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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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Clooney, Keitel, Tarantino, vampires, and strippers. That in itself rates 5 stars. This is an excellent film which includes quirky characters, great dialouge, with memorable scenes and lines. A different type of Tarantino movie: no flashbacks. Clooney and Tarantino play criminal brothers. Tarantino is the psychotic of the two and Clooney has to deal with him, reminding me of a Steinbeck novel that has nothing to do with this film.

Tarantino demonstrates he is as talented in front of the camera as he is behind. Of course if you are the type of person who doesn't like cheesy topless vampire strippers, then you have no need to watch this film.

F-bomb, off screen rape, blood, gore, strip club nudity, naked feet.
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on May 17, 2011
I really love this movie. I purchased this blu-ray disc because of the lousey ,"From Dusk Til Dawn" blu-ray released in the USA by Echo Bridge. Beware anyone of Echo Bridge Blu-ray disc. The quality of there disc looks like an early vhs print. The Alliance release I bought is very superior. The picture is beautiful 1080p print/ 1.78:1 Ratio. The audio is English & French DTS, 5.1 Dolby Digital. I really think this movie is one hell of a popcorn ride. The special effects are awesome. One of the great Vampire flics. It is ashame Alliance doesn't put any special features on there disc. Overall, It is worth the price. Love It A++++ DJ IssacFrom Dusk Till Dawn [Blu-ray]
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on March 19, 2004
I've found it sadly amusing that so many people who reviewed this film have NO IDEA what they're talking about. First off, (and I'll be directing the rest of these towards reviewer "G-Money"), this isn't a Quentin Tarantino film. This movie was directed by Robert Rodriguez. Quentin merely wrote the screenplay.
Since when was Tarantino dialogue senseless? He's renouned in the industry for having the most cutting dialogue around.
So, because he wrote the screenplay to a violent movie, he's murderer at heart? Then I suppose Scorsese and Hithcock are murderers by your logic everyone that enjoyed this film must be a sadist? That's wonderful. Plenty of people enjoy this movie, and even more (I would wager the vast majority of serious film fans) enjoy his masterpieces: Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction. These people are not sadists, and anyone with a head upon their shoulders should realize this. Anyone who appreciates film should be able to appreciate Quentin for the brilliant filmmaker he is (sans From Dusk Till Dawn, which isn't even HIS FILM!). Now, you may not fit into said categories, or maybe you just haven't seen any of Quentin's real films (as you seem to be confused as to who he is). The latter is perfectly forgiveable...although it seems, (from your review) that you have. In which case, you are truly missing out, and you have my sympathy. They are among the greatest cinema has to offer.
Maybe I'm asking too much of don't seem to be the kind of person that takes film seriously. I mean, just glancing of the films you've given four and even five stars, I find generic and trendy titles (all of the following being sub-par to TERRIBLE) such as: Rush Hour 2, Bad Boys 2, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, Anger Management, They, The remake of Rollerball, Ghost Ship, The Transporter, The Adventures of Pluto Nash, Batman and Robin, can see a trend. This is truly a sad thing, that someone can have such a distorted perception of film...such as Quentin Tarantino being a sick hack, and Batman and Robin being brilliant, worthy of 5 stars. I assume you're really young and you haven't yet matured in terms of film taste. I hope you will.
I wish you a better movie going future, and I pray you get a greater respect for the great, BRILLIANT Quentin Tarantino, as well as film in general.
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on November 24, 2002
After the superb masterpiece Pulp Fiction came From Dusk Till Dawn which continued his consistently origanal flair for diversity. This wild, action-thriller sees two brothers going on a desperate crime spree. Quentin Tarantino puts in an effective performance as a completley deranged convict who aloingside the dynamic on-screen presence of George Clooney, kidnaps a preacher (played convincingly by Harvey Kietel) and his two children (which includes Juliette Lewis of Natural Born Killers). They flee for safety to a remote and eerie looking nightclub in Mexico. Whilst the film seems to be settling down as a compelling hostage drama it rapidly steers direction and is thrown into a darkly humorous horror movie as the nightclub is crawling with blood-thirsty vampires. The outrageous plot twists makes it all the more compelling and riveting and the scripts roll along like a rollercoaster. The special effects are vastly impressive and the energetic film making and engaging performances makes this truly another masterpiece to Tarantinos credit. Directed by Robert Rodriguez, his in-your-face shocker is an absolute must see. From Dusk Till Dawn makes a comfortable transistion to DVD and there are some extra features to be found beyond the movie making this collectors edition essential.
