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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on February 15, 2001
Look, I was in 'Nam and this movie captures nothing but a few tears from weepy card burning hippies who used to throw eggs on us back in the day. This film naively chose to focus on the sad aspects of war, like watching your buddy go crazy. It neglected to display the great aspects of war, like you and your buddy being able to legally kill people. I mean, you can call me crazy, but until you've actually been in that position you don't know how exhilirating it is. This movie is unrealistic, melodramatic, and highly overrated.
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on April 2, 1999
The Deer Hunter is an overlong drama about the effects of war. This film is considered a war movie but they barely show any war scenes in this film. Sure, the scenes of Russian roulette are disturbing but then the film just goes into a long phase of boredom. I think this movie would have worked better if the characters were brothers rather than friends, that way the complete mental collapse would make much more sense.
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on March 9, 1999
The Deer Hunter was awarded the Best Picture that should have gone to Apocalypse Now the next year. Very long with dull scenes that have nearly no actual truth to Vietnam. Boring script and acting make this one a pitiful three hour piece of trash.
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on December 20, 1998
A decidedly boring film that takes 3 hours to painfully wend its way to its desultory, but ultimately entirely predictable conclusion.
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on April 17, 1999
THis film hardly does justice to vetrans of the Vietnam war becaues it exploits what happend to them and then plays it in complety unrealistic ways( I know becaues my father is one) Above from the story unrealistic tones, the film is hardly intresting in any cinematic terms. Every scene is draged out way to long and every charter is carboard or worse. THe film musical score is equally hokey. The film also is done in by weak writing and genrally bad acting. ( espacilly di nero which is shocking) Wlakens ok but nothing speical. The story telling is badly disjointed and tells a secen from one to many angles. Any one who claimed they went throught a similar story has bowed to waht the media thinks hapend in vietnam. I
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on June 2, 1999
Here is one of those "classics" that everyone is afraid of saying anything bad about. This movie doesn't for one second belong in AFI's Top 100. It is overly long (right at 3 hours) and is only compelling for a few minutes of the 180 long ones the viewer must endure. It takes an almost an hour and a half to get from PA. to Vietnam. Yes we meet the characters but do we really need to spend so much time learning who they are. The wedding scene last longer than some weddings I have been to in real life. And I'm sorry, they could not have picked a more disturbing theme on which to base a movie. Yet just because it is disturbing, does not mean it can support a 3 hour movie. Boring.
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on May 10, 1999
Chimino and this waste of film stock were so over-hyped.
This film has no real story, no real message, and is in fact offensive to those who fought, supported, or protested the war.
This is by far the worst film in the 1979-1980 stretch in which several real masterpieces were released. Might I suggest Being There, The Shining, Raging Bull, or Atlantic City? Even The Empire Stikes Back, as silly and pretentious as it is, is 10 times better than this senseless film.
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on October 4, 2001
i found this movie disapointing. i am a big deniro fan(who isn't)? this movie though is just boring and predictable. the cast is great, especially christopher walken, which almost upped it to two stars, but it was just such a terrible movie. i could almost see why this movie was conidered a landmark film when it came out, but now it just seems dated. having already watched great movies such as full metal jacket and platoon, i did not see the deer hunter, but i already knew the outcome. you knew that this was going to be an anti-vietnam flick, and you knew either deniro or walken or both were going to come back and would "not be the same." but this movie offers nothing. the statement it's trying to make is obvious before the movie even starts. there is no real action no real drama. and is there really anyone that actually likes the wedding scene. talk about long. it went on for about an hour and takes up about a third of the movie. you can make a point about small town friendship without taking an hour to do it. the russian roulette scene is considered the truly great part of this movie. but was this really the best way to depict the horrors of war? it sad really that it was the only remotely decent part of the movie. this is supposed to be an anti-vietnam movie, but it does not seem as if there is a whole lot of warfare going on. the vietnam war was horrible. we get it already. you can watch just about anyother vietnam movie to get the same thing. and the deer hunter is the worst and most overated of all of the vietnam movies.
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on April 28, 2001
I'll give you one thing: this movie is not as bad as Apocalypse now, although it is still HORRIBLE for its inaccurate portrayal of the Vietnamese. I know that the filmmakers are biased towards Americans because they are AMERICAN themselves. (Takes no rocket scientist to figure that out). So they would portray Americans as honest, brave boys going to fight for "their country" and the Vietnamese as ugly, deceiving, cruel wretched people. I think the scenario fits better the other way around. If you think that Americans played "fairly" in the game of war, think again. They're just as cruel as the next. I mean, we even have people admitting they massacred innocent, unarmed people nowadays. Do you expect me to praise you because you're a soldier? My loathe for war is too obvious, and the fact that humans cannot get along disturbs me, because one side is always thinking they're "superior" than the other and wants power. Americans should not even have gotten involved in this dirty, unnecessary war. Mind your own business, then at least you can have disregard for human life without actually proving that by MURDERING innocent people.
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on April 7, 2000
I found this film to be highly overrated. First, it desperately needed the attention of an editor. The 3 hours isn't what bothers me, it's just that they tried to do way too many things with the script and it comes off to me as noisy and not focused. Yeah, the hardships, yeah, the friendship, yeah, the abused women who have to cope with disgusting husbands. But there are little redeeming qualities you take from the characters and the situations. Second, the Vietnam scene was a disasterous mess from start to ridiculous escape. The famous Russian roulette scene lasts about 45 minutes, which is the duration of the Vietnam scene. After 45 minutes, you probably will get tired of people shouting and seeing others shoot themselves through the head and watch as blood streams from the wound as they fall and twitch on the floor. The escape is absurdly preposterous, and Christopher Walken is left behind. The last hour and a half of the movie is Robert DeNiro walking around town saying, "Hello, nice t'see ya!" And by the time you see Walken again in the end you've probably forgotten that he's even in the movie. I'm sorry to say that it seems like this film could be really good, if they would have polished it and focused it more. From the dragging, overly long wedding to the deer hunting scene to Vietnam to home again, it all seems like the movie is just a bunch of outtakes or something.
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