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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on June 25, 2012
I first watched this movie in a German cinema early in 1995. I was overwhelmed, as well as my attendance, a very good friend. As soon as the DVD releases came out, I started to collect them. Not only from North America, also in Europe and every region I could get access to. I haven't found one which was totally satisfying. Mostly, the pictures were too dark, the colours not adequate. And now, at last, after seventeen years, the Blu-ray release is here.

At last, the pictures and the light are satisfying. This is how it all should be. I haven't seen this movie in a cinema for many years now, but I always knew how the light and the colours have to look like. This is eventually realized on this disc.

I may be hypercritically cinephilistic, but I as a film-lover, I would have preferred the original 1.85:1 ratio, however, for whatever reason, the movie comes in 1.78:1. Just to fit the 16:9 screen? This is hard to understand, for me at least.

The sound comes in 2.0, which is like in 1994/95, but I hoped they could expand it to 5.1 to get the real experience, especially in the club scenes.

No extras but an audio commentary of the director and the composer - obviously very well done.

As this is one of my all-time favourites, I have to give the highest score, with a couple of stains remaining.
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on April 13, 2004
One has to wonder if those who rated this movie poorly 'got it'. I gave this to a co-worker and he was highly confused at the end because he missed a critical link. For myself, I'm not sure what I expected. I knew I liked Mia Kirshner, and the pick-up of the DVD in a bargain bin was a "what the heck" purchase though I'd read reviews that seemed to promise a dark, disturbing, thought provoking movie.
Well, the packaging, as alluded to in the description, makes this seem like a standard erotic thriller. The addition of much of the action taking place in a strip club only seems to reinforce this as being standard, even shallow, fare. It's anything but. It might not be believable as a story, but the characters themselves are. Not only that, but fittingly enough, the shallowest seeming character through much of the film turns out to be potentially the most complex. It wasn't until after the end credits had rolled, and while still wrapping my mind around the whole canvas of the movie, it clicked as to why the character may have acted in a certain way.
I'll add a disclaimer here for anyone interested in the movie. If you are at all squeamish about the concepts of pedophelia, homosexuality, strip clubs, etc... well, just be aware that you might feel highly uncomfortable. I only plead discomfort to the first and parts were painful to watch even though nothing explicitly happens (and as is the case of the whole movie, nothing is anywhere near as simple or obvious as it first appears).
Highly recommended if you want a thought provoking, dark movie that at times makes you do a mental doubletake.
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on September 23, 2003
I like movies that reveal their mysteries gradually. Films like Mullholland Drive, Memento, Following, etc. Like a good postmodern novel (no that's not an oxymoron - there are a few [Paul Auster comes immediately to mind]) these films are non-linear and one is kept guessing about not only what will happen, but whethere central characters are crazy, evil, benign, etc. The audience is kept intentionally in the dark, and thus on edge, and sometimes (as is the case with Mullholland Drive) there is no clear resolution, no tidying things up at the end. Egoyan seems to be operating in similar territory.
Another characterstic that these directors share is that often their characters are not what one would call likeable. This is the case in Exotica. A Canadian Customs Inspector (David Hemblen) is assigned to audit the books of a nervous Toronto exotic pet shop owner. From the outset, we see that this is not going to be your typical CPA/customer relationship. Things get more intriguing when the inspector finds a pistol in the pet-shop owner's drawer and reacts enigmatically.
As the film progresses, the inspector's psyche gradually disintegrates, until finally there is a denouement of denouements at the end of the film. Finally, Egoyan lets the audience in on the source of the inspector's descent into emotional breakdown. No spoilers here, but suffice it to say that the ending provides resolution, without relying on clichés.
Another satisfying Egoyan film. Thoughful script. Uniformly excellent acting, cinematography, direction. Worth re-viewing.
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on August 13, 2013
Have been a fan of Atom Egoyan since seeing Exotica in movie theater here in Texas. Was not a fan of its video release on Region 1 DVD. This was the cruddiest looking non-anamorphic rendering of this classic that it was barely watchable. Could not believe after all these years, I came across this Canadian Region A blu ray (and region 1 NTSC DVD). I knew I had to get it. A boy, glad I did! The video is awesome in every way!! The colors are very bright and the detail just blew me away! This is probably better than what was in the theaters back in the day. Very glad to see Atom Egoyan provide a commentary also (along with the composer). The film is presented in hi def anamorphic (!!) widescreen 1.78 with DTS-HD 2.0 soundtrack (would have been nice to get a mix of the music in 5.1). But all in all, this is THE best I have seen Exotica look on home video here in the states.
Would like to see more of his films get this treatment on Region A blu ray. UK has just released Egoyan's masterpiece The Adjuster (my favorite) on Region B blu ray (and it looks phenominal!).
Exotica blu ray/DVD combo is a great buy if you are an Atom Egoyan fan.
Highly recommended.
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on December 20, 2003
I thought this was one of the most interesting films to come out of the 90's. The film's weird, kinky, and dark overtones and themes interweave to produce an oddly engrossing film. All the main characters in the movie bring virtually truckloads of emotional baggage to their relationships, and the movie doesn't so much resolve those tensions so much as use them to provide an emotionally charged atmosphere, as we see the hidden elements of each relationship peeled off and revealed until the final climax of the movie is reached. Overall, a fine film and one that should reward seeing again.
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on October 4, 2013
This is one of the earlier films by Canadian director Atom Egoyan, and one of his best work in my view. Most of the film is shot in and around a classy strip club called Exotica. As a result there is some nudity but it was tastefully done. Bruce Greenwood played the central character - basically a nice guy who has gone through the very tough part of his life, and is now recovering from the trauma. He frequented the club and was obsessed with, in a strange and yet not bad way, one particular dancer. At the end of the film you still don't have all the answers, but you are left thinking about the lives of the characters and the problems they live with.

