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on January 19, 2006
I always recommend this film to friends who enjoy action movies and/or sci-fi. It's constantly being compared to The Matrix, and I agree they're similar, but I appreciate this film a bit more.
The action sequences have to be seen to believe in this one, the majority of the fighting is done with guns mixed with martial arts. This isn't quite the same as The Matrix mix of the same, in Equilibrium the guns act more like extensions of the hand, and characters mimic maritial arts movements in order to fire. The movie calls the style "Gun Catas" as in...martial arts catas done with a pistol in each hand. There is also swordplay and melee, but the gun catas are really a sight to behold.
Besides the action, the story is pretty good as well. The plot echoes of 1984 with themes of self-discovery and rebellion in the face of oppressive rule.
Considering that this movie dipicts a future where emotions are outlawed, I would say the acting is good anyway. You can't fault someone for being slightly robotic when that was the intention all along!
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on June 22, 2017
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on April 14, 2017
First movie I know about Christian Bale. Great movie soundtrack too.
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on June 28, 2006
Equilibrium is a surprisingly good film and sorely underrated. Set in a future where emotions are banned, as is anything that may engender emotion such as music and literature, the storyline may conjure thoughts of 1984 or Fahrenheit 451. Make no mistake however; Equilibrium is no copy of those films.

After World War 3, it is decided that emotions lead to war and the prevention of further war can only be achieved by preventing the population from feeling. Every day the population have to take their prescribed mood dampening pills. Christian Bale stars as Preston, a law enforcement agent, who seeks out and destroys 'sense offenders', people who stop taking their medication and who actively read and listen to music. When Preston's partner (played by Sean Bean) is found to be a sense offender and he is forced to kill him, Preston starts questioning his world and the part he plays in it. He decides to take the dangerous path of skipping his pills and starting to feel.

This is no high octane, special effects packed film. There are a few, well choreographed martial arts fight scenes but for the most part the film relies on a good story set in a sterile, featureless and soulless setting to set the atmosphere. The movie has been well produced and the cinematography is first class. This is a film that belongs in the collection of any fan of science fiction.
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on June 17, 2003
Sometimes movies come out as reactions to fads in popular culture. Equilibrium is that kind of movie. It will always be compared to The Matrix, which is fair assessment. Much of the look of the picture seems to pay homage to that film, but its story plays closer to Fahrenheit 451, 1984, and least to me Conquest of the Planet of the Apes.
Sometime after World War III, the world was in Chaos. A man came foreword to restore order; he is Father (Sean Pertwee, The 51st State). He implements a social program in which the population takes a drug that denies them feelings. For feelings are major human flaw. Those who do not take this drug are called `sense offenders.'
So of course in the opening scene we watch as 30 sense offenders get slaughtered and the Mona Lisa get burned. We meet a Cleric, the highest-ranking police official in this society, named John Preston (Christian Bale). He recently lost his wife, who was also `sense offender.' In his own unfeeling we see a man about to crack under the pressure. One morning he misses a dose of his drug and we watch as he begins to feel again.
I'm not sure yet, but I believe much of this film is tongue in cheek. It seems like it was winking back at the audience, begging them to get the joke. The film takes itself so seriously you begin to doubt how serious the film is. I hate to invent a genre but it's almost a Dramatic Spoof.
There are a series of gun battles that are just amazing. Most seem to be done without wires, without bullet time, without computer effects. This is a film that probably had a smaller budget than The Matrix but look just as good. There's this one scene that I won't tell you about, but WOW. The choreography was perfect.
Christian Bale is electric in his role. There is this moment where he's telling a puppy to run away. He has a stone face but a sad vulnerability behind his eyes. It's amazing.
Taye Diggs seems to be smiling his way through the film as John's new partner Brandt. He plays the part perfectly, subtle but with fireworks hiding behind him.
And Emily Watson is just gorgeous, as Mary O'Brien, she has a small role, but it's powerful. When her and John touch for the first time. You feel for the first time.
All in all it was a shame that this film had such a small release in the theatres. It's fun and well worth the hour and 40 minutes you spend with these characters. In a world of unfeeling films, Equilibrium gives unfeeling characters a sense of feeling.
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on November 22, 2011
It's locked only on region A - because I'm tested this Blu-ray on region B and C players. And it have same old transfer with incorrect aspect ratio 1:1,85 (OAR - 2,35). But sound on this disc is very good - DTS-HD MA 5.1 (English) rocks! Overall - 4 out 5 stars for sound and nice steelbook case.
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on June 2, 2003
Christian Bale, perhaps one of the most overlooked talents in Hollywood today, delivers his best performance yet. As John Preston, the most esteemed "Cleric," a police-like figure whose responsibility it is to hunt down and kill those reisistance fighters who still cling to human emotion and collect relics of human culture in post-World War 3 civilization, Preston belongs to a government which firmly believes that it is our own emitions which threaten to destroy mankind. The logical conclusion is to shut these emotions out, which is acomplished through the administration of a special drug.

