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on January 17, 2017
Arrived well before Christmas and my son enjoys it. Everyone locally told me it would be impossible to find this game.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon August 20, 2015
Kid Icarus: Uprising is the revival of an old, dead IP that harkens back to the 8-bit era where the NES had just hit the scene and rescued the gaming industry from it's demise thanks to Atari. Where the first game was a side scrolling platform, Kid Icarus: Uprising is a surprisingly hardcore shoot'em up.


The Gods are at war. Initially, the Goddess of Light, Palutena, battles the Goddess of Darkness, Medusa. However a large cast of other characters become involved, all of whom are Gods, and want Pit and Palutena, and each other dead for various reasons.

While the characters witty commentary is at times hilarious, the story falls flat on it's face as there appears to be no clear direction where it is going. Spanning 25 missions, the entire story seems to get derailed quite often. Plenty of things are not explained what-so-ever. It seems as if the writers totally forgot major plot points and just move past them. (Enemies become allies for no reason, and with no explanation. Pit is turned into a ring and it is never explained why, or how this even happened.) The lack of consistent story telling is a shame, because the writing is clearly clever on every other level with the exception of conveying a cohesive story.

---- AUDIO and VISUAL ----

The audio in Kid Icarus is a real treat. An almost orchestral score accompanies you as you play through the game, and the talented voice actors lend life and authenticity to the bickering Gods and Pit as they interact with one another. Listening to the dialogue is certainly not a chore as characters speak during the heat of battle.

On a visual level, Kid Icarus is without a doubt one of the best looking games on the 3DS despite it's age. The graphics are crisp and impressive and manage to handle quite a bit on screen at once. If I had one complaint though, it would certainly be the enemy design: You fight a lot of circles with eyes and boxes. Many of the enemies look as though no effort or thought was put into them what so ever; so the games gorgeous engine is wasted on rendering mostly boxes that fire circles at you, or circles that fire more circles at you.


Kid Icarus: Uprising is a surprisingly hardcore shoot 'em up, allowing players to customize weapons by combining them, select an array of powers to aid them in ground combat. The difficulty of a level can be amped up via hearts through the Fiends Cauldron, allowing players to recieve greater rewards for greater risks. Each death will lower the difficulty - and your score - however, reducing the rewards you earn greatly.

Unfortunately, where the core of the gameplay is concerned, Kid Icarus becomes repetitive within the first few levels. This is a seven hour adventure wherein every level begins with an airborne shooting section: you will manouver Pit in circles, aim with the styles, fire with the left trigger until it is time to land. There isn't much else to how these sections function. The ground sections are more of the same: passing through hallway after hallway, staircase after staircase doing much of the same thing.

The biggest problem for the gameplay aside from already being incredibly difficult on the higher settings is that Pit controls awkwardly. The camera and the reticle for aiming are both controlled via the touch screen, making actually playing an ergonomic nightmare. Prepare to have your hands become uncomfortable if you intend to play at any length. This also means that the camera is difficult to control, lending to a slew of other control problems.


Kid Icarus: Uprising is fun for the first forty minutes. However the same is a seven-hour long adventure with an incohesive story. Hardcore elements might be unattractive to more casual gamers, and the awkward control scheme will keep most people from playing it at any length due to the pains in the hands they can cause. This is easily one of the worst control schemes for any game I have ever played. I cannot recommend buying this game at full price. However for a cheap price, the game is entertaining enough and provides enough replay-ability in terms of content that it can be worth it for bargain bin prices.
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on February 8, 2015
Great game!
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on July 27, 2013
Great game.
Customizable difficulty allows for great replay value.
Multiplayer is a blast.
Controls are a little hard on the wrists, take frequent breaks for the first few plays.
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on June 10, 2012
Let's get the bad out of the way. The control system is a bit frustrating. It's not something that will prevent you from playing the game, it just takes some adjustment. Your left hand controls the shoot button and movement of Pit while your right makes use of the analog stick to aim and control your point of view. A stand is provided but not necessary. After a half hour of gameplay you should be comfortable, it just takes a little getting you.

The good: fast, fun, & furious. I vaguely remember playing the original Kid Icarus, a side scrolling RPG where you collect hearts, jump on baddies, and shoot arrows. The Nintendo 3DS breathes fresh life into a franchise that many have forgotten about.