Only one word of caution: this disc from Amazon is not Blu-ray quality, but is rather a regular DVD. So there is a bit of false advertising here.
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on January 7, 2004
In "Exotica" Egoyan returns to the theme of emotional and visceral disengagement and alienation in the New World. The film's protangonist has no way to directly engaging his emotional turmoil and diress. All he can do is engage in a series of staged psychodramas which are repeated again and again without any sort of real interpersonal engagement or personal mental catharsis. The lonliness or trauma of people in the New World has no cultural idiom. There is only forms in which there is play acting but never any real touching or meeting or feeling or realness.
We are accustomed to seeing vice portrayed in certain ways in the media and in the politics. "Erotica" suggests that the patronization of vice and fantasy in the New World has other reasons, motivations, and offers sympathy for men involved in this. It suggests that they are driven to it because of the paucity of ways for men to deal with issues of the emotion and spirit in the practically oriented material culture of North America.
Despite the highly unusual plot, theme, and experimental nature of the movie, it is paced and filmed in a smooth, well organized, professional and technically proficient manner. All of the actors play their part in a realistic and belivable way.
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on January 20, 2003
In all honesty I have seen a lot of phycological thrillers. But in my opinion this one is all looks and cinematography. The only thing this movie serves as a mystery with a simple plot. The movie was designed to make you think there is more to it than there really is. The key to the movie is the flash back of Eric and Christina walking in the field.They drag that flash back all the way to the end of the film,and there's you answer! They could have just made a movie out of the flashback because that is the Plot!And trust me people there is no pot of gold at the end of the flash back! The Girl Christina played by Mia Kirshner,was basically an ordinary girl that was made out to be mysterious.There was nothing mind goggling about her personality. Basically there was 3 guys that had very serious mental problems. Seriously disconnected from reality with an obcession for Christina. But not the kind of obcession you would expect. The club was beautiful but a joke, there was no nudity which really makes the movie unreasonable. A strip club with no stripping? Come on people! When this mystery unravels you will be sitting there like "that was it?" The only thing in this movie that resembled sensuality was when Christina was talking to the owner of the club and touching her pregnant belly. The rest is just whatever I guess! The movie is nice to look at but is very drawn out for what the plot was actually conveying. A real artistic, sensual, surprising, puzzling movie to watch would be Mullholland Dr,and Lost Highway. People that think this is the greatest movie since "Slice Bread" obviously haven't seen alot of challenging thrillers. "Palmetto" unraveled more mystery than this! But over all it did have a feel of sensuality about it I guess it had alot to do with the lighting and the fact that Mia was beautiful. Own this one for the art and the feel of the film the plot is just basic with a few film trick techniques to throw you off.
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on July 11, 2002
First of all, Canadian filmmaker Atom Egoyan's lavishly intense film is NOT to be mistaken for "Showgirls," nor for any triple-x movie (although it IS R-rated).
Although the film presents certain elements of mystery (and one must pay extraordinary attention to both detail and innuendo), the intensity of the characters and plot propel the film across several levels. The viewer hangs on every word, both to pick up (almost desperately) clues toward understanding the over-lapping stories, but also because the characterizations are so thoroughly riveting.
Bruce Greenwood displays excellent range as he portrays both a care-free young family man as well as that character in middle age, besought with layer upon layer of tragedy and "baggage."
Mia Kirshner similarly impresses as we see her character at various stages: as a troubled pre-teen, replete with pony tail and braces, and also as both a mature college graduate and, quite convincingly, as an exotic dancer.
Elias Koteas is stunning as an anguished and lost club DJ/poet.
Don McKellar and Arsinée Khanjian are also quite brilliant in supporting roles.
Be prepared to want to immediately view the film a second time -- to do so is not merely repetition but serves as an opportunity to continue to fathom the depths of the characters and the film's unrelentingly passionate intrigue.
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on February 2, 2002
In my opinion, Atom Egoyan's EXOTICA is one of the best movies of the last decade. Those of us who had the opportunity to watch in the eighties Egoyan's first movies such as THE ADJUSTER or FAMILY VIEWING are not surprised by the nowadays international recognition of the armenian-canadian director. With EXOTICA, he has joined the very small guild of the writer/directors whose name will be remembered in the future.
Atom Egoyan is treating such universal themes as Redemption, Guiltiness or Desire, mixing them in a puzzle of images and subplots that leave us petrified by the beauty of the movie and the deepness of the feelings experienced by the characters. EXOTICA, like a book you cherish, must be seen several times in order to appreciate the complexity of the screenplay. Don't hesitate to buy it, you cannot be wrong with this movie.
There are alas no bonus features with this Disney/Buena Vista DVD, a company that prefers present extra long documentaries about the making of some infantile movie rather than contribute to the nobler but less profitable effort to help true artists reveal their work. Shame.
A DVD zone your library.
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