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on June 20, 2017
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The picture is 1.33:1. In telling the story of the Hollies, the interviews are in colour, while the precious original music performances are both in black and white, and colour. Overall, the picture is very pleasing. Contrasts and black colour are also acceptable. (4/5)


The audio is in Dolby Stereo 2.0. Considering the age of the footage, the sound is really very acceptable, showing off the 3-part harmony of the Hollies. (4/5)


This is where this disc really shines. The picture consists of interviews with Graham Nash, Allan Clarke, Tony Hicks and Bobby Elliot. I really enjoyed the stories told by the Hollies members, giving me more insight into many of their hits. For example, their original 2-part harmony was tailored after the Everly Brothers. Then, by accident, they developed their famous 3-part harmony, when Tony Hicks was humming in a low voice. The song Stop Stop Stop was written after their encounter at a strip-tease club and Tony Hicks was showing us how he got to play a banjo for that song. Their experience at Abbey Road studio was revered. And the song Carrie-Anne was really written after the beautiful Marianne Faithful and they were too shy to use her name, not wanting her to know that they all wanted to make love to her....and the steel drummer in that song was taken from the street, not to be seen again later. In the song Jennifer Eccles, Jennifer was Allan Clarke's wife's first name, and Eccles was Graham Nash's wife's maiden name! The conflict of Graham Nash was detailed. After Graham Nash left for Crosby, Stills & Nash, Hollies had a major hit with He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother. The famous producer, Ron Richards, said that the song was the best recording he ever produced. And don't miss the End Credit, where the Hollies sang Amazing Grace, not listed at the back cover.

The other parts of the picture are of course the music performances, taken from various sources. But they were original performances done at the height of their prime. Very precious indeed. All the hits are there...22 performances. Like those old K-Tel commercials: Original Artists, Original Hits! (5/5)

This Hollies DVD is the fifth in the British Invasion series. The previous 4 DVDs are available as a box set, released in 2010, featuring Small Faces, Gerry & The Pacemakers, Dusty Springfield and Herman's Hermits, with a fifth bonus disc, containing previously unseen performances by Dusty Springfield and Herman's Hermits. These are all original performances by original artists at their prime. Try to buy NTSC versions from Canada, because the UK versions are PAL, not playable in many players.

Reelin' In The Years Production has done an excellent job in bringing the Greatest Hits of Hollies with good audio and video. Great job! Hopefully, there are more such series in the future, for artists such as the Searchers, Manfred Mann, Dave Clark Five, just to name a few.

Lastly, if you really like the Hollies, a 6-CD box set called The Hollies: Clarke, Hicks & Nash Years was released early this year.

In summary, I enjoyed this Hollies DVD very much. If you like the music from the 60s, this disc is definitely for you, plus all their major hits are included. It is highly recommended for you to take "Just One Look".
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I've always loved the Hollies but you don't really find much product for them, compared to the other more obvious British Invasion bands (Beatles, Stones, Kinks, Who). I was pleasantly surprised to find this DVD on Amazon and I ordered it based on other positive reviews. All I can say is WOW, it's a Hollies goldmine! It's the whole story of the band told via recent interviews with members and interspersed with live footage (some is lip-syncing on a TV show though). You have the options of just playing all the live footage, and there's a LOT of songs, all the biggest hits and played in their entirety. The whole program is well over 2 hours and it's very interesting. A lot of care has gone into this product... The film is well edited, the interview comments are very thoughtful and well articulated, and the remastered video and sound quality are also very good, especially considering the age of the footage. The company that makes this DVD has a proven track record of making great music related DVD's (I own some of their Jazz Icons DVD's and every one is great).

The Hollies as a live band sound pretty well the same as on their records, although many records used double tracking as well, so they're really a great band... great harmonies, really interesting bass, lead guitar and drumming as well. There's footage of them recording at Abbey Road Studios, and some songs even have an explanation and demonstration of the lead guitar or drum parts before seeing the old live footage. Also cool for musicians is seeing all the old and now vintage gear they used.

Overall, a MUST buy for any Hollies fan and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for any fan of 1960's British Invasion. Enjoy!
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on February 15, 2012
Well worth the entry price, this is a good documentary on the Hollies' career and it contains many complete song performances, some of which are played live, some of which are lip synched (a plague in those days...). And were they good live! Several band members share their thoughts and memories, and you also have additional footage from the period. The documentary lasts around 2 hours. The bonus material contains about 1 hour of just the songs, which were already in the main documentary however, minus some intros perhaps. So, not much value added here, but it doesn't hurt either. You'd want more of course, but for a good overview of the group, you can't go wrong with this DVD. I guess there's no point having it in blu-ray since this is just interviews and old footage which probably would not gain much from high resolution treatment (the same goes for the sound). You won't find demo material in here, just good old memories of one of the great lesser-known bands of the sixties (well, mostly the sixties).
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on July 19, 2012
If you are a Hollies fan, you will definately enjoy this DVD. This is a piece of 60's pop history that has been overshadowed by the popularity of the 'instigators' of the "British Invasion" The Beatles. I was lucky enough to see the Hollies in concert in the UK in 1964 and this DVD certainly brought back memories. The interviews are revealing, not least the revelation that original bass player Eric Haydock suddenly stopped turning up for rehearsals and promptly left the band! In their interviews, this event is briefly mentioned by the other members of the group with no animosity. I remember that in 1964 he was the band member with the least enthusiasm for signing autographs. I am not sure why the singles "Stay", "We're Through" (which is a Hollies composition) and "Yes I Will" are not included on this DVD. Maybe, these singles were not released in the USA and Canada. This is the only negative for me.
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What a great DVD and the story of the Hollies is a great journey. I was amazed at so many songs being available with live recorded performances. There music is very diverse, even with the changes that occurred in the band, but the three part harmony remained the definitive sound that was the Hollies. I loved the contributions by the band members and the stories behind the songs. I think people will find the quality of the DVD to be surprisingly good and the sound as well. To see the videos performed by the band was exciting and fun to watch.
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on January 5, 2012
I have been searching for years for a good quality Hollies video with full length songs. Could't even find anything in London in the Fall. And just when I had given up, this came along. Fantastic compilation of songs and interviews which make it a must for anyone interested in this group. I only wish that they had included more songs with Terry Sylvester who replaced Graham Nash in '69 as he was on board for some of their biggest hits and is not as big feeling as Graham.
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on November 15, 2011
Another great British Invasion artist produced by Eagle Vision, Reelin' in the Years series they are all excellent, interviews and vintage clips of rare television and concert songs are clear with good sound as well. Buy all of the artists in this series - a must have for collectors and music lovers.
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on September 8, 2014
Great sixties band. Never cared for Graham Nash but other band members were very talented. This contains all their big hits at various venues around the world. Filmed live but no crowd noise to disrupt the performances.
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on February 9, 2014
What a great band - what a great Era! This is an impressive review of The Hollies and their history from beginning to end.
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