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on October 17, 2012
I had started to buy the previous collection of Bond films in blu-ray when they were originally released and was frustrated that the order of movies were not chronological and that the packaging, while I liked the leathery booklet feel of the volumes, was rather poor. Then when it stopped at volume 3. I was slightly disappointed that I could not complete the collection up to present day (or at least up to the last Pierce movie). When I saw that the Bond 50 was announced, I was happy to find out that most movies (all the canon one I guess) were part of this collection. I quickly sold my previous collection to people who were interested in acquiring these classics. And I pre-ordered this version of the collection. I like movie posters.

The packaging:
Great, I love it. Inside the box, you have two books and they split the movies from a certain date to another. Each book has a little picture of the "Bond girl" for that specific movie right next to the disc as well as some pictures on the page next to it. In the last book, they leave some room for Skyfall. The books are nice and heavy as well as glossy. I rather enjoy the look of it. Although it won't fit in a conventional DVD case. You'll have to display it proudly somewhere else. Or find a bookshelf with enough room.

The movies:
The classic movies have a nice sharp image, I believe it's the same remastered movie from the previous collection (the one that had 3 volumes in it). The audio for the old movies isn't very good but I imagine that must be a limitation from the source material. You'll often have loud sound effects while the voice track isn't as audible. I am basing this observation mostly on Dr.No.

The book:
It's a small book, it does have quite a few pages but I would have loved to have more full pages for posters. I would have also enjoyed to have larger pages. But all in all, it's a nice book and you get to see the poster style evolve through the ages.
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on October 11, 2012
The DVD releases of these films (the 4 volumes) with the individual thin cases, even with the stupid mixed-up ordering of which movies were in which sets, were far better.

What you get here are two beautiful hardcover books with cardboard pages. Each page (verso/left) contains a collage of imagery from the two films/discs on the opposite (recto/right) page. It's odd having a hodge-podge of two films... it definitely would have been nicer if each film got it's own artwork. Also, like another customer mentioned, we don't get any fact-sheets... or any text besides the film's name printed on the discs. I really miss my brother's DVD sets.

Also, I'm disappointed that they didn't bother to re-author the Blu-rays. All of the movies that were previously released on Blu have identical discs. The major problem here is that the video compression was, and still is sub-par. If you have a great TV, you'll definitely be able to see the compression artifacts on the majority of these films.

Quantum of Solace sticks out because they didn't bother to re-author the discs to give us a unified experience. Overlookable, but worth mentioning.

Quite sadly, all those movies that were previously unreleased on Blu-ray didn't get the full upgrade to HD in terms of special features. All of the classic films have amazing making-of documentaries. The ones already released had upgraded HD documentaries. The documentaries featured on the discs previously unreleased are all in SD at 4:3, so all the footage they show from films are letterboxed & pillarboxed on widescreen TVs. It's a shame.

They left a slot with a fake cardboard disc for Skyfall, which is interesting, and I doubt I'll personally use it.

If you haven't bought any of the films yet, or you've bought them and you're considering replacing them with this, I'd honestly consider just recommend waiting for the previously unreleased films to be released individually. If you like Casino Royale, buy/keep your 2-disc special edition!

So, overall good, but would have been perfect with better packaging highlighting each individual film (and possibly trivia), with re-encoded videos of higher quality.
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on November 20, 2012
Great moveies but pick them up at Costco for $179 Cdn. I was hoping for a good Black Friday deal but this doesn't do if for me.
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on August 13, 2013
Very good, tho the re-mastering has some sound issues - the talking is a bit quiet compared to the music and sounds effects which are a bit loud.

The video quality is excellent tho
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on August 14, 2013
No brainer purchase for a lifelong Bond fan, but even for the casual fan this is a great purchase for a great price! Each movie looks and sounds amazing, haven't even begun to dip into the countless hours of special features yet but I've heard they're fantastic. Great case as well loved the book style with every Bond girl and a montage on each page. Adding a slot in the back for Skyfall was a nice touch also. Highly recommend this to anyone and everyone!
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on January 11, 2013
I'm a James Bond freak and over the years have bought the entire set first on VHS, then Laser Disk, DVD and now Blu-ray. I truly hope they don't come with a new format anytime soon! But the Blu-ray set is definitely the best. The movies themselves are incredible - the video and sound quality is excellent and the packaging and presentation is first rate. Incredible value for the price. Highly recommended!
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on November 3, 2012
To have the full collection of Bond minus skyfall is great and having the old ones re-mastered onto digital who can complain when Sean Connery looks even better than he did before!
They do leave you a pocket free to go out and purchase skyfall and add it to the collection, no discount offered just an empty space. We where not wowed by the bonus features on the discs, it was all pretty similar and Quantum Solace was the same if you had brought it from the shops 2 years earlier. Felt the special DVD which is limited to this collection was even more of a disappoint I am sure they could have found a lot more stuff to put on this disc from the Bond vaults.
One of the disc would not work so we had to return it for another one, can not fault the service from Amazon in replacing and returning the box set it was excellent. Sadly I can not say that about the limited edition box set of Bond!
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on November 15, 2013
This set fits all 22 films (each on its own disc) and a Bonus Material Disc, and also leaves space for Skyfall in the form of two "books". The identification of each film by actor and year is a nice touch.

Each film has a similar-style menu screen, allowing for easy navigation. And each film, even the older classics, are high-quality and sound amazing.

Finally, the hardcover book is a wonderful look back on the history of the Bond films and their movie posters, giving readers a glimpse into the marketing of the films around the world.

Highly recommended, and a great tribute to 50 years of James Bond.
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on December 27, 2013
Just got this Blu-ray compilation and have watched Dr No and From Russia with Love so far. It has been digitally re-mastered and is probably as good or better than the original film which is high praise indeed! The packaging is a nice touch with graphics from the period and the Bond girls beside their applicable film. The included bonus features are also very much appreciated to give some background to Ian Fleming and how the remastering process was accomplished. This set will not disappoint! A real keeper in my opinion.
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on December 14, 2012
The collection was done up in a superb way and I truly liked the idea of each movie dated and in the order that they came out.
Thank you
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