I would recommend getting the wireless kit (sold separately) if the cord gets in your way, and definitely find a good carrying case for travelling to protect it from scratches and nicks.
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on December 25, 2012
I liked this tablet the first time I used it, and it was amazing. The lines you can make with this tablet are smooth and perfect for drawing. Pressure of the pen is really sensitive too. The thing that is bordering is that the pen nib disappears pretty quick, but since Wacom gave you extra pen nib I guess it's okay. Still I'm hoping for a material that will last longer. The bad thing about this tablet is that sometimes, I have to restart the computer to make the tablet work perfectly, don't know if it's my computer's fault or not.
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