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TOP 500 REVIEWERon April 19, 2012
This Wd Tv is almost perfect. There is only one missing feature: you can't set a VPN or Proxy in the network settings :(
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on January 24, 2012
Besides the little things, overall i'm very pleased with this player. It doesn't not disappoint especially for streaming different format files. This is the player I should've purchased a long time ago. I was missing out all the convenience of streaming local movie files to my 'older' tv (HDTV without HDMI and for CRT TV). For me, the menu response time, local streaming in multiple video formats and easy menu layout is important and this unit passes all those conditions.

Pros: User friendly menu, decent response, easy setup to wireless network and local media storage, good selections of app services, optional wired/wireless keyboard, available android/iphone remote app, small footprint. Available A/V connection for older TVs.

Cons: no qwerty keyboard or lit button remote, no web browser, price, the 16x fwd/rwd is not viewable in continuous motion so it's hard to pinpoint where you want to stop.

If you have older tvs around w/o hdmi connection, you don't need to read blu-rays discs, and you have many personal videos files in different formats then this dedicated media player is a great choice for the money compared to other streaming players.
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on June 5, 2013
- Streams video well from my Synology NAS over SAMBA - so far these formats all work: MKV, AVI, MP4, FLV.
- iOS app works well and provides a keyboard for entering search terms
- video quality over HDMI is good; no issues with resolutions on 720p; haven't tried with 1080p

- Overall interface is a bit slow.
- Its own media library is too slow, causing the system to seize up as it generates its own thumbnails and metadata; also, it ends up creating too many files - generating 2 files for each movie file rather than having a central database
- Accessing the NAS as a UPNP client is not useful as it doesn't utilize the NAS's media library of thumbnails and descriptions; also. subtitles can't be utilized this way; if you want to use subtitles, you have to access the video over network file mounts
- runs a little bit warm even when off!

Overall satisfactorily serves my main need for a simple UPNP client; added bonus is that it can access services like YouTube and Netflix (Facebook service failed though)
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on June 2, 2013
This player works well and is quite reliable. It is easy to use, the UI is intuitive and the remote is acceptable (not great). It so far has played all formats I tried without problems except for raw ripped DVDs (VOBs etc in a VIDEO_TS folder) where it choked a bit and made it hard to watch.

The player found all my Windows and Linux (NFS) shares in both the PCs and the NAS in my network. It provides both a hierarchical view of the file tree for you to navigate and find the media you are looking for and also an index feature that attempts to map the content of the file to metadata that it fetches from based on the file name (It has to be something like "Show Name - S02E03 - Episode Title.avi" for example, which makes it annoying). If it matches the file then it will add it to the index and you can search for it in your library. The player will also display a summary of the plot for the episode, still images, etc. For the indexed files you can then navigate the library through a richer UI. When it works it is quite neat, but it doesn't always work for all files...

We use it for Netflix too, where it works pretty much seamlessly. Every now and then (1 time in 20) a show will not start, and the progress bar will get stuck at 30% or so - can't tell what causes it. You then have to exit Netflix and go back into it (1 to 5 minutes operation if it is really wedged). Played some YouTube videos with it. They play, but navigation is hard, since you have to type video names to find them (unless you manage your channels and subscriptions outside the player and then just go back in for watching).

Overall it is a solid player, good for both beginners and sophisticated "media hoarders".
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on December 6, 2013
For the most part, we love our WDTV. It plays just about anything you can throw at it and is generally easy for the whole family to navigate and use. The picture and sound quality are excellent (with good source material) and I'm regularly finding new things I can do with it or tweaks I can make.

A couple of caveats: It occasionally drops our media library and requires a reboot or rescan. With larger media collections it's also lacking a bit of horsepower to navigate briskly. I'd gladly pay another $20-$40 for a next gen unit with a bit more "oomph" in that area.

Even this late in to it's production cycle there's nothing out there that touches it for our needs. Roku arguably makes better units if your primary goal is streaming from the web, Apple if you're already up to your eyeballs in i-things but if you're more PC/Andriod-centric and have a large, personal media collection you can't beat the WDTV IMO.
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on June 25, 2013
For Panasonic TV owners, get a high-speed HDMI cable of else it won't work properly.

For the rest, it's great. Video quality is there (dependent of your native file), speed is acceptable at most and the features and interesting, although I am not a massive feature user. It's especially great when you dislike plugging you laptop directly into your TV.
The only issue is when connected to a storage disk, it does not sort files and does not have thumbnails of most videos of you are watching, which there is probably a fix/patch for. Also works very well with the WD remote app on Android (galaxy s4 for me), it allows you to use the Youtube features in a less frustrating manner than the small remote.

Some users have been complaining that sometimes, the app does not recognize the hub, it's simply that the hub shuts itself of from the network. Power cycle (unplug 30 secs, than replug) and it should be back online.
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on March 27, 2014
Interface, simple. Firmware updated regularly. Plays, everything. Supports my 3 TB external WD harddrive. Streams fine. Supports keyboard and mouse BT or wired.

The ONLY complaint, the browsing is not as snappy as it should be. It's slow.

Go on the WD forums, find the Titan theme, you should be happy.
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on March 21, 2012
Great device, very user friendly and the quality is excellent. It plays most of the formats in the market , it only took a minute or two setup the NAS drive. One thing I would like to see is web browsing and it is missing in such a great product.
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on January 23, 2014
Does as advertised and mostly happy with it.

A bit slow to respond to remote-control commands. Seems to run out of memory and needs a reboot occasionally.

This unit will not work with after-market homebrew firmware which I thought it did when I bought it. The homebrew firmware only works on older models such as the WD TV Live.

There is no way to change your DNS Settings on the unit, so Canadians cannot easily get US Netflix using the DNS tricks. You will need to have a US VPN and configure it at your router (or something) to get US Netflix.
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on December 9, 2013
-It does almost anything I want it to. Organizes my huge media library, stream from my phone, tablet, etc.
-streaming videos from other sources is flawless, has changed how I watch TV
-Youtube, TuneIn are handy too.

-Lag in some of the apps WD didn't create themselves. Youtube (the non-custom one) and Netflix are big offenders.
-Menu design could be better
-A keyboard on the remote would have been nice. But there's a (basic) remote app for Android and iOS which helps work around this issue.
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