Each level is fairly straightforward: 5 minute aerial battle, 5-10 minute ground level (Zelda-esque) hunt for baddies, then a boss. The recipe is simple, but it's fun and I keep wanting to go back for more. You collect new weapons, and can redeem hearts for rewards & the like.

The 3D aspects of this game are flawless, though not entirely necessary if you find that aspect of the device distracting. A beautiful world with a fun story-line. Lots of laughs and hours of fun await.
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on May 22, 2012
The game is fun and has a cool retro feel, but the control scheme is brutal. You pretty much have to play on the included stand, which defeats most of the purpose of a 'mobile' game system.
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on April 29, 2012
For fans of Smash Bros., beat-em ups, and the spectacular rail-shooters of old, this is a must-own. The gameplay virtually never gets old, thanks to it changing with each of the billions of different weapons you can make. On top of that, the online modes provide frantic and furious fun, with great rewards for doing well (but no punishments for doing badly!). You can tell it began life as a console game, as the production values couldn't be much higher.

Great, great game.
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on March 30, 2012
Off the bat, I must admit I'm not much of a Kid Icarus Fan. I never knew who Pit was until I played Super Smash Brothers Brawl but after playing Kid Icarus Uprising, it's safe to say I know how great this franchise is. Kid Icarus Uprising was revealed a few years ago at E3 as a true AAA title to look forward to for the 3DS. However most attention was upon Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7. Don't be fooled, Kid Icarus isn't a game to pass by if you own a 3DS.
The gameplay is rather unique. The controls aren't the most comfortable at first but you'll surely get accustomed to it. I prefer using the stand that comes included with the game, it makes a difference. You'll play through chapters in the story mode, each are separated in 3 gameplay segments, a 5 minute on-rails shooting segment where Pit is given the ability to fly and fend off enemies, an on foot 3rd person action adventure and lastly a boss battle. The air on-rails shooting is reminiscent of Sin and Punishment, gives you a great sense of exhilaration. The 3rd person segments for some reason resembles to a mash-up of Zelda and Smash Bros, only issue I have is controlling Pit's view in this mode but once again you'll adjust. Project Sora, the studio responsible for this game I'm sure worked on Smash Brothers Brawl. Most menus and overall layout of the game has that Brawl style to it. The boss battles are quite impressive and rewarding if completed on much higher difficulties.
The graphics are some of the greatest I've seen to date for the 3ds. I thought Resident Evil Revelations was the best looking 3ds game yet, surely it is but just the vibrant colors and surprising scale to Kid Icarus will certainly astound even the ficklest gamer. The voice acting is rather quirky, I honestly expected Lady Palutena to have a more serious, goddess-like voice than a cartoony one. Pit's voice is suiting, very enjoyable. Dialogue is cheesy at times but entertaining on the most part. The story is interesting enough to keep you hooked until the end. Art direction for the characters are enjoyable, I'm not too big on greek mythology but yet again Nintendo can convert me into liking anything they want me to.
Multiplayer is hit or miss. I found it to be a little too frantic, too many things happening at once with all the different weapon classes and effects equipped, very fast paced. Guaranteed it's fun but I found myself enjoying the story mode slightly more. There is an incredible amount of depth in this game which really adds to it's replay value. A rather large weapon system. 9 different classes but practically endless variables. You can fuse weapons, acquire weapons via streetpass, completing story chapters etc.
Enclosing I strongly recommend Kid Icarus Uprising. It's one of the finer 3DS titles to date, has incredible depth in gameplay variety, comes with a 3ds stand and 6 AR cards to use with the 3DS camera. The value is there, don't pass this one up, Nintendo has done a phenomenal job rejuvenating Kid Icarus and it can't be ignored.
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on March 28, 2012
Alright, so compared to the original Kid Icarus, this Uprising lacks in difficulty! Majorly. Even though their 'pun intended' jokes are cute, I don't want them in Kid Icarus :( Kid Icarus just seems, to me, more of a 'serious' game than a joking kids game. They should've thought back to the original before making this one. I do seriously love the flight, as Pit couldn't fly in the original, but it's seriously lacking a bunch of things. I wish they will either create a sequel or another Kid Icarus remake, and hopefully will kick it up a notch! (Hopefully for the Wii lol)
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