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on March 21, 2012
If you like the Arnold movies... (they broke my heart) this will be quite different, this is much more bloody and without the cheesy humour and sidekicks some people must have loved (and I hated, Conan wasn't funny and didn't have a goofy Asian wizard pals). But if you've actually read Robert E. Howard's (1906-1936) Conan stories, it's a whole lot closer then Arnold's stumbling fool. It's odd, the quote people made fun of "I live, I love, I slay -- I am content"... is actually right out of the books.
I think the fault of this movie was trying to incorporate some of the Arnold Schwarzenegger films story line into it. The whole vengeance on the people who killed his family has nothing to do with Robert E. Howard's Conan, the same with the riddle of steel stuff. Also, why is he in a dress? And what's with the obviously silly swords, (two blades?) while not as bad as the helmet worn by Mickey Rourke in The Immortals, or Russell Crowe's chrome job in Gladiator... it's obvious the designers wanted something new and cool, but stood out as "simply wrong". To me anyways.
Either way, I enjoyed it and would gladly watch a few more sequels, specially if they're closer to the books. When the books are that good, you don't have to stray from them.
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The following review is based on the 2D version.


Conan The Barbarian (2011) arrives at blu ray with MPEG AVC 1080p 2.40:1 encode. Conan the Barbarian may not have a lot to offer in terms of plot, character or fun, but from a purely visual standpoint, it's an amazing looking film, with a fantastic transfer. The video comes with razor-sharp clarity in most every scene, particularly in bright daylight exteriors where clothing and hair is distinct. Facial complexions, especially in close-ups, are revealing with lifelike texture and natural skin tones. It is full of vivid, gory excitement and tons of blood-soaked eye candy. Colours pop really well, and of course the crimson reds of the copious blood look fantastically robust and well saturated. Fine detail is excellent throughout. (4.5/5)


Conan the Barbarian's lossless DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 mix is pure sonic delight. It starts right off the bat with the Lionsgate logo, which has chunky mechanical noises and a few squeaks and creaks populating the surrounds, seemingly more so than usual. That's just the tip of the sonic iceberg, for once the film starts, there is a virtual nonstop array of fantastic effects zinging through the soundfield. (5/5)


A quest that begins as a personal vendetta for the fierce Cimmerian warrior soon turns into an epic battle against hulking rivals, horrific monsters, and impossible odds, as Conan realizes he is the only hope of saving the great nations of Hyboria from an encroaching reign of supernatural evil. Movie (3.5/5)


It has an estimated budget of $70 million, but only grossed $20 million. A definite flop as far as box office return is concerned.

During the chase scene when Tamara flees the temple, Conan's sword repeatedly disappears and reappears in between shots as he pursues Remo.

During the chase scene; just after Tamara disconnects the coach that she was riding in from the horses that she is now riding, you see the coach tip forward, roll and shatter apart. In the next shot the coach is whole again and lands on the front and shatters for a second time.

During the fight on the ship, it starts of being night, but ends being with the sun out.


This blu ray release arrives in spectacular fashion with splendid video and reference audio. The storyline is very hollow. I bought the 3D/2D version with DVD and digital copy for only $9.99, a definite offer that I cannot refuse. The 3D version was apparently a post-production job like Clash of the Titans ' uninspiring. However, the price is definitely right, and the video, and especially the audio transfer, are top-notched. For this price, I would highly recommended it.

I hope the above review is helpful to you.
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on June 9, 2017
very good
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I love Conan/ Middle Earth type of movies, although for some reason the original Conan lacked appeal to me, perhaps because it looked like Arnold wore a wig the whole time. In this film we get a significant childhood view of Conan as a person who has more heart than brains. After his village is destroyed and his father killed, Conan wanders the earth to find the man and seek revenge.

He comes to a town involved in slave trade, kills the traders and frees the topless women in a cage. Later soldiers show up and Conan deliberately gets himself arrested so he can get inside of the prison camp to get information. Of course armed guards are no match for a chained Conan.

Conan is a barbarian, a Viking type. Another tribe appears to mimic Native Americans with Mohawks and another of the 12 tribes mimics Mongolian. The problem with Conan, the Barbarian is that he speaks as a barbarian with bad lines and a bad delivery. The CG specials effects make this a better film. There is a good supporting cast, however Conan himself was just written poorly. For most people this should just be a rental.