I don't want to summarize the plot for you, but being an employee at a major video rental chain, I see a lot of crap. And this movie had the potential to join that crap in the stinking, steaming pile of garbage movies that are produced each year without fail. But something about this picture is different. Anyone who dismisses the blending of martial arts and gunfighting as ridiculous is obviously not a true fan of the genre, since they accept such equally preposterous concepts such as harnessing the powers of three psychic siblings to tell the future of crime before it is comitted in other similar films (not naming any names).
What we have here is a mix of Orwell's 1984 and Bradbury's Farenheit 451, with some Blade Runner and yes, I'm proud to admit, some Matrix-esque slickness thrown in for good measure. The result is pure energy, a film which oozes cool without overtly trying to do so. Hell, even Taye Diggs manages a convincing performance. For that alone this film deserves my rating.
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on April 5, 2008
Yes, this is definitely one of those sleepers just begging to be discovered... I became a fan of Christian Bale as a result of his strong and convincing performances in the dark and disturbing Machinist and the brooding and gritty Batman Begins. So when I came across Equilibrium, I thought 'what do I have to lose?' I ended up buying it because it was only a couple more bucks than an actual rental. And I'm glad I did! The reviewers below describe it well enough. The director's vision of the near future is a believable one, and he brings in a strong cast of characters. Not only Bale, but the cameo appearance of Sean Bean was a special treat for me. I've been an avid follower of Sean's work as well ever since his masterpiece Sharpe Series on the History Channel. Even though his role in this movie is short-lived, he plays an integral role in Christian's character Preston's 'fall from grace' and eventual re-awakening. An interesting plot, which keeps you tied to the seat with its fast action battle sequences and believable characters. A must-see for sci-fi action enthusiasts.
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on June 7, 2003
Did you like the Matrix but feel it had just too much loopiness in it's plotline?
Did you like the book Brave New World, but felt at times it lacked a modernistic approach to action?
Did you ever wish to see those two stories in one.
Okay this movie has that kind of feel. It's basically saying in the Early years of the 21st Century, WWIII happened. Since then the world joined together(what remained of it) and created a society where emotions were outlawed because it was believed that emotions cause war. These emotional criminals are monitored and eraticated by these Gestapo type policemen called Clerics.

So it's like BNW in that it's a society hellbent on one ideal. (BNW=Youth alone EQ=No Emotion) and then one Cleric learns what it is to feel and tries to work his way through it all. While there's some incredible fight scenes (no CGI or Wires mind you. Just pure crazy choreography) it's also got a great deal of feeling to it without all the crypticism of the Matrix.
Christian Bale provides an amazing portrayal of innocence through naivity. And while Taye Diggs belied his part by smirking far too much for an emotionless Cleric, he did play a natural bad guy 'just doing his job.'
All in all despite a fairly basic plotline, and Taye Diggs minor slip ups, this movie provides all that was lacking in Matrix and more.
Tired of Wire Fighting and CGI taking over the job of great choreography blended with great acting? Look no further than Equilibrium.
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on February 6, 2009
I got interested in this movie when I accidently saw a movieclip on youtube. I finally opted to buy the movie since it was only 10$.

I was not disappointed one bit. The story is good, the action scenes are very cool. I really don't know why people compare to the Matrix cuz honestly, nothing is like the matrix.

If this movie passed in theaters and I would have known about it, I would have definately saw it.

It's a nice addition to my cllection and would have gladly paid 30$ for it with no regrets.

If you are skeptical, rent it, but otherwise, if you like movies that have a nice storyline, action scenes, guns and some mystery, buy it!
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