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on October 31, 2001
This was one of the biggest flops of the 80's and for a good reason: it's a total turkey. I agree that it wasn't fair for people to judge this movie without seeing it, so I finally saw it. The concept isn't bad. I like the idea of showing his struggle with temptation. Yes, he was tempted and probably by some of the things in this movie. But depicting him as being weak and confused is unforgivable, fiction or not. Christ clearly knew who he was even as a child according to the only written accounts that matter: the ones written by those who knew him. The number one rule in writing is "Write about what you know." The makers of this film obviously don't know him. I can't believe all of the praise for this piece of junk. This movie is an embarrasment and will fortunately fade into obscurity along with countless other hair-brained films that never should have been made. If there is anything good that came from this, it's that the film company lost twelve million dollars on this project. Hollywood will think twice about making a film like this again in a Country that is 50% Christian! Dumb indeed.
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on March 16, 2004
Save your money and time, this movie is not worth it. This is One of the worst movies I've seen so far. It has nothing to do with the title of the movie but with the acting, Willem Dafoe & Harvey Keitel tried their best to act their worst. I don't know what Martin Scorsese was thinking when he directed this joke.
Maybe he could not afford the money for better actors and even the extras in this movie are as bad as the actors.I think Mr Scorsese was asleep at the chair while these clowns were making fools of themselves and him. Someone should had shouted, CUT!
Anyways save your money is 2004 21st century maybe something better will come around ( maybe already has, a new director Mel Gibson ) What a PASSION for a movie.
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on February 17, 2004
This is the most ridiculous trashing of the Gospels that I have seen to date. Jesus WAS tempted, but He never entertained the temptations. Either in His heart, His head or with His physical being. Jesus was very clear about this when He Himself declared that it is sin to even commit adultery in your heart. That is...that if you merely dwell on and entertain the idea of committing adultery, you have already done it in your heart. This movie does nothing but portray Jesus the Messiah as an indecisive, nervous and unsure of himself individual who would just as soon fornicate (that's to have sex outside of marriage) with Mary Magdalene than go to the cross as God the Father predestined it to be before time as we know it even began. Jesus WAS fully human AND fully God. It is not inaccurate to acknowledge Jesus' humanity in the sense that He felt pain, He felt sorrow, and He felt loss and even anger. In His humanity he asked the Father if there was any way for the cup of suffering to pass and that man could be saved in any other way, that it would pass. But He is the only One whose blood would suffice for the sins of mankind. He was born to die, and was resurrected to fulfill the prophecies of the Old Testament and sits now at the right hand of God in intercession for all of us until He returns in judgement. Scorcese has succeeded in making a pitiful misinterpretation of who Jesus is and what His life during those 33 years on earth were all about. And to the one who was a "protester-turned-praiser"...maybe you ought to go back and read the Gospel and edit your review. His 3 decades here was NOT the only life He had known. He IS God, and "before Abraham was, I AM." That's what makes His death on the cross and the torture He endured that day so much more than any man has suffered. He left the glory of Heaven to put on mortal flesh and die so that you & I could have eternal forgiveness and life everlasting. You want to see a REAL movie about Jesus? Go see "The Passion of the Christ". You want Hollywood spin and propaganda from a man who wouldn't know Jesus from the devil? Go ahead and waste your money & time on this trash.
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on May 12, 1999
I understand what the director was tring to do, I am also glad that Willem Defoe considerd this the most inspiring movie he has ever acted in. That is why it got the 1 star. But ..... First the idea could have been handled better about the "what if he didn't die on the cross". Also the events in Jesus's life were all out of order, If you are going to tell the story of this man please atleast be accurate of when the events took place. Also he was treated as a tormented soul that needed more advice from his followers then what he knew about himself. Sorry the son of GOD had many years to figure it out before his ministry and his disciples were barely figuring out what he was all about let alone giving him any advice. A divine soul would have graduated past alot of these problems, even the enlightened Budda is treated better then that. The sound track is the best part of the movie. P.S. You are better off buying "Jesus of Nazarath".
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on August 1, 2003
This film is ridiculous, I find most Non christians enjoy this film, and they ALWAYS make fun of christians because they picketed this I ask you Why would a Christian who is serious about their faith NOT stand up for what they believe in when calling this rubbish Blasphemous? wouldnt that cheapen their faith? make them wishy washy? cmon.....this film has NOTHING to do with the bible , it is a twisted view of a Sinful Christ....this kind of film just confuses people more and more. Christ was the Son of God, so why would he have sex with mary and indulge in sinful things when his purity is what made him the ultimate sacrifice for mankind? why would he let Judas slap him around and belittle him? say that this film is brilliant is nonsensical! If you dig blasphemous films this is for you, however if you revere Jesus as your saviour you will be thrown by the take on this film.