No f-bombs, nudity, one poorly lit sex scene.
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on December 7, 2011
After Conan the Destroyer, I didn't think they could make a worse Conan movie, but they've succeeded. The plot was actually okay, but other than the villains, the acting was horrible. The script was drivel. The action scenes were so fast and jumpy cam, I thought I was having a seizure. The bloodletting was more an attempt to shock audiences than part of the brutal Hyborian world of Robert E. Howard. The scene where Conan was torturing an informant through his missing nose was so gross and needless we almost walked out of the theatre. Fans of the genre will be hugely dissapointed. It is sad that the only film rendition of our favorite Cimmerian that remotely resembles Howard's work was the original Conan (Arnold) movie. Are they ever going to get this right? Wish they'd get the Conan "Red Nails" animated movie off the ground. It has to be better than this.
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on October 30, 2013
The story is very primitive and shallow, 21st century technology is too obvious for ancient warriors....their makeup, armory, shoes, hairstyles, etc. Don't waste your time and money for this movie, the older version of Conan with Arnold Schwarzenegger is much better.
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on March 24, 2012
I love mindless action films. But this movie is terrible, there is no fun to be had in this film, Jason Mamoa doesn't seem to enjoy the role, the story is non-existent, and the villains are generic and predictable. The special features are very light and the audio and visual quality is respectable. I can only recommend this to hardcore Conan fans, otherwise save your money for a better film
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on March 9, 2014
Most viewers won't remember what brought the Conan books back to prominence in the 60's. It was almost solely due to the work of the great cover artist Frank Frazetta. Frazetta's covers were as wild and frenetic as the Conan stories. His covers sold books just by themselves. Even to this day you can't pick up a sword and sandal book or comic without seeing Frazetta's influence.
I mention this because Jason Momoa is more like the Conan on a Frazetta cover than Schwarzenegger.

Most viewers will think that Schwarzenegger is the definitive Conan but if truth were told all of the Schwarzenegger Conan movies were just awful. The acting by everyone was cheesy and bad, particularly the gutturally grunting Schwarzenegger. Even the director John Milius knew its was a big ball of cheese. That's why he insisted that the music score had to memorable. Milius wanted something of quality to stand out in the movie.

I think Jason Mamoa's could have put a little more character into his version of Conan. He looks the part but there's little soul to the character of Conan. Having said that, if you have grown up looking at Frazetta's covers you will appreciate Momoa's Conan over the Schwarzenegger cheeseball version. You should also be able to recognize snippets of Frazetta's influence in the movie as I read that they incorporated some of his cover ideas into the movie (the cover of the Blu-ray is an example). Needless to say this looks great in Blu-ray.
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on November 5, 2013
Now this is the Conan that I remember from "The Savage Sword of Conan" magazine/comic: dark, gritty, ugly and a lot of fun. The makers of this film really, really tried. The visuals remind of "The Lord of the Rings" films, style-wise (with slightly inferior quality.) When a ship rams through a gate and the large stone bricks come crashing down, it actually DOESN'T look like CGI crap! When they do use CGI they edit it slickly to try to hide the fact (which I appreciate!) It's also been a while since I've seen a film with battle scenes this satisfying. And sure, some of the acting could have been better, but overall it's pretty good. With more shots (multiple close-up shots especially) everything could have come out looking sharper. With such a large budget, this film could have looked more spectacular. Not that it doesn't look really good, because it does. Set and costume design are great, and those working hair and makeup had the sense not to make these look like Hollywood actors. For what it is, I really enjoyed this film and would like to see more like it.

One minor point: if it was a little less ambitious it might have accomplished more in some respects. It's too bad this couldn't have been a 2 hour film and had more time to explore character and relationship development. It definitely feels a bit rushed, however the pace does add to the excitement. Not many films keep me on the edge of my seat these days, but this one did. The battle scenes are definitely its strongest feature. Even though you know Conan is unlikely to die, being the hero of the film, the action is so intense and so many dangers are thrown at him that your sub-conscious can't help but register the danger he's in at every turn.

Recommended for fans of dark and gritty adventure films.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 7, 2013
WIZARD: "between the time when the oceans drank Atlantis, and the rise of the sons of Aryas there was an age undreamed of and unto this, Conan, destined to bear the jeweled crown if Aquilonia upon a troubled brow."

Conan had his tribe and especially his family dispatched by the evil Thulsa Doom (James Earl Jones.) He is sold into slavery, learns the ways of the world and starts to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now with the help of his sometimes god "Crom" and the enigma of steel he is ready for revenge. We get to go along for the ride.

I had to watch this (1982) movie again now that it has had the blue-ray treatment including a commentary by Director John Milius and Arnold Schwarznegger which gives a good insight as to the purpose and creativity of the film. I was surprised to find out how much of the movie I forgot over the years. Now it is a retrospective.

Remember what was said in Alice, "Anything with a head can be beheaded."

One should contemplate this on the Tree of Woe.
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