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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on June 24, 2004
This is one of the only slasher/ horror flicks of the 80's that I can say is really good, and give four stars. The girls of the soroity house are pretty cool and likeable, as well as attractive in a unique kind of way. The attic is creepy and well decorated. The music is great, and not the usual bad syn. music as in most early-80's slashers. The story is interesting, the acting good, as well as the production values, and is scary! On another note, the trailer, which is included on the DVD, give the impression that this is a bit more dramatic than scary. And it is a bit, but it's not a bad thing. The DVD transfer is great, and makes the film look as tho it was made recently! I REALlY like this movie, and defintely reccomended it.
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on July 13, 2002
THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW deserves a much higher place in the upper eschelon of the slasher film genre. Perhaps buried by bigger named releases by the top studios at the time (Paramount and the "Friday the 13th series and Universal with "Halloween II and III") the film succeeds on many levels where the typical slasher film usually fails. Within the 91 minutes of film writer and director Mark Rosman weaves a brisk and taut tale. Starting with the script, which actually shows a great deal of inspiration, the film provides the viewer with a remotely plausible storyline that is brimming with mystery and suspense. Rosman also succeeds in creating sympathetic characters (not always an easy task in the slasher genre). Among the cast are a group of actually talented actresses, including Harley Jane Kozak and soap actress Eileen Davidson (who would go onto great fame and prominenece later in the 80s in daytime TV). These actresses actually build characters that maintain our interest. Another success is the effective gore sequences which are directed with a great deal of suspense, but just enough restraint to keep them effective. So many times the "killing" is the centerpiece of a slasher film. Here it is actually handled as a device for carrying the story along. You will also be surprised by the superb score by Richard H. Band who along with the London Philharmonic actually adds to the mood of the film much like John Carpenter's "Halloween" did several years before.
Elite Entertainment has given this low budget gem a decent anamorphic widescreen transfer. Although the print has some minor defects, the presentation is overall pleasing. The mono soundtrack has been transferred nicely, although at times the dialogue looping seems to lack a deal of fidelity. Included is the theatrical trailer, which is presented in full screen. There are no other extras to this DVD. The package also tells you that there is no insert included inside (I wish other companies would make that disclaimer on their DVDs so there isn't expectation). A chapter listing is provided on the outside of the case.
It would be nice to see in the future a "Special Edition" DVD of this film with commentaries by the director and cast (many of whom I would imagine would be thrilled at the prospect), still photography, a "behind the scenes" documentary and maybe more audio options ( this film begs for a surround sound mix). Until then, you will be thrilled with this release. Its a true gem in a genre that is pretty much ignored by the DVD producers.
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on October 6, 2000
With a title like that, I expected another"slasher chasing scantily clad coeds" but I was in for a surprise.This film,directed by Brian DePalma's former assistant director Mark Rosman,is a stylish and creepy thriller with shades of the classic French thriller Diabolique(1955) and the atmosphere of the Italian horror cinema. Certain scenes may seem dated(check out the band playing at the party)-but then again it was the early 80's(lets not forget the disco scene in Prom Night).Overall, a fun and suspenseful film that should not be overlooked by any horror fan looking for something with a few jolting twists.
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on October 31, 2000
In the 80's there were a few horror movies using Sororities. There was Initiation, Sorority House Massacre and Hell Night, just to name a few. This one is among the best, and does have a few creepy moments. Not overly bloody, and a followable story line. The acting is pretty good too, considering it is an 80's horror film. I am really excited to see this out on DVD with a wide screen presentation. I will be showing this at my fraternity for horror movie night!!!
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on May 6, 2001
I love this movie. It is sooooo EXCELLENT.I am surprised that this movie is'nt popular today. This is much better than alot of Horror movies especially better than "I Know What You did Last Summer". The acting is FANTASTIC. The scene when the girl is hiding in the bathroom Scares Me To Death! If you can't find this in a video store and you have a DVD player buy it that is what I did and I loved it so "It Is Worth It".
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on March 5, 2002
I was so pleased to see that long-time JW set decorator Vincent Peranio did this film as well! That aside, this was much better than most 80s "horror" flicks. If you like "Black Christmas" then you should enjoy this one as well. And Harley (Jane) Kozak, sexy voice aside, has never been more unattractive! A must-see for fans of the genre!
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on August 24, 2001
My Aunt and Uncle were involved in the making of this flick... I could not believe that it was here! It scared the bejesus out of me when we saw it in the movie theater and it is cool to watch now.. Pretty cool..
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on July 5, 2001
this film is SUSPENSEFUL, FUNNY, SCARY, and surprisingly well made. buy it. TODAY!
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on July 20, 2014
a take it or leave movie
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on July 19, 2016
near end keeps skipping
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