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on October 17, 2003
People seem to have one of two opinions about this film:
1. People are offended by its blasphemous nature, and they hate it.
2. People find the film "dangerous" and "edgy," and therefore a great film.
I can't Identify with either point of view, really. My own take on the film is that its a disastrous, train-wreck of a movie.
The movie allegedly seeks to depict the "human side" of Christ. Though Scorsese's Jesus isn't all that God-like, he isn't all that human either. Between fits of grief, tearing his own heart out, and performing miracles, Christ comes across more like a freak show/ mental patient. As a character, Christ isn't likeable or sympathetic, but frustrating. For me, this was the absolute worst part of the film. No, it's not the sex with Mary Magdeline. It's Jesus as a character, who just can't seem to make up his mind about ANYTHING.
If anyone else were depicted in such a way, people would hate the character and the film itself. Imagine a movie about John Lennon, where he second guesses his role as a peacenik, and ponders what it would be like being military dictator. Or if Lennon was constatntly waffling between peace and war as a social ideal. That wouldn't be offesive; it would be headache inducing and stupid. And that accurately describes the Last Temptation.
And then there is the awful (though strangely well regarded) musical score. In the special features section of the disk, there is an entire chapter dedicated to the film's soundtrack. An awful lot of people love this soundtrack, but it represents everything phony and mechanical of 1980s synthesized rock.
If you feel the need to see what all the fuss is about, then go for it.
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on February 20, 2004
I was in a video store one day, I was searching through the charts when I came across it, bearing in mind the amount of controversy it generated. I was at first reluctant and at the same time curious to see the film, but my curiously won over.
When I watched it I was shocked and violated, I can sincerely understand people's reaction to this film, its beyond blasphemous, and it's an abomination against the Holy Scriptures, I felt as if I committed a sin just watching it.
For all those who defend this film, which can only be anti-Christian's or members of other religion who would happily see Christianity's image tarnished. This movie will only prove the bible's credibility in terms of it prophesying the twisting of the truth.
I'm a Christian Orthodox, an Assyrian for that matter, for those who never heard of the Assyrians, we are one of the first people to adapt to Christianity and also to speak the language of Christ (Aramaic), and it's devastating to see my saviour portrayed the way he was in the film.
I do not wish to discuss the film's content nor wish to recommend it to anyone who is a faithful Christian. Like I said, this film will only prove the bible's prophesies.
May God forgive those who are responsible.
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on March 28, 2004
but you will have to hate Christianity to Love it! I just watched this movie on Bravo and it stunk to bad to even hate it. I've been interested in seeing it for years but I can never find it at any video stores(major tip off of how "good" this movie is). So, I watched. First, bad, bad acting. Wow! This was an insult to "B" movies everywhere. And then there was the utter stupidity of Jesus talking to animals in the desert. I'm not going to go into that to much because it was so ridiculous that I almost thought I was going to hurt myself from laughing so hard(I mean I laughed HARD. I had to blow my nose and wipe my eyes hard) and I want the viewer to get whatever small enjoyment they can get from this flapper. It is sad that the Catholic Church and other Protestant churches gave this movie the "dignity" of boycotting and protesting. If they would have ignored this movie, trust me so would have most everyone else. I think some of the five star reviews may have come from a mindset that delights in ANY version of Jesus that departs from the written records of history(yes, yes, I know that the movie was somewhat based on gnostic writings, but these writings were usually many decades, even centuries after the four canonical Gospels). I almost gave the movie two stars for the unintentionally funny parts, but I think this movie got way to many 5 stars to warrant that kind of condensation. As you have noticed I did not bother to right a serious review. This was neither a serious nor smart movie, therefor I gave it a review that I thought was fitting to it: playful scorn.
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on April 18, 2010
Just fair warning: this DVD is not enhanced for widescreen TVs so be prepared for window-boxing. Super annoying.

Luckily the movie itself is amazing. Highly recommended for anyone with an interest in challenging and cultivating their spirituality.
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on January 28, 2004
This was really beautiful and breathtaking film. Willem Dafoe was intepreting Christ best he could. My husband and me were talking a lot about our feelings that we felt after we saw the movie. It was so unpleasant to see that a little girl, "good angel", who took down Jesus from cross, was fake. After that everything went wrong. Oh God, is it a dream? Somebody tell him that he is the One! Oh, it was all Satan's work. We knew that Jesus will conquer, and he made it.
I hope I'll get soon a Nikos Kazantzakis's book "The last temptation of Christ" in english cause there in no translation in croatian.
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