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3.0 out of 5 stars
3.0 out of 5 stars
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on April 14, 2013
This was my first time using this type of book keeping tool. I prefer Excel better than this tool. The Quickbooks Pro should have classes to show people how to use the tool correctly and effectively. Don't spend the hundreds of dollars if you already have Excel!
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on January 4, 2013
Fairly intuitive (from Intuit), software that can be as complex as you want/need ..

I use the single user approach so can't comment on sharing or multi user capabilities.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon December 23, 2012
*** A Look At Some of The Features/ Interface ***

I've worked in payroll as well as an acct. receivable and acct. payable rep for the past 15 years or so. Inasmuch as there are literally, dozens and dozens of accounting and payroll software to choose from your standard spreadsheets like Excel or Quattro Pro to Lotus 1-2-3 to JD Edwards to Kronos Timekeeper and Ultipro... here in Miami, there's always two pre-requisites for accounting job applicants: one they must have a working knowledge of Excel and must know/ be familiar with Quickbooks.

We got QB for Mac here on Amazon for our home-based business and the Pro (Windows version) for our day job.

What we've found is that Quickbooks and their online payment service and interconnection with the banking sector is extremely simple to navigate and to process payroll and it's unrivaled, even by ADP.

Quickbooks is both an integrated accounting, bookkeeping and payroll software that you can store and track inventory, input expenses and revenue, process payroll, taxes and deductions and end of the year statements.

The "Pro" version provides for extra currency options as well as more third-party (banking + investment firm).

In order use the software, you'll have to have all of business information including your federal tax id # ready.

*** Older issue ***

We bought QBP 12 about a month or so ago when it was on sale at Office Depot or Best Buy-- I have to look for the receipt-- and there was no new features to QBP 13 to justify not buying the older version at $75 less. (With QBP 12, you can't use it with Windows 8 or with IE 10 as of yet.)

As mentioned the biggest distinction between the Windows version and the Mac version is the ability (Pro Version) for international accounting, that's helpful for us being in an international city like Miami.

And, support for more than 10 employees, if a contractual commitment calls for part time or seasonal workers.

*** Consideration ***

We hadn't read one of the 1st reviews by an owner of this software-- Sir Coogs A Lot. The issues that he raised and the subsequent dialog that he's had over the past year with other long-time QuickBooks owners should NOT be ignored. We've seen this type of intrusion before where hidden items has caused us to lose quite a bit of money because we were unaware of their existence.

Sure, there should be a charge for online banking, if it requires a physical body on the other end to do the manual task of processing payroll, but much of that can be automated-- Ultipro is doing just that. And, his losing $325 is nothing to ignore.

So, even with QuickBooks Pro, we and my suggestion is that (as other customers have done) use yourself as both the business owner and client and run tests on how the software works on both ends and then integrate it or make some decisions on what services you'd like to have the software complete and those you'll find other means to.
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on May 10, 2012
Thanks all for your comment and that make me more confident to buy this product because normally i do not know about that. Thanks very much
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on April 1, 2012
so far so good ! Amazon comes through again as I got this cheaper ordering through Amazon than going directly through Intuit.
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on February 7, 2012
I ordered this product over a month ago, followed up several times with no response, and have not received the product. I have obviously been ripped off and need to know what I should do next.


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on February 5, 2012
My first experience with Intuit Canada (QuickBooks) should have been a tip-off.
After numerous time of search over the weeks, I finally purchased QuickBooks as it was recommended by someone in the store that I bought the QuickBooks, I installed it and began to run it.My impression is that you can learn a language from that software.
Then, one day, for no apparent reason, the software stopped accepting my password and I was getting a pup up icon password error and when I was trying to recover my password with the help of secret question also not successful. I called tech support and spoke with some friendly enough agents.
All these agents didn't really seem to understand what the problem was, but did help me to get going again. Eventually I came up with another problem again. This time I got to talk to three more different agents. And we had a nice chat about the weather in India while they were trying to help me to resolve my issue that I had with QuickBooks software. I had an opportunity to talk about the job opportunity in Canada with some of them. And as I said for 4 times that I called I almost spent around maybe more than 10 hours just for resolving a simple issue "password recovery and customizing a section.
And also in the help section with the software, was beginning to look a little more than gently used. And I was suggested to pay and get advice form an IT agent outside of QuickBooks help and support. Which already they convince me if I register with Intuit Canada I will receive great help and support from Intuit Canada in regards to their product QuickBooks. I was a little suspicious, because now I could see that the software wasn't the right one which they advertised it is for everybody even with no prior knowledge of accounting.
At this point I had spent a lot of time on the phone with India and while I value the cultural experience, it's not the one I paid $149.99 + tax for QuickBooks software and $23.50 for help and support each month for one year which comes to $282.00, altogether comes to the amount of $451.41
and then I decided to cancel my registration that I was told I can cancel at any time but they told me you can cancel it but we are going to charge you $99.99 for each call you made to Intuit Canada agents and I was ask if I want to proceed with cancelation there will be a charge of almost $400 for my cancelation, which is unbelievable for me it is a kind of misleading the customer in a fraudulent way!!!???
This software is recommended if you would like to learn one of the many languages that India has to offer, as you will spend a good amount of time speaking to so many agents in India, and another thing that makes you frustrated is the one that it is hard to understand their accent and when it comes to the point that you ask them to speak clearly and to repeat what they are saying they start to talk to you in a kind of rude and inconsiderate way. And at my frustration point I asked them if it is possible for me to talk to some authority in Intuit Canada actually in Canada they told me no it is not possible because all you have to do is to talk to someone in India in regards to your issue, which I finally gave up and with no help from anybody I said I think that Intuit Canada is like a homeless person that I paid that money to that person so he can have something with that money!!!??? Dealing with Intuit Canada (QuickBooks) feels like making a pact with the devil. It's tempting to do so because they offer some appealing bells and whistles. But it's never good form to do business with someone you can't trust, and I have found them untrustworthy. The devil may offer temporary benefits, but at what cost? I didn't lose my soul, but I lost my time, and I lost my $500.
Quickbooks Pro 2012 Win
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