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on May 26, 2017
Very Happy
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on December 23, 2012
The entire reason you would ever order this on Blu-ray is for the HD-DTS master sound, why would they ever put these and sell them on blu-ray without that?
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on December 3, 2014
One would think that when a studio goes to the trouble of putting together a set like this, they might want to actually care about it. This is not even close to the level of quality one expects from a Blu-Ray release. Others have already noted the lackluster job when it comes to the audio quality, but I feel the need to add my disappointment as to the picture quality. I'm currently watching MI:3 as I type this, and in more than a few scenes I'm seeing horrible pixelation. It looks like a crappy downloaded file, not a state of the art piece of technological brilliance. Adding in the complete lack of any special features for this particular film, I'm not too happy about this purchase. Hopefully the first two films at least look better than this one, seeing as they too have lower-quality sound.

I don't mean to sound picky, or like a Blu-Ray snob. I tend to be rather easygoing when it comes to this type of thing, but this is sub-standard quality when compared to literally every single Blu-Ray I own. I decided I wanted an upgrade, so I gave away my dvd copies to a relative and bought this set. I wish I hadn't bothered. At least it was on sale and cheap.
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on September 23, 2012
It was great fun to purchase and then watch, in sequence, all of the M-I movies. I bought Ghost Protocol, as well. Technologically the advancements were clearly obvious. Script, directing and acting were also improved, each movie. Lots of explosions, ridiculously complex technology and "impossible" scenarios abound. What I enjoyed most, though, was the increase of appropriate humour and humanizing of the characters. By Ghost Protocol, it was almost believable ;)
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on September 1, 2013
Après avoir regardé toute la série à la television, j'avais hate de voir les film au grand écran. J'aime bien Tom Cruise comme acteur et les films de mission impossible sont plein d'actions et d'effets spéciaux, en fait tout ce qu'il faut pour me diverter. J'ai bien hate de voir le cinquième volet
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on May 24, 2015
Awesome movies. Each one has it's own distinctions, while they all share so many fantastic similarities. Definitely a great buy, especially for Blu-ray. The shipping was also prompt and the package arrived unscathed.
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on April 24, 2013
My family enjoys this collection a lot, very entertaining. The quality of the DVDs are good, both picture and sound, no issues found.
I only wish the cases are a little more sturdy.
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on December 6, 2011
Had pre-ordered this a month ago and just recieved it the day it came out December 6th,2011. Upon opening packaging and reading box i realized it does not use DTSHD or master audio as any other standard bluray would. Instead stuck with Plain dolby digital 5.1 So without having remastered audio or video i would say was not worth the cost. And i only spend 28$ when on sale. Wait for a better conversion to bluray as this is major disappointment. I Should of just kept my dvd's rather than upgrade and waste 30$.Movies themselves entertaining but not worth the bluray sticker price. Wait for boxing day sale or something less than 25$.
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on October 26, 2012
Grew up watching Mission Impossible, and these are just great, I have all of the MI movies and will purchase any more they make.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon February 2, 2012
The Mission Impossible Trilogy,consisting of M-1(Released May/96),M-2(released May 2000) and M-3(released May/06),is now out together in one convenient pack.It is a good bargain for three movies I found to be surprisingly entertaining films.I say "surprisingly" as I never saw these on their initial releases at the theatre and didn't see them until just a few days ago,when I thought I would finally drop the dime,seeing as how cheap they were.Ahh,the life and times of a poor reviewer!
M-1 involves our intro to agent Ethan Hunt(Tom Cruise) and his team of IMF(Impossible Mission Force)agents.The team gets their mission here from Jim Phelps(Jon Voight)who sends them to Prague to stop the selling of the CIA NOC(Non Offical Cover)list by a diplomat.The mission goes south very quickly and as events unfold it is found that Phelps himself is not who we or Nathan thought he was.The NOC list gets passed from one to another but in the end it is Hunt who must clean it all up and close the loose ends.Cruise does a very credible job in his role as Hunt;serious when need be,detailed oriented to the max and with a sense of humour.Ving Rhames as Hunts assistant Luther,and the only one in all three films,is a definite asset to the cast.Four solid stars.
M-2 finds Hunt alerted by a message from an old friend and Russian scientist.By the time he receives it his friend is dead but the essence is is that a deadly virus that was created by him has been stolen and is up for the highest bidder by terrorists.Ethan must track down the terrorists and destroy the deadly virus.The film directed by Johnny Woo is a total bummer/come down compared to the first.Woo has some nice action sequences but his meandering plot,the battle finale'(with cliched roiling waves intercut)and his super sappy ending as Ethan and his girlfriend walk off happily into a crowded carnival setting(more appropriate in Alice in Wonderland!),is a total drop of the franchise ball.He even stole his opening shot of Hunt climbing a cliff face from director/star William Shatner in Star Trek Five!Barely three stars.
M-3 finds Ethan teaching now.However he is pulled back into the field when one of his hand picked agents is kidnapped.He rescues her only for her to wind up dead.The man who did the deed is Owen Davian(Phillip Seymour Hoffman)and he is a ruthless and sadistic killer.He wants the "rabbit foot" and Ethan himself finds himself kidnapped,along with his wife,and has to somehow get free and deliver the "foot" to the proper authorities.M-3 is JJ Abrams big screen debut as a director and just as he gave a much needed kick in the behind to the Star Trek franchise,so he did with this one and in grand style.There isn't a moment of wasted footage in this film and Hoffman gives a solid performance that even John Malkovich would envy.Four solid stars again.
Technically speaking the movies are all in their original a/r's and look clear and crisp.The M-3 disc comes with the least amount of extras,but the other two certainly make up for it.
All in all a good franchise and if Tom Cruise and company don't get side tracked,or should I say Woo-ed off course again,there should be a few others come along which should do just as good as M-1 and M-3.Recommended.
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