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on January 22, 2000
I don't even know where to start well let's start with the begining a non-stop action brutal gunfight that leaves two innocent people dead now that is a good begining to a horror movie!then they find this poor innocent family which they turn into a bunch of vampire murdering psychopaths another very cool aspect.but what i love most about this movie is the fact that if you watch it as much as i have it actually turns into a comedy.i know you probably think i am a very sick man but what are you going to do.the only bad part of this movie is that they tried making a sequal and triqual and i am telling you right now if you see "From Dusk Til Dawn"DO NOT SEE THE SEQUALS! i mean they just stopped trying completly!i actually own a copy of number 1 but if you out there even think of purchasing number 2 then you deserve to be severely injured!i know i am getting off the point so i will some this movie up for you it was a non stop action horror with hillarious diolauge and some cool special effects! that's all im going to say.if you ever see hipe chick review another movie dont even bother reading it
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on February 25, 1999
Seth and Richard Gecko (George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino) are two "...mean motor scooters..." on their way across the mexican border with a motor home and hostages (Harvey Keitel and Julliette Lewis). Their rendevou is at a bar called the "Titty Twister" which is appropiately open from Dusk 'tll Dawn. "One night is all that stands between them and freedom, but it's going to be one Hell of a night". Another masterpiece by Director Robert Rodriguez (Desperado, El Mariachi, Four Rooms and the new release, The Faculty), his use of the camera is so unique showing the audience a different point of view. George Clooney plays a cool (very cool) runaway thief, his portrait of the character is done to perfection, I would like to see George in other roles like this. Tarantino plays his psycho brother who doesn't know the difference between real life and make believe. Keitel plays a faithless preacher along with Lewis. I own this film and I watch it atleast 2 or 3 times a month. The fantastic camera work, twisted plot, unique dialogue (e.g. The scene when George is giving the 3 rules to a hostage) makes this one of my favourite films.
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on February 25, 2000
You have the criminals on the run for the border and their hostages. Sounds like a Tarentino/Rodriguez combonation doesn't it? The first half of this plays like an average crim film with an average plot. Nothing sensational aside from the unusual cast and some great Tarentino dialogue. All of a sudden when they go to this bar (I don't think I can print the name) to hide out and out of nowhere the place starts crawling with lots of vampires turning the crime film into a horror film with all the necessary gore to go with it. This film is quite an exercise and is guarenteed cult status in the future. Check it out if you haven't already. George Cloony, Harvey Kietel, and Tarentino light up the screen and Rodriguez directs Tarentino's script with brilliance. The film is a ton of fun and there is some great Southern blues/rock music in it too.
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on April 19, 2000
I first caught this movie from the opening credits, right after the "World O Liquor" get's blown up, and was hooked. For me this movie was different from anything else I have ever seen. It starts out setting up a kidnapping plot, but takes such a sharp turn in the middle of the movie, you're left breathless. Another thing I really liked was the fact that all you're good guys don't save the day and walk out of the movie breathing, only Seth and Kate remain, which played for a really cool ending. The soundtrack is also kewl, I found the cover theme "Dark Night" by The Blasters to be a very good song, as most made-for-movie songs are not.
You really should pick this movie up or at least rent it. You'll find it a very different film.
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on July 16, 2004
I've watched a couple Quentin Tarantino movies, and I absolutely loved them. I also liked 'Once Upon A Time In Mexico' from Robert Rodriguez. So as you can imagine, when I heard about this movie, I was very excited. Tarantino is a masterful screenwriter, and Rodriguez definitely has decent skills behind the camera.
After watching the movie, I have to criticize one thing. The first half (about) of the movie was flawless, with QT and George Clooney as two Convicts, the Richie and Seth Gecko. When they embark from the first scene on, it seems as though the movie could go any direction and still be entertaining. However, when you throw in a night club that is flocking with vampires (fitfully so, the club is open dusk till dawn), you can't keep the same movie that you had. I give the story a lower score due to the fact that it doesn't fit well. If you couldn't guess from the title, and you hadn't seen the trailer, you would be oblivious to the fact that the second half of this movie is all vampires. I believe it would've worked better as a full movie of either type. Crime or Horror. But nevertheless, I couldn't resist the acting from QT and Clooney, along with Harvey Keitel and Juliette Lewis. Other than my single complaint, I really enjoyed this movie. As bloody and violent as it is, it's just so fun.
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on June 10, 2004
"From Dusk Till Dawn" is the type of movie that you either love or hate. There really is no middle ground. As a fan of both Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino, this one practically had me drooling. A cinematic wet dream for movie geeks and Fangoria readers alike, "Dusk" is an excuse to mix underrated movie stars with yesteryear's cult heroes for plenty of violent mayhem and sharp dialouge.
Dawn's first half is a crime spree flick with the psychopathic Gecko Brothers (George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino) kidnapping Harvey Keitel's disgruntled preacher Jacob Fuller and his kids and using them to hop the border. By the second half, it has managed to erupt into a full-out Mexican vampire bloodbath as the Geckos join forces with the survivors of a melee at a Mexican strip bar. Filled with funny one-liners, unrelenting violence, and more vampires than you can shake a stick at, "Dawn" is a somewhat dumb but very fun genre flick. Any movie that includes a jaw-dropping music number featuring Salma Hayek dancing around in a black G-string and matching undergarment with cleavage aplenty is sure to be a winner with at least the male demographic.
Miramax's double-disc DVD edition has pretty much every feature you could ask for. Quentin does his very first audio commentary as he and director Robert Rodriguez go back and forth on all the entertaining details of the film's production. If you couldn't get enough information from it, you also get the movie's original production featurette and a full-length documentary, "Fult Tilt Boogie" that covers nearly every aspect of the film's production. There are also a few deleted scenes. While there isn't a whole lot to offer here, there is a cool Salma Hayek snake sequence with some silly-looking digital effects. If you're a true fan of "Dusk Till Dawn", you are gonna want to pick this DVD up.
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