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3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on May 28, 2012
Any of these four songs could have been on the Death Magnetic CD. They would not seem out of place on Mater of Puppets or "and Justice for all." Rumor has it that Metallica may play one or more tracks off this CD on their 2012 comcert tour.
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on March 13, 2012
All in all it's OK. I love Metallica, and am a bit biased but for $10 a little more effort in the post prod would've been appreciated. There are awesome riffs and parts, but the songs as a whole...well there's a reason they didn't make the Death Magnetic cut. if you are a Metallica fan then get it, if you're not or just are OK with them, don't bother with this one.
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Forget the fact that I bought this twice. (Shame on you Metallica for releasing this digitally without even announcing that there would be a forthcoming physical release.) This EP, Metallica's umpteenth (and fourth in a row last I checked) is totally worth whatever your local shop is asking you to plunk down for it. There's nothing in the way of special packaging so if you already own a digital copy, you'll probably be fine with just that. For sheer riffage per minute, this is Metallica the way I remember it.

The production or lack thereof is rougher than Death Magnetic, which is fine by me. The songs themselves all could have been on Death Magnetic, there's really nothing weak here. "Hate Train" is among the better Metallica songs from the last 20 years. It careens from fast and heavy to melodic and back again. And that's just the first track. If you liked Death Magnetic, then buying this is a real no-brainer. If you didn't, and still can't get over the fact that Metallica don't sound the same as when you were in highschool, then avoid, because I'll tell you right now this won't change your jaded mind.

4 stars.
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on February 7, 2012
Metallica has made it clear on several occasions that these four songs are just rough cuts and lack the final production steps, but although the production is not up to Metallica standards, it is still a lot better than a lot of other bands' final studio album recordings.

With the exception of "Hell and Back" either or all of the other three songs could have been put on to Death Magnetic, although I can see why they were maybe left off, seeing as how some of the riffs and melodies sound a little similar to some of the songs already on Death Magnetic (Hate Train having a couple parts that sound like the intro to Judas Kiss for example)

"Hate Train" is my favorite song on the album, I know a lot of people have been praising "Just a bullet away" but there's something about the chorus on "Hate Train" that makes me not want to stop singing it ("You took away to-morrrrr-oww"), it's a great, catchy chorus that hits hard. Although Rebel of Babylon is a little bit all over the place, it somehow comes together perfectly and makes for a great listen and an even better listen the second time around.

Just one final word on "Hell and Back", this being the reason for the four stars instead of five (I mean, come on, Master of Puppets is a five star album and there's no comparing the two) it's not that "Hell and Back" is a bad song, it's just a little generic for Metallica.

All in all, any Metallica fan should own this, and will definatly enjoy it. These guys can still make "kick you in the face" metal music (granted with a little less kick than their earlier stuff, but still amazing) and I believe they will continue to do so until their arms fall off and they can no longer play their instruments.
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on February 1, 2012
Granted it doesn't suck as much as lulu because James sings or rather tries too. The only song on here that's half tolerable is Just a bullet away which is ruined by awful lyrics and helium James singing. Metallica's writing skills are dead, the lyrics sound like dr Seuss just like DM which should have been expected I guess. Not worth wasting money on, just more half a$$'Ed nutallica.
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on January 31, 2012
If you're like me and followed the making of Death Magnetic on Mission Metallica, then you couldn't help but be disappointed when Death Magnetic came out. A great album, but there was indeed some really good material left off. Beyond Magnetic fills in the gap. While listening to this EP, I couldn't help but say to myself, "ooh I remember that!" and I'm sure you'll find yourself doing the same. The four previously unreleased Death Magnetic tracks are here in the same horrible Death Magnetic production. Look out for Rebel Of Babylon, it can get a bit thrashy. And if anyone is wondering where "Shine" is, it's re-titled Just A Bullet Away.
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