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3.4 out of 5 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars
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on May 14, 2012
PRODUCT: Works great. There's a vibration button and 6 shock buttons (#6 being the strongest). Also comes with 2 rubber caps to cover the steal pins so you're pet won't get zapped by accident. I tested #1. Plenty of zap for a 22 lb dog. There is no way I'd go any higher. Only downfall is that the collar is a bit too big. We've made it as small as possible but still to large for our 22 lb dog. Had to sew it a bit smaller.

RESULT: We put the collar on; let him out; bark, bark, bark. Pushed the Vibration button - he didn't respond. Pushed the vibration button a second time - still no response. Pushed #1 and it scared the poop out of him! That was about 3 weeks ago. He's only ever had one zap. Now, when he goes out, we put the collar on and he hardly ever barks. If he starts barking, we push the vibration button and he stops immediately. And we have covered the steal pins so he can't get zapped by accident. This item has been a life saver!
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on July 7, 2012
I wasn't expecting much when purchasing this product as I have tried some much more expensive collars from the "big name" companies, well I tell you this one actually WORKED on my stubborn Lab/Sheppard mix! He had a jumping up problem that was getting out of control, this collar resolved it in a day! now he sits and waits to be pet like a normal dog :) I use shock for bad/unwanted behavior and vibrate to get his attention when he's not listening. Now I am using it on our Pug mix to control his excessive barking, its taking a little longer but its working.

The product itself isn't as tough as some other products, definitely not for sport training, but its not bad. I'm finding the charge last about two days, so just charge it at night and your good to go,

For the price its been the best purchase for my dogs I have ever made!, we can take them places now and people actually enjoy them as hes not jumping and hurting people anymore!! YAY!
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on May 14, 2013
My fiance and I were about to purchase an electronic collar from PetSmart priced at $220. After travelling an hour to the store to find they didn't have any in stock, we decided to look on line. Hubby came across this collar and bought it, thinking if it's a complete failure it's better to be out $50 rather than $220 - especially because we only have 1 dog so if one fails, we have a back-up.

The collar arrived promptly within 1 week to Northern Canada, with all the parts mentioned. I found the directions and information to be very sparse, but regardless it's pretty straight forward. We fitted one to our dog, a 1.5 yr old 55 pound male Siberian Husky, and removed it to charge it for the recommended 8 hours. The next day, excited to use it, I put it on my dog and we went out on our walk. I walk him on a 60 ft lead as we live on a farm, and the reason for purchasing this collar is to break his fixations and disinterest in "come" when loose. If you know anything about Huskies, you know they're prone to wander and after extensive training and no luck with the off-leash 'come', we resulted to this collar due to living right next to a highway and fearing he will get hit or cause an accident. I introduced this collar on the 60-ft leash to help him bridge the understanding, rather than setting him up for immediate failure.

So, when I stopped and asked him to come while he was at the end of the 60 ft leash, he looked at me and began to walk off. I used the Vibration button, and he immediately stopped, looking confused. I repeated my command and he began to walk off again, so I used the Vibration again and he immediately retreated. I praised, and we carried on with our walk. I was very pleased with the product, but as the walk went on and I used the collar again, he didn't listen - not even to the 'shock'. I had him come back by pulling him in, and removed the collar and pressed the buttons to ensure it was working. Vibration.. worked.. Low shock.. worked.. High shock.. didn't work.. pressed it again.. it worked. Feeling discouraged, we went home.

Once arriving home, I decided to try flipping the collar so that it was on the back of his neck, rather than on his throat - which is covered in a lot of hair and extra skin. Immediate results. We went for a walk again, with much better results however I did have to tie a knot in the collar as even at the tightest setting, it would still slide to his throat rather than stay in place.

Regardless, I wasn't expecting much and i'm very impressed thus far and I can't wait to graduate to working on 'come' off-leash in an enclosed area and eventually in the open on our farm. At this point, my only complaint is that the collars aren't very adjustable for smaller necks, and it seems that sometimes the buttons need to be pushed 2-3x before they work - even on an active dog (the info sheet says it goes into 'sleep' mode when it doesn't sense movement).
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on February 14, 2014
I have a Great Dane that has this idea that he is going to bark at every noise, regardless of the time of day, or night....It worked awesome on vibration because he just needed a reminder that it wasn't acceptable behaviour. I did check all of the settings though and found that they were backwards, so the lowest level was actually the highest shock. I definitely recommend testing it on yourself first because it apparently is a common mistake made by this company and I would hate for anyone's dog to get that level of a shock if a vibration or minor shock would suffice. This item is not a bark collar. It is a training collar. You have to press a button to make something happen, so unless you constantly have the remote in your hand, it isn't going to do much good. That being said, we had this for less than 2 weeks before one of the pins that make contact with the dogs neck, broke off. I know my dog is big, but he isn't clumsy. This was just the case of a poorly made item. I wouldn't buy this item again.
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on December 30, 2013
I have purchased this collar on a previous occasion and was (and still am) very happy with the quality and effectiveness of the product. I ordered a second collar believing I had lost the transmitter for the first collar. When the new collar arrived the packaging was intact and it did not appear to have been handled roughly during shipping. After I had charged the collar up as instructed there was no communication between the transmitter and the receiver. It sounded as though there was a loose part in the receiver. The defective collar was not made to the same standards as the first one was. It appeared to have been cost-reduced.

I returned the collar in it's original packaging. The return went fairly well, with the amount of the collar being refunded in one transaction and most of my postage costs being refunded in another transaction. Although a small amount, I wasn't happy that my full postage was not refunded.

I would rate the manufacturer at 1 star and Amazon at 4 stars.
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on June 11, 2013
This collar doesn't have the flashy features or style but it has great basic functionality for a great price. Unlike other models, the collar stays on at all times so no pairing or turning on is required. This is key because if its not on, it won't work. I have had it for a couple weeks and the first charge still hasn't died. Wow! The vibrate function is (in my opinion) better for training than a beep. Use your voice as a warning and the vibrate works most of the time as a punishment. Soon your dog will be reacting to your voice, not a beep. Easy!

The bad = BE AWARE of the fact that the shock levels are labelled improperly. There are two strengths of single pulse shock...4 being the lowest, and 1 the highest. Level 5 is low level, two pulse; level 6 is low level, three pulse; level 2 is high level, 2 pulse; level 3 is high level, three pulse. I tried it out on myself and 1,2, and 3 are all very powerful. Level 4, 5,and 6 are appropriate for most corrections.

The vibrate button is sometimes difficult to reach. It is smaller and tucked away. Easy to hit shock by mistake. The remote is also a little large, however I have discovered it works well without the goofy antennae.

Overall I am very happy with this particularly with the price tag. It works much better than many brand name collars I have used and if used properly, your dog should respond well.
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on June 26, 2013
I have a very stubborn dog. It chases my cat, gets up on the counter and jumps on guests. After 9 months of scolding and reinforcing, it seemed hopeless. We decided to try this dog collar just as last resort and it worked. We shocked her a few times off the bat to scare her and now she has stopped her bad habits. I suggest not shocking more than 1. I have a Rottweiler and #1 was more than enough to get her to understand what no means.
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on July 30, 2013
I was skeptical and very nervous about using one of these collars on my 1 yr old extra large lab pup. Molly is a handful weighing in at 80 lbs. She is a very good dog when all her puppy friends aren't around but her attention to my voice with them was terrible. When she was running with her puppy friends I knew I needed to get voice control in order to teach her and to keep her safe. Did I also mention that she is also very strong minded girl?!

I recieved the package exactly when they said it would be delivered. After charging it overnight (very basic), I tried the collar on my leg to see what it feels like. I could not see myself going over #1 shock...and I never have. Unlike other reviews, the buttons seem to work in the order that they should #6 being the most intence shock.

Using a training lead (around the other crazy puppies), to show her to listen to me, and what the "come" command is, then the feel of the vibrate to get her attention. She was a little startled and confused when she first felt it and scurried back to my side for about 20 minutes or so. Then when she was comfortable again I let her off the lead and let her run with her "puppy pack" through the field. I would vibrate the collar to get her attention and to my surprise after only using the collar for 2 nights (only 2 times at #1 shock), she soon got it and realized to stop whatever she was doing and to come back to my side when I called. She now comes when called with and without the collar. Training in progress!

I am very very pleased with this item. Two of my friends who also purchased this item for barking and recall, have also had great success.

Molly and I (and our neighbours!) thank you very much. Our walks through the open fields/dog run are now much more enjoyable with less shouting. Our dogs are learning obedience and good manners with a simple vibrate on their collars instead of losing our voices and patience.

NOTE: since purchasing this first collar it stopped working. But it made such a difference, I purchased a second one from AMAZON and it came once again on time, charged and ready to go. Working so well!!! Thank you!!
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on April 25, 2014
after a couple of days the plastic case on the collar came apart. we where able to glue it back together but disappointing since there should be no need to fix after a few days of use. the collar was only used out side in the yard with a high energy 2 yr old dog that loves to run there was no playing in any terrain that he could catch him self on. we have bought a better one since and can use this one as a back up if necessary
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on October 6, 2012
i read the other reviews about this product and thought it would be good for my dog,we have had her for 5 years she was a rescue dog so not trained by us, she is a jack russell/border collie x,and just awful to take for a walk, she pulls all the time and is so strong she actually choke's herself with a choker collar on, barks all the time at other dogs,plus tries to chase trucks whilst on the leash,just terrible...but wow after i buzzed her just once on number 1 what a diffrent dog to walk,i warned her,then i gave her the vibrate buzz,then i shocked her at number 1,and number 1 is a shock, when i did it to myself holding the collar it made me drop the collar,i would not advise any higher than number 1,
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