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on March 12, 2017
Terrible - almost completely useless. Had to reboot 3 or 4 times a day (red light always on) . When it did actually have a dial tone and could receive/make a call, voices were garbled, I could hear caller/ caller couldn't hear me, drop offs etc.. Cheaper than Magic Jack to buy, but ultimately worthless.
Just buy a Magic Jack the first time!
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on May 2, 2013
Problems from the start with this product.
Does not recognize some numbers in Canada (ie Panagopolis Pizza) for a starter. You could not call them at all on this module. Dropped calls after 5 to 6 minutes. Then cannot call out for about 3 minutes as it licks it wounds and pouts. Sound level would drop, and you would have to hang up and call the people back.
Hooked up direct to my router, and not supposed to worry about it. powered off at least 4 times a week, and had to be reset by pulling the power plug out of the wall, and plugging it back in. Sometimes took up to 30 mins to get it to work again.
Called customer service and was place on hold, on 3 consecutive days,for approx 1 hour and 30 mins each time. The 4th time I got thru after 1 hour and 50 mins, and the service guy got upset when I questioned the length of time I was on hold, and hung up the phone on me and disconnected. Also customer service is only open 6 hours a day....good luck getting thru. Finally got a supervisor there (do not know how...I must have slipped thru a crack) and she helped me to some extent. Had to reprogram the module, which was done, and, in spite of this, it kept powering off by itself. I kept asking for a replacement...and kept getting refused. By this time, I had spent almost 13 hours over 3 week trying to get it working. 4 days ago it gave up the ghost and will not power they agreed to replace it. But, I have to send the module back to them before they will replace it. And send it at my cost. Great customer service.
Oh..wait. The piece de resistance has yet to come. About 3 weeks ago, it appears that nettalk got into a contest with their carrier, and for whatever reason had to go elsewhere. And since that time, nobody has been able to call in, nor make 9/11 calls. And until about 3 days ago...they sort of did not mention it to anyone, although they are in the damage control process now. Now, in order to fix it, they have to give me a new number. Great. I shall notify all 148 people who have my number.
Ok...enough. Suffice to say that I will never buy another nettalk. Have switched back to magic jack, called their customer service today, and got thru in 3 minutes. Problem rectivied in 30 seconds. Final not buy this unit at the present time. Not worth your money in spite of all the propaganda they push at you.
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on June 9, 2012
This unit is phenomenal. Little effort is needed to set it to work on wifi. All you need is wifi name (hidden networks will not be picked up) your wifi pass code. It will also work 100percent on a cellular hotspot. Call quality is great. Voicemail, caller Id, call waiting. Cost is 39.99 $ a year. First year included in purchase. Unlimited calling US and Canada. Voicemails can b downloaded and saved as wav files. Over all 10 out of 10
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on November 12, 2013
I usually don't take the time to write positive reviews, just warnings about a product that wasn't as advertised. I must say I am completely impressed. While not 100% perfect, the imperfection is due to a sometimes inadequate internet service at my current residence/ neighbourhood. The call quality is crystal clear n loud like my landline I have not yet experienced dropped calls n no one knows my ph is VoIP. To be honest, I have used magic jack, which I gifted after several months as a second ph line, was never able to use it as a primary cause the quality n dropped calls was a regular occurrence. Then last yr switched again from expensive landline to magic jack plus, while better then the original, it had to be plugged into my router which meant my phone was in a storage room. The magic jack plus was again gifted to a friend. I am super happy with this ph service, my number was ported sooner then expected, n other then minor frustration with wireless setup, the unit is amazing. My own service provider didn't even try retaining me, she actually asked questions regarding switching herself based on unbelievably cheap rates!!!!!! Regular ph companies should b boycotted for overcharging n gauging hard working people when clearly the service can b provided super cheap
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on September 7, 2013
One of the worst purchase in my life...

I was foolish enough to put my net talk # on my Resume... I am glad I corrected it on time.

Writing this review after struggling with it for 5-6 months

I can bet that most people left 5 star reviews within 1-2 weeks of using this device.

Set up

It's relative easy.. took me 45-50 min.

My experience

1) Device worked fine for first few weeks
2) Called Nettalk service waited 80-90 min only to get hung up by the operator or call disconnected
3) Online chat never responds, online email support queries never got answered.
4) Took while to move my number and BELL or Rogers will DOEST NOT support number transfer from netalk
5) Pone rings occasionally and calls get directed to voicemail

My suggestion for other buyers

Only buy if you want to confirm what I wrote or if you have nothing to do with your $75/-

My conclusion

This device is not reliable for regular use,
Don't use it for regular home line, office line, customers or any other purpose which is critical for you.
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on June 30, 2013
NETTALK is a nightmare. Stay away. You can not rely on the service. Late April the service was interrupted for more than 1 month for thousands of customers in Canada and they offered 6 months free service to compensate after changing the phone numbers. Less than 1 month later does not work anymore. Customer Service does not pick up the phone. Only answers I got when I e-mail them are the automatic ones acknowledging that they received the e-mail and they will contact you. Unfortunately I renewed the service for one year just before the the recent interruption and lost my money. Tried MANY times to call the Customer Service and Technical Support numbers and kept waiting for more than 1 hour each time and I gave up without taking to anyone. And by the way the support number is not a free number: YOU PAY THE LONG DISTANCE CALL and they keep you waiting for hours. And by the way lately (since 10 days ago or so) the device itself looks like is not working anymore after around one year of usage. If you don't believe me try their support numbers and customer service numbers before buying it. One week ago I decided to give up on them and bought an OOMA. Before buying the OOMA I called their support number and someone picked up immediately. It is a little bit more expensive but at least you have the service.
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on February 27, 2013
Finally get this setup and working properly. At the very beginning, I kept getting red light every two hours or so. You have to unplug the unit and reset it, which is a nuisance. I contacted Tech support; they did response to my ticket. However, the suggestion did not resolve my problem. I found a suggestion posted on reviews. By enabling a static IP address for my Nettalk device, I was able to get rid of the red light problem. Now, I have the unit on for two days without any issues. When it works, it works great. I have also applied to have my second phone number ported. If you are willing to invest your time to get this unit to work, given the good savings, it is still considered a buy. Final warning, calling support is close to impossibility,expect long wait. Good luck.
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on November 17, 2013
Every so often Nettalk will go off line, for a day or two. In 2013 Canadian customers were cut off for 2 months, and when Nettalk came back we had lost all our phone numbers and were allocated new ones. I wish I had not gone down the Nettalk route as they are too unreliable. Their customer support DOES NOT EXIST: there is no telephone support, no on-line chat, no reply to email. Bad, bad, bad.
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on July 20, 2012
This item is excellent works perfectly... i sent it to asia and it work excelent...

Came with excellent timed shipping and condition... was in original box and with all the documents.
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on February 5, 2013
well first hade 1 problems red light on the device came steedy red all most evry day ,had to reset it for it to work , i said to my self hum!Pepeol on the net some say its working some not with all kind of problem, well, ill give it a chance before returning the device back for a i went to NETTALK web page [...] and did what they say on seting the router ,mine is linksys cisco wrt120n, and woking Fine ,and NO more problem. one other thing when you make a call allways take the time to make shure you have a Dial tone befor dialing outher wise it will sound like a busy call,allso ther is canadian regen AREA CODE even for quebec city and you Can! tranfer your land line number to nettalk allso for a fee.for canadian go here : [...]
i planing to do so at the end this week dead line for my return 15day full refund. i have videotron hi speed cable conetion with a 2meg up 20megdown a ping of 20 use
[...]to test your internet speed .for what i read on the costemer service well did'n have to do so ,ther is allmost all the anser to many problem and how two set it up ,and what it does. [...]
ONE important thing is for CANADIAN you have to go on ther canadian web site:[...]
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