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on November 23, 2013
The only power cable included, doesn't function after three months approximately, no cosmetic/physical damage visible, had in drawer for about five weeks deciding what to do. Ordered the incorrect TC970 cable replacement accidently and requested exchange for TC979 cable yesterday. What is the warranty on this item, should I have purchased the cable at all?
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on August 30, 2012
- 9.7 inch screen, supports 720p video(*)
- upgraded to 4.0.1 Ice Cream Sandwich; this upgrade is a must do and it will really set the tablet apart from its younger brother. ICS is much faster and smoother in its interface. Upgrading to ICS means a clean version of ICS, without any bloatware, which is very good and usually unheard of.
- browser scrolls smoothly and with ICS, its even better (Browser replaced with Chrome Browser); for small links, the browser will pop up a small window zooming in on the links, so you can more precisely tab on them.
-keyboard is fast and responsive although I haven't yet figured out how to disable the haptic feedback

-(*): the 1Ghz dual-core processor is obviously put at its limits when playing high-definition video. If you don't leave the tablet alone to do its thing, you start seeing signs of fatigue and slow-down during playback. One instance when I played 720p video from youtube, it took a while for the video to run at least 20ish frames per second, the beginning being played at around 10. Maybe it was loading but still. Mind you the tablet wasn't yet upgraded when i tried.

Overall, you get an android tablet that runs fairly smooth for most tasks. It won't run like the latest 7-inch tablet from Google but its also bigger in screen size. You can watch movies, play music, do work on it, read books and even set up a Virtual Private Network.

Great buy overall, would recommend it to anyone who doesn't mind the Le Pan label on the back ;)
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on July 15, 2012
Le Pan II was lets say, not an easy choice at first because lets face it the name of "Le Pan" is not widely known in the consumer market. After weeks of reviewing the on-line specs and the back and forth of should I buy a what looks to be the specs of an Ipad 2 at below half the price. The burning question was is this worth the risk... I am happy to report that this is WELL worth the money, even more so if your comparing to other Android tablets and even as far as the Ipad 2.

This great package has everything that should be in a tablet and then some. The extra surprises are the demo's I have with my work colleges as they come sporting they're Ipads, Galaxy tabs, transformer Prime etc. but all can't compete with the speed or have the same results as I have on the Le Pan, as the OS is stock honey comb everything works smooth and with out issues. The system is easy and the hardware is top notch. Lets not for get that even though its flying and smooth now the unit will be updating within a few weeks to the new ICS which builds on the already great Operating System. If you know much about Android this is really a big deal.

I dropped it the first week... yes I was devastated, However with the sad exception of minor scratches and some chips in the hard plastic the tablet is still running perfect to this day. Purchase date Jan 2012. A true t estimate to the solid construction of the unit, there really is a premium feel to the materials used.

Down falls, well after all that praise would you believe I have a down fault. The Camera, although the front camera is great for conference and video chats via Gtalk, and Skype it is only a 2mp camera. Now that isn't really bad as most tablets are of this price are the same, only issue is there is no rear facing camera, this is all you get. So if your planing on making this your all in one, think again as the camera is not as good as most phones but it does do the job for video chats and to get the picture across via emails just not as good as other tables with rear cameras of higher mega pixels.

After you consider the Specs, Operating System, and quality; you are left with one decision, is it worth the less money to take the risk on this newer company. The short answer is "ABSOLUTELY YES". After your left with some extra cash head over to the Google play store and spend some money and get rocking with cool software.

(I don't do reviews, I just honestly thought this was something worthy of my 2 cents.)
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon June 25, 2013
This is probably the best purchase I ever made, period! I think i bought it when it was 159 and its deliver a value of at least 300 bucks. Now that a good bang for the buck!

Love my Le Pan!!
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on August 24, 2013
got this at 169$, great buy, excellent tablet (once you root it, is fairly easy) battery last real long time since rooting, and the wifi is a little buggy, but using 'wifi fixer' app makes it all better, see lepan forums for root info:
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on January 18, 2012
This is a wonderful tablet, a very pleasant surprise given the rather unknown brand and very fair price. I actually didn't buy it as a bargain but rather as one of the best 4:3 tablets available today. Many of us android users quietly struggle with the 16:10/16:9 form factors. Great for video consumption but rather awkward to handle in the 10" range and not very useful in portrait mode. In my humble opinion, 4:3 is much more comfortable and natural for websites, magazines, kindle/nook app and pdf content. One of the only true advantages of the ipad. I am fussy about screens and was pleasantly surprised that the Le Pan II has a beautiful screen. I've held it side by side with an ipad and an ASUS transformer, it more than measures up. As other reviewers have noted, the build quality is also very good. Current firmware fixes the WIFI issue. You get excellent battery life and stock Honeycomb 3.2.1 with the promise of 4.0. Finally, the upgraded processor (Qualcomm APQ8060 Snapdragaon 1.2 GHz, Dual Core - same as HP touchpad and Galaxy S II phone) is immensely capable and a worthy upgrade from the 1st generation Le Pan. Yeah its a bargain but, in my opinion, this is one of the best overall current generation android tablets out there at any price.
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on November 1, 2017
this one was defective so we send it back
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on February 16, 2013
Great tablet for the price ($159 at the time of purchase in Feb 2013). Even better with the POSRUS antiglare screen protector that I ordered on eBay (specifically designed for the Le Pan). Wish that I could get the Bluerex case designed for this tablet - it's only available on The case I got here is okay, but not perfect because it is designed for the HP Touchpad (which is taller than the Le Pan ii). When running apps on the tablet there is generally no lag, and scrolling is super smooth.

Compared to other cheap 9.7" tablets out there, this one has every sensor - G-sensor, ambient light sensor, GPS...I understand also that 64GB microSD cards work with the tablet, if you format the card on the tablet and then add at least one file from your PC (otherwise the size of the card doesn't show on the tablet). I will be ordering a 64GB card on Amazon, and the HDMI cable.

Note: You will see older negative reviews about this tablet here and on Be aware that all of the negative reviews relating to the WiFi issues are no longer valid. The problem was fixed in a Honeycomb firmware update, and doesn't exist with tablets running Ice Cream Sandwich.
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on December 26, 2012
I purchased this product having never used a tablet, but I had been reading reviews and following them, especially this brand, for almost a year. Originally I was interested in the TC 970, but when the Black Friday sale came on, my husband convinced me I'd be happier with the II. So far I adore it. I have no problems with the wifi connectivity - it found and connected to my home network more smoothly than my laptop does. It does everything I've asked it to do and more. The power button must be held for several seconds to turn on if you've completely shut down - not sure if this is why people have issues. However, in standby the tablet is just a touch to power back on. I wasn't sure if I'd like or use an e-reader, being a staunch lover of books, but it's an absolute delight to use and comes loaded with several types, the Kindle, Adobe reader and Play Books. Loading anything is super easy, just drag and drop and the tablet figures out where to put it. I also purchased the 32gb micro card so I've loaded a bunch of movies, etc. Super easy to use, I love it! It also streams NetFlix flawlessly and the picture is amazingly clear. For the money, it's a hell of a deal!
The only negative things are so small that they barely merit mentioning but they are as follows: You need a 30pin connecter that is specific to LePan, the Ipad one looks the same but is a hair bigger. We found this out when looking for a 30 pin to hdmi cable, however Amazon also sells this at an excellent price. Also, the camera is forward facing only which would be great for Skype, but is impractical when taking pictures as you can't see what you're aiming at! However I didn't want it as a camera so I don't really care. The speakers aren't spectacular but they're okay and there is a headphone jack so exterior speakers are easily added. It has no usb ports, but again, I don't miss them. Anything I want or need I just grab off my computer with ease.
All in all, I use this so much more than I expected and love it so much! I highly recommend it.
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on February 2, 2012
Prior to buying I read many reviews on their initial tablet and waited patiently for LePan II to be available. Was thrilled when I received it and initially began using. As mentioned the screen quality was great, except for some bleeding at the edges. It was responsive. Had a few instances where it froze, but wasn't overly concerned. After 4 days my happiness was replaced by frustration. I went to power on the tablet and there was no response. This had happened one day previously and powering the unit overnight resolved it. In thinking it was once again just low on battery, I plugged it in overnight. The next morning, no change as I was still unable to power on. Thinking it might be the USB charger I plugged it into the PC again overnight. Tried the reset and many other combination to power the unit on to no avail.

I contacted support, although it took a day longer cause their site was down for a bit (never a good sign), and began receiving responses. They provided much of the same suggestions as the knowledgebase articles I had read. It became evident that it was beyond any resets and that the unit was most likely faulty. Prior to this they responded in the case with an order for a USB charger and cable, plus shipping at a cost of $19. I pointed out that I only had the unit for 3 days and I would think it would be warranty even for those components. They suggested that I return it to place of purchase, as the RMA process would be lengthy given their lack of stock for LePan IIs. Could be I just happened to get a dud unit, but feel grateful that it happened now, rather then when return was not possible.
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