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on November 24, 2003
lips of blood is a decent film by jena rollin but still not his best. like a lot of eurotrash directors, they can make some really outstanding work but there will be some which are not quite as good too. i will give this one four stars because there are certain aspects of this film which stay with you for literally days such as the mysterious woman in white & her meeting with the young boy in his formative years. i also liked the idea that the boy grows up only to remember his one encounter with the girl at such a formative age & desperately seeks to find the ruins again in hopes of being reunited with her. in addition to that, i loved the idea he is willing to risk his own life if it means he can only see this place of his childhood one last time. what almost spoils the film in my opinion are the goofy female vampires who roam the streets of france is scantily-clad but colorful drapery. i'm sorry but these females look way too goofy & i tried very hard not to laugh. unlike some rollin films, this one makes more sense to the average i'm sure & isn't quite as surrealistic perhaps but i wouldn't considered it to be his masterpiece. in fact, some of the slow-paced chase scenes after the first 30 or 40 minutes are a bit too lengthy & should've been cut. another thing i should mention is that this version contains very little sexual innuendo or nudity which is somewhat unusual considering this is a jean rollin after all. rumour has it this film was later filled with erotic or perhaps graphic sexual images only to be released under the name "suck me vampire". maybe we should all seek out this version of the film or image dvd will release it later? the ending where where our hero is reunited with the mysterious, beautiful young girl in white is classical & should please viewers. infact, this ending alone is worth the 90 minutes we invest into watching lips of blood. if you are a fan of jean rollin or just curious after reading the reviews, i know you'll want to go ahead & quench you thirst so pick up a bottle of red wine on the way home from the video store when you are prepared to view this film. you'll be glad you did.
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on July 29, 2001
of the jean rollins dvds i've seen this is the best , the picture quality is fine. I've got no problem with Jean Lou Philippe, I watched it in French and couldn't understand a word, but there is not much talking anyway. The streets of paris are bathed in a blue light and the castle shots are nice. The woman in white has a hella good body too.
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on April 16, 2001
Lips of Blood is the story of one ugly (I'm talking Masculine Medusa) man searching a suddenly nightmarish world (inhabited by vampires and their sadistic hunters) for the mysterious woman he met, and fell in love with, as a young boy. There are some truly gorgeous moments in this (a dead photographer sprawled out in an aquarium display is a masterpiece of stylized blocking) and some that are just plain weird (a naked vampire shouting nonsense at the edge of a cliff). Recommended for those who like horror surreal and moody. Those who want action and/or plot are better off looking elsewhere